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#1750259 DGDY: An Exclusive BoAjjang Interview

Posted by kuraudo on 08 December 2007 - 10:14 AM

We are ecstatic to have had the chance to do an exclusive interview with DGDY, and we hope you will enjoy the interview and learn something new about these 2 budding starlets.

Short Biography

Name: [Re]Becca Strachan (chidori)
D.O.B: 1988.05.09 (that's May 9th for anyone who reads dates weird ;D)
Height: 172cm [short unnie xD wait til you see Sharon's stats ^o^]
Weight: 60kg ._.
Hobbies: Singing, songwriting, playing piano, dancing, mixing, learning Krn/Jp, fangirling JaeJoong <3 haha
Other info~: I currently live at home w/ my mum, dad & 2 brothers. My parents have never had high hopes for me with regard to my singing, but academically I do very well at school etc, so I think they always expected big things of me, but.. not something like this. I hope they will accept it. smile.gif I get on best with my younger brother, who also enjoys music and plays piano & guitar. I got good grades from infant school through to 6th form, and I just got an offer from a university to study Korean next September, where the places are 1 place to 14 applicants. smile.gif Guess I'm gonna have to turn it down, though xD Since all of this started, my parents have stopped saying that singing is pointless and my dreams are impossible. My mum even runs around telling people about the whole youtube thing. 'Becca! Show them that song!' Haha~ <3

Name: Sharon Schilperoord (mukuge)
D.O.B: 1990.01.02 (again, that's January 2nd ;] xD)
Height: 180cm
Weight: 52kg [okaii, chi feel fat now D: lawl]
Hobbies: Singing, dancing, photography, modelling (not pro, although she blatantly could ;D <3), listening to music, fangirling Junsu <3
Other info~: Sharon lives at home with her mom, dad and brother. Sharon is very close to her family and they are warm and supportive in most of the things she does. She is especially close to her mom ^o^ Sharon also does very well at school, in spite of health problems etc she's suffered, she performs consistently well in tests and we're all really proud of her. She finishes school in the summer and I'm confident she'll do really well. ^^ Her parents were understandably very surprised by her dreams and ambitions, it is so out of the ordinary and such a huge change to what they expected, so they are not so supportive just yet. But they want what's best for her, so I'm confident that they will come to support Sharon in this, if this is what she wants to do, and what will make her happy ^^

DGDY's answers are almost untouched from edits, just so you could get a better feel for these hyper girls.

BJJ: So how did you two come up with the name DGDY?

DGDY: Mm~ It all started when we planned on becoming a singing duo online and we were trying to come up with a nice name that suits us. (the real dream let's-really-pursue-this-part came later on xD) So we both made a list of words we liked (I think I was the one who suggested it), and felt like they suited us. I made my list in English and Becca made it in Japanese and translated my list into Japanese. The original concept was a Japanese name, I guess~ We chose one word of Becca's list and one word of mine: 'Tsubasa', Japanese for 'wings' was on Becca's list, and 'Inori' (prayer) was on mine. Merged together, that made 'the wings of prayer', 'Inori no Tsubasa'. Later, when the dream was born somehow, and we decided to take this a step further, we decided to use Dao Gou De Yi (in Chinese) like TVXQ for DBSK.

BJJ: Your advancement through Korea is well documented, with 64,000 plays and counting in the first 5 days of the Promise U rendition posting. Were you expecting this kind of wide spread recognition by netizens?

Becca: No way. This is what surprised us most. We are not the only caucasians to dream of singing in Asia. We are not the first, either. But most people know, that Korean record labels generally prefer Asian singers. Some even have strict policies on which races can be accepted, so they tend to believe it's an impossible dream. We beg to differ. We want to succeed in this dream, not only for ourselves, but for everyone else who's ever shared this dream.

Sharon: Not at all. I hoped for a link, maybe, and to have a few thousand plays maybe. But not the plus 100k it is today! I was really surprised and overwhelmed, still am ^.^

BJJ: When did you first decide to enchant the world with your singing? How did you come to this realization?

Becca: I think deep down, I've always known that I wanted to sing. Throughout my childhood, I never did. I was afraid of it. ^^ I played piano, cello, violin. I'd try any instrument, really. And I was happy enough to play in front of a few people. But the thought of having to produce the sound, the music, from inside myself, terrified me.

Sharon: Enchant the world~ Hehe.. Umm.. I don't remember exactly, but I never thought of pursuing singing in this way, before DGDY. The realization just came, as if it was put inside of me. When that grew, I did realize that with chasing this dream, I could end up doing all the things I truly love, and mean something to the world as well. And I wouldn't be alone. And as in, putting my singing online.. I guess I just wanted to hear the opinion of others. I don't remember when the first time was, that I did it. After a while, and especially lately, I have experienced that some people actually value to listen to me sing, which added a new meaning to singing for me.

BJJ: How long have you been a BoA fan and how has this affected your singing thus far?

Becca: Definitely~ my interest in BoA and Jpop prompted me to study Japanese at 6th form. BoA sparked my interest in Kpop, too. I'm currently studying Korean on my own, as there are no teachers of Korean around here. ^^

Sharon: Hmm~ I don't remember. I think.. 3 to 4 years or so. It has affected my singing in many ways, I believe. I think I taught myself to sing allot by singing her songs, while still trying not to copy her.

BJJ: I sure hope BoA reads this too, especially since we love BoA so much here! We are astounded by your determination to learning new languages in short span of time. All dreams have a great risk to them, but you're filled with courage and here we are today believing like you as well in your dream , inspired by yours too!

BJJ: Do you have any formal music training or vocal training?

Becca: I've never had vocal training, and I taught myself to write music and play piano. I took up cello at school so that I would have an instrument that I could play to pass my music GCSE. I taught myself violin too, just for the challenge, you know? I joined an orchestra on my violin and everything. I was in 2 orchestras at one point. Ajeosshi told me earlier, 'You're already half-korean...' haha~~ I'm skating to a medley of music taken from the OST of Lee Junki's latest drama, 개와 늑대의 시간 (Gae Wa Neuk Dae Eui Shi Gan) (It's very good, y'all should watch it. ^^). it's very dramatic, very moving. a lady told me, after watching my routine [unfinished, still] that my skating almost brought tears to her eyes
Sharon: No, not at all.

BJJ: Besides becoming a successful singer what would you like to contribute to the world?

Becca: I think I told Cathy [on Bjj ^^] a long time ago that if I were to become a successful singer, and acquire more money than I really needed, that I would love to use the money to assist some charities. There are too many charities to mention, who I think really deserve the money. So I'd like to help as many people as I can, that way.

Sharon: Oh wow~ Umm.. I guess I hope we can make a difference. I think we are unique in many ways, and while being Christian, I want to spread the Love, and I hope we can touch people's hearts. I think we could contribute to the world in many ways, I hope so, at least.

BJJ: What would you be doing if you were not a singer?

Becca: Well. I had planned on going to university in September 2008 to study languages. Korean and Japanese, a major/minor course. I'd spend a year of the 4-year course in the country of whichever language I major'ed in [I was still undecided] and eventually pursue a career either teaching English, or translating. Something like that. If the singing career was to fall through, that is probably what I would do.

Sharon: Before I decided I wanted to become a singer, I wasn't sure of what to do. So I would probably be thinking through what to do, if I didn't become a singer.

BJJ: Where there times when you felt like giving up? Why did you continue?

Becca: There have been many times when I've been advised to give up. I've been told too many times to count, that this would never work. My father told me, quite bluntly. "Look at you. You're a caucasian. Do you see caucasians singing in Korea? It doesn't happen. There's a formula that works and you don't fit into it."

Sharon: Ohh, many times.. And even now, I still feel like giving up sometimes. But there are some things in particular that are the reason why I continue: something inside of me that just does not allow me to give up, prayer, Becca, and a quote, that is right here in front of me on my desk. And for the rest, I don't think it can be explained.

BJJ: What was the one thing that pushed you to go forth with your dream?

Becca: there is no one thing that pushed me to continue following this dream. Help and support from friends, and especially at BoAjjang, which is where my singing started and developed, was a large factor. Watching BoA, made me long for it more as well, I think. Also, more recently, we've had a lot of ..signs? Indicators that this is something we were meant to do, a dream that we ought to pursue.

Sharon: I.. don't know.. It's so hard to explain. I'm sure there was something but I can't give it words.

BJJ: How did you feel when Anycall contacted you and praised you?

Becca: I think I actually "squee'd" when I read that email, haha. Even more so when one of our new contacts recently confirmed that the sender was indeed an employee of the company she claimed to work for, so it definitely was from the Anyband Marketing Team. I was very surprised, pleasantly so, that they'd watched the videos and taken the time to write to us about them. The most encouraging thing for us, was Su Jin saying that they believed we had a shot at this. Both of our emails from SuJin have been very supportive and we're really grateful that they took the time to email us, even though they're so busy.

Sharon: I was stunned. I couldn't believe it! I was, obviously, very delighted and happy. Just amazing.

BJJ: What do you like to do in your free time for fun?

Becca: For fun? I sing for fun. Haha~ I love to sing. When I have a free moment, I sing. Besides that, any musical activties. I am a figure skater. ^^. I gave up about 2 years ago but was asked to come back to skate in the Christmas show this December. I might also participate in some local competitions etc, I'm putting together a new routine, it's about half-done so far.

Sharon: Singing, haha~ I sing a lot, and I dance, music, and just relaxing, can be anything. Or just go and do something fun.. I don't know.. I suck at explaining..

BJJ: Becca, ice skating, piano, singing, you would make Korean parents proud! Are you interested in dancing as well to add to your performances?

Becca: As a young girl, I tried everything. Ballroom, acro, tap, jazz, ballet etc. I never really pursued any of them seriously, but they instilled a sense of rhythm in me which is useful in skating as well as dance. While I don't really dance anymore, I'm definitely interested in training more in dancing, I think it's best to aim to be an all-round performer, like my idols, BoA and DBSK.

Sharon: Ohh yes, definitely. I really love to dance. And looking at performances of BoA and DBSK.. Yes, definitely.

BJJ: BoA has definitely become a standard and dancing that people look to. How do you feel about modeling, commercials, voice acting and other things that come as promotional activities in addition to being a singer?

Becca: Obviously it would be harder for us to do acting/voice acting etc, not being native speakers [and there are restrictions as to what shows/channels foreigners can appear on] but I would be willing to try any of those things, if asked to. It's all more experience, isn't it? ^^ Promotional activities are half the fun ^^

Sharon: It sounds fun to do! More hard work, but fun! I think it can be valuable in many ways.

BJJ: Since you're new to the spotlight, what worries you most right now?

Becca: I guess my biggest concern initially was exploitation; how easy would it be, to exploit a pair of young naive girls, with no real concept of how the korean market worked? It's all so unknown to me. It's unexplored territory and there are many things that I am a little nervous about. But.. I'm excited too, about those same things. I have a lot to learn, a lot to accomplish.
Life is like an adventure for me, you know? xD There's a lot of excitement, a lot of hardship. A lot of smiles and a lot of tears. And it's only just beginning. Since I flew to Japan on my own, I'm not truly afraid of anything any more.

Sharon: Ohh I worry too much.. Don't get me started ^.^;One of the things though, I'm afraid that there will be a next new big thing that will move the spotlight away from us.

BJJ: You're very streetwise indeed for your experience and age level. Do you have anything you'd like to say to BoA and SM entertainment right now?

Becca: BoA, I'd love to meet her and tell her in person. What a huge inspiration she has been for me. I've already told you about how I couldn't even bring myself to sing in front of just one person, before discovering BoA. Since then (inspite of comments from my father saying that I didn't have it in me to perform, that I'd never do it) I had my first solo performance in 2006- BoA's "Everlasting".
SM, I'd like to thank for discovering and developing stars such as BoA and DBSK. Because they encourage and inspire many people, by excelling in their chosen fields, and giving their all to everything they do. And even for people who don't dream of becoming singers themselves. Fangirling is a fun passtime in itself, right? -dies-

Sharon: Oh wow.. I'd like to say so much. But one of the things I would tell BoA, is how much I look up to her and admire her, and that I support her and love her. And how much of an inspiration she is for me. And SM.. I wouldn't know what the right thing to say would be, I wouldn't want to screw up the chance if I got the chance to say something to SM entertainment.. But.. Maybe, getting signed by SM would be the ultimate dream.. I'd want to say to them, give us a chance? Heh.. I don't know.. so much to say…

BJJ: Do you have any words of encouragement for all the aspiring singers out there?

Becca: Where to start? I'm sure you've all seen the guys singing in member creations. Go have a look, then have a go, seriously. I had literally no power, the worst Korean pronunciation you've ever heard in your life and pretty abysmal high notes when I started out. not to mention zero confidence I don't think you could have met a more unlikely candidate for a singing career, honestly. i was the most shy, reclusive child, much too scared to do anything that required as much confidence as singing. but with determination, you'd be surprised what you can overcome. Never listen to people putting you down, telling you it's impossible, especially older people. You know why they say that? because a lot of them, they had dreams themselves, once upon a time. but never had the determination or the courage to chase them, and settled for something that wasn't what they truly wanted, and sometimes, these people don't want to see you succeed. because then it raises uncomfortable questions about their own life, what they could have achieved, had they really committed to it. No matter how difficult or unlikely it seems. chase that dream, see it through, take it as far as it will go. Prove everyone wrong. or if you're lucky enough to have friends and family that support you, prove them right and really give it your all.

Sharon: Just.. keep singing. Keep doing what you love to do. Your voice is an amazing instrument, don't be afraid to let it out. If you have not been singing for long, keep practicing because with practice, anybody can and will improve. Any other singer probably understands what singing means, to us singers.. It's.. just.. keep singing..

BJJ: Those are some excellent words to live by! Who would you like to thank right now?

Becca: I have so much to thank God for. The list goes on forever, really. I thank him everyday for how he's transformed my life, given me confidence, and given me the opportunities that I've been presented with recently. And of course for Sharon, because I feel that my life has been blessed in many ways, since meeting her. There are too many people at BoAjjang who have helped me, to thank them all individually. I worry I'd miss names and then I'd feel awful. ^^; Chi is a tad forgetful. and people here told me that I could do anything, that I could be someone, that I could achieve my dreams if I just had the courage to really go out there and fight for them if it wasn't for the positive responses I got here.. I probably would have just given up

Sharon: God. I thank God so much.. for this all.. I can't thank Him enough. I can't give this words. And Becca, as well. Just.. thank you. And all my friends, and all the people who are helping us, and our 'fans', heh… And despite it all (…), I thank my family as well. I think I basically thank everybody who is worth it to say thanks to ^.^ Also, thank you for wanting to interview us~

BJJ: So to wrap up the interview, I feel very inspired to keep working hard in my life. I'm sure the rest of the Staff feels the same as well. I'm also very moved that we've made some sort of influence and push towards your goals and dreams. We here at BoAjjang would like to congratulate you for getting this far and hope for the best in your future endeavors!

Please leave lots of encouraging posts for the girls to read and keep supporting them on their journey to the top! There's also some new news since this interview was done! Read here to get the full scoop.


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