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[info] SM Family Summer Concert

04 March 2006 - 02:05 AM

There will be an SM FAMILY summer concert.

Boa, DongBang, Kangta, Super Junior, ChunSang, trax...& 1 more group (idernnowho...blackbeat or the new girl group?)

The date has not been announced, because SM is looking for a specific date(s) where all these singers will be available on the same day. by the way this is in KOREA

source ; bellemode forums

please leave this within boajjang ^^

kpop ; what do you want to read about?

03 October 2005 - 11:25 PM

*hi johnny i hope its okay if i post this. too late i already did it*

hello johnny asked me to write a column for bj about kpop. something about how controversy is good, and ill cause controversy. :rolleyes:

im not sure what to wriet about. i actually have no clue where i want to start. actually i do. ill probably writing a warning about how i am and we'll start from there.

in any case...is there anything specific you guys want to read about or discuss? i need some ideas. since it is a column for bj i would totally love your input on what in the world interests you guys.

so shoot...throw me some ideas people.

have a very happy jumping boa day.

BOA's NEW M/V appearance

15 November 2004 - 11:13 AM

hi im posting this bc coolin is away and hes my buddy and thinks he's awesome so i want to share with his forums. ^^*

boa just finished filming the dongbangshinki m/v TRI-ANGLE about an hour ago? she flew in from japan just to shoot the m/v and in about 2-3 hours she'll be going back. anyway...thats it. poor thing must be tired as hell. :lol: