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#2217627 110825 11th anniversary project

Posted by Lady Nextdoor on 11 August 2011 - 10:32 PM

110825 11th anniversary project w/UriBoA !

This is Lady Nextdoor from UriBoA.

We're preparing to support Her always.
and this time, 11th anniversary is coming >_<

so, could u join our project ?!!

You can participate in three ways,


Have you seen all of BoA’s lovely commercials?
BoA is all over the commercials, from drink commercials to Nike commercials, as well as cosmetic commercials!
She is definitely the QUEEN of commercials XD

Have you had any thoughts about commercials that you think BoA must be on?
It’s time for you to gather your creativity and make a commercial/ad for BoA!
There will be lots of fun! J

Example #1
Posted Image
kkkkkk Is'nt it funny?

Example #2
Posted Image
this is real ad ^ ^

Any type of commercial or ads are welcome!
It can even be an ad on newspaper.

But! You MUST choose one of the following sizes for your ad:

630 x 890 px (resolution 200 )
945 x 1335 px ( resolution 300 )

Resolution of 300 or higher is preferred.

Ads will be printed on a 8 x 11.3 cm paper so be aware when you are making one J

~Instructions for uploading your files~

1. If your ad does not fit in one paper, it can be go over up to two papers.

HOWEVER, you must send separate files for each piece of papers.

2. Also, DO NOT enter your nickname. Your nickname will be written separately !
3. Title of your ad file must be ‘username or [email protected]’. Then send it.
4. File must be in the format jpg.
5. The deadline is August 20th.

When you send the file, give us some ideas about the following:
“If you were to give BoA a gift, what would you like to give her?.”
It can be a gift idea or any other event idea!

Thank you.


Let BoA know who you are!

Because it’s almost BoA’s 11th anniversary for debut in Korea,
We thought it would be nice to let BoA know who you are as a fan.
How? By taking picture of yourself!

Don’t be shy!

Posted Image


1. Take a picture of yourself with a hand motion (such as making a ‘V’ with your fingers) or anything that would indicate or signify the number ‘11’ for BoA’s 11th anniversary.
2. You can also write little notes for BoA. Your note will be printed next to your picture.
Also, write your name and/or nickname as well.
3. -The title must be ‘username or [email protected]’.
-The content must include
1. Your nickname and/or full name.
2. A little note to BoA.

4. The deadline is August 20th.

Donate money to UriBoA to help fund the current project.
Paypal donations to [email protected] with the subject being your [email protected] or [email protected]

E-mail address : [email protected]