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In Topic: What do you think about plastic surgery?

11 April 2006 - 01:40 PM

And yeah, it's not absolutely necessary for me to get plastic surgery, but hey, neither is is hairspray or make-up or perfume or clothes that follow fashion trends. :blink: But so much of the world use all those things, and coordinate them to make their faces or bodies look different; plastic surgery does the same thing.


about POOR folks...then you stop buying the boa CD and go donate that. don't buy that a&f sweater and go donate that money. it's so ridiculous to bring up such issues.

in a perfect world the inside would be the only thing that mattered, but dont live in the perfect world. instead we live in a society that hails beauty.

In Topic: A question about auditioning to become a singer and signing record dea

07 March 2006 - 02:18 PM

for SM ... when you audition they ask you to do multiple thigns. unless youre from from america, then they dont ask of so much. there is an age "Range" that they look for. so for example...the new batch of trainees they took are around 10-14 years of age. the 14 year old was the oldest. but usually when they accept foreigners, they dont look for the "foreign" member of a group until like 1year-6month before the group debuts. so far the company hasn't taken in anyone that isn't korean or at least part korean. they've taken in chinese trainees but you have to audition in beijing to get into the chinese division of SM. unless you are completely vocally talented, they wont accept you if your "looks" dont match. sm is a company that has rejected wheesung bc his looks werent good enough. they also rejected hyori bc her "image" didnt fit w/ the company.

In Topic: What do you think about plastic surgery?

07 March 2006 - 02:07 PM

By why do people have to focus just on the inside and not the out? And why would you assume that these people are not satisfied with their inner being? Perhaps they are and are not satisfied with their outer. As humans we are whole and we should be satisfied with our internal selves as well as our external selves.

Some are shallow but others are not. We are stuck with the way we look our entire lives we might as well be happy with it. And if cosmetic surgery is capable of that then so be it.

you read my mind.

just because someone goes through with plastic surgery, it doesnt mean that, that person is self conscious or unhappy or whatever people generally associate plastic surgery with.

sometimes it's those that are MOST confident that can go through with plastic surgery. they dont care what everyone says or thinks. they know they want to do it and they do it. and they are happy. that takes more than to just quit because the "majority" thinks plastic surgery is stupid. if someone thinks fixing whatever is going to make them happy, then so be it. if that doesnt make them happy, that's their problem.

wth is up with people that post stuff liek "i wouldnt get it done bc im satisfied with the way i look." ... okay and your point being?

In Topic: How important are looks, really?

07 March 2006 - 01:59 PM

no matter what anyone says, looks are ESSENTIAL in today's society. what people DONT realize is that looks arent going to get you everything in the world. for me...i want to change some aspects of my physical self, to enhance features. not because i feel ugly, not because i dont think im good enough, but because looks matter. i dont plan on relying on my looks, but maybe using it as an extra booster. people that rely on looks have a deadly outcome. joan rivers for one. there is ALWAYS going to be someone prettier someone younger someoen better. i think looks are important in maybe helping with a boost, but not to answer all your questions.

In Topic: [info] SM Family Summer Concert

04 March 2006 - 11:38 PM

Oh man. I hope I can go. ><

I'm inclined to say that Super Girls won't do well at all. Several Super Junior members had recieved publicity long before the concept of such a large group was introduced. All of the Super Girls are brand new. Besides, has anyone noticed that these "counterparts" almost never do well (probably because most have antis even before debut).

a lot of them are REALLY talented. they're really sweet and cute...but i guess that isn't enough? :x haha some of the girls did lots of back up vocals for a lot of talented singers. they are a group of pure talent...if they cant do well based on that, i dont know WHAT they can do to succeed :x and these "rotation" groups are merely to get them a little publicity before they start going head first into their careers. ^^