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In Topic: "Korean pop star introduces lackluster album to the U.S."

26 March 2009 - 01:09 PM

LOL are you serious?? Now I TOTALLY get it with Britney Spears' song If You Seek Amy, when you hear it at first it does sound like she's saying "If You Seek Amy" LOOOL but she's really saying fu%k me LOOL Britney's awesome...

But yea, I like BoA's album, I just really wish she added some songs like Eien... it's just too poppy, I need some slow mid-tempo tracks, so the album really wasn't fully-rounded. But other than that, the album's good. My favorite tracks are IDIFL, Energetic, Look Who's Talking, Eat U Up, and Touched (even though I can't recognize her f'ing voice in that song)

In Topic: RIP kayem7289

19 December 2007 - 10:07 PM

omg I feel really silly, I don't even know her but yet I cried reading those posts. Rest in Peace

In Topic: have you seen lindsey lohan's new "makeover"?

19 May 2005 - 07:27 PM

What's wrong with her? Why is she so, deadly skinny? That is not attractive at all, and whoever's saying that is bulls**ting

In Topic: Terri Schiavo's Right to Live or Die

19 May 2005 - 07:24 PM

I agree. People in that state should just die naturally. My father was in that same situation, because of a stroke/blood clot in his brain stem.. For four months, his tongue stuck out, and his all he did was blink his eyes. There was nothing there. He was on dialysis.. all types of medication.. but it was no hope.

Before he died he kept having high fevers, his temperature would go up to 115, his brain was literally burning. I forget how he died, but when we came in, the nursing home nurses had informed us that he died from something.. and that was it, of course we cried, but it was somewhat a sigh of relief, seeing someone you loved so much be in a vegetable state like that for four full months. Of course then other people he knew called my mom a 'killer', but it was my mom's decision, and I think she did the right thing.

So about Schiavo's right to live, I say that it's fully the spouse's decision.. the parents were being too optimistic, it was their daughter's time to go, and keeping her in that state for so long, shame on those parents. They know damn good and well that they wouldn't have wanted to stay like that if they were in that situation. I think they were being totally selfish. Of course starving her to death wasn't really a 'natural' death, it was just her time to go.

In Topic: Is it love or rape??

19 May 2005 - 07:04 PM

Yes, it is rape if you have sex with minor. And I agree 100% with that. If that older person was in love with them, they would respect them and wait until they're legal age. It's lust when they just want to have sex with the minor.. and that becomes rape. I'd never recommend any child to, but it seems as if there are girls/boys out there that has sex with older people.. and that's just how it is.. and I hope that those individuals get caught in the act, because that's just disgusting...