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#2195813 BoA asks fans to not record during her concerts

Posted by boadaisukidesu on 24 February 2011 - 05:36 AM

BoA really needs to look at her own hypocrisy here. She watches the videos, but asks the fans not to share them for other fans? If you don't want other people to do something, don't do it yourself. It's not like these people are recording videos to bootleg and sell them for a profit.

If you don't want people recording, then release all the material on CD or DVD--it's that simple.

It's also very, VERY bad form for an artist to say such a thing. I've done business with music artists before, so I know first-hand that it's always left up to people at the venue, promoters, or whatever, to say things like this. The artist is NEVER supposed to comment. This isn't cute, it's rude and unnecessary.

BoA needs to be quiet about things that are other people's jobs, and stay focused on doing her own job. Especially in BoA's case, when she can barely give her CD's away in Japan anymore. She ought to be more concerned with finding better songs to record, than worry about what her fans are recording.

She should also be thankful that there are still people bothering to show up to her Japanese concerts to record fancams.

I still like BoA, of course--you can like someone and still point out when they're messing up. I'm just saying that somebody needs to set her straight.

i agree with you too! but not everyone can go to her concerts in japan :( so the fans record or film her concerts for other people on youtube to show their supoort. it be nice if she travelled to other parts of world ~ like the people who don't live in japan :( * if i lived in japan and if i rich~yes!! i would go but i dont have the money or live in japan.* anyway most of her concerts are held in japan :blink: where people dont live in Asia ... i guess filming or recording a concert shows the support for BoA :P

im also jealous of the people that are able to go her concerts, or have the time off work to go boa concert