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[MV Comparison] EYU or Eien?

04 February 2009 - 04:01 AM

The 2 recent MVs by dear BoA..
Since there are some slight resemblance in them, as in the choreography, I wanna see which one is more preferred..
Just do in on an overall basis, meaning, not only the scenes in the MV, but also take into account of they lyrics, choreo and so on.
Dont wanna make this too troublesome..so I categorized it in this manner :

1) Vote based on OVERALL preference
2) State which MV u prefer in terms of
- Choreography
- Scenes
- Lyrics
- Tune

I know it's abit off to compare an English song with a Jap, but well..I see BoA going down this road (her new style) since her EYU's release.
Naturally Eien reminds me of EYU so much, u know.. those jerky movements.
And hey! i saw some MIROTIC moves too! :)
Sorry, off-topic.

Anyway, have a good time choosing. Byebye! :)
Here's mine

Sorry EYU lovers..I just love the Eien PV so much...so for me..Eien > EYU for all categories..

any good wireless devices to introduce?

24 January 2009 - 06:21 AM

yea. im looking for one..cos my current one, which is one from the D-Link series..isnt good at all.
i cant get it updated..so im getting all sorts of random errors which i think is causing my random PC restarts too.

i only know of linksys and D-Link so far..
so..anyone has any to recommend?
hopefully i can find them in my country..Singapore..
thanks for your time. ^_^

Bleach..for those of you who watch.

28 December 2008 - 04:37 AM

Yes. Seriously I dont know what's going on!
I stopped at episode 166 quite some time back earlier this year, and now I have caught up.
But hey, wad's going on with the changing of storyline?
All was fine until episode 190. Ichigo was battling with new captain amagai and then the story goes back to the espadas, the fight with grimjow? =.=
Anyone wanna say something about this whole series?
I know the Bounto was a filler..but this whole story of Lurichiyo from the whatever noble family?? a filler too??

If this topic is irrelevant or it seems like a complaint topic, please close this.

Final Fantasy - Dissidia?!

21 December 2008 - 08:52 AM

Hey. This is a PSP game! Uhh..after completing crisis core.. my psp was practically unused.. >_<
Anyway, heres a link to watch some trailers and stuff about this. Oh yes..it isnt in English like Crisis core though..
Here: http://www.crunchyro...ntasy?src=trail

Gotta wait till then(if it even comes out) for the English version to be released. So in the meanwhile..there's only the Jap version available.

I'm gonna try this tmr, after I got the ddls for it.
Looks much more enhanced..with 12 different characters available for choice!
Here for the characters : http://www.crunchyro...rs-Trailer.html

I hope I saw it correctly.. 12 characters!

Mood rings?

21 December 2008 - 03:44 AM

Hey. Anyone owns one of these?
Recently my cousin came back frm a 10-day trip to US, and she bought a mood ring.
Well..I didn't believe that it could accurately reflect our mood..so all i said was "Chey, it changes with temperature la..let me try it."

Then after some research, I realised that MOOD affects your body temperature. As in, not just the angry(high temp) etc etc.
Just feeling moody will cause a change in temperature? :rolleyes:

I thought it was quite cool..and I asked "Hey, why didn't u buy one for me!" =/
Uh..it's just $3..
Anyway, my sis got me a simple ring for my index finger/thumb.
I'll post a picture of it later.

For those who wanna read about the mood ring..
Click here!