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Taiwanese singer "Rainie Yang" sings to BoA's JEWEL SONG

08 January 2011 - 11:01 AM

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Let me introduce you Rainie 楊丞琳 (Yang Chen Ling). I'll give a shot to translate the talk part into english. :lol:

Show Luo: "Ok! Next, BoA is the female idol you like so much"
Rainie Yang: "That's right. I think she's way too great.
Show (interrupted): "Why is that?"
Rainie: "Why can she still sings so well while doing both singing and dancing"
unknown (get in): "Moreover she's only 20, just turn into 20"
Rainie: "Two years younger than me yet she's that great"
Show: "She is!? (two years younger)"
unknown: "So great"
Show: "Oh God. "
Rainie: "22. This year will turn 22"
Show: "How old are you?" (pointing to the man)
unknown: "22"
Rainie: "He's almost 23"
unknown: "yeah, about that. And you?" (referring to Show)
Rainie: "Hey, are you five years older than us?"
Show: (shocked) (saying something like, nonsense)
Rainie: "Yes, you are. You was born in year 68!" (it's minguo calendar, Republic of China calendar. This year, 2011 is the 100th year in Taiwan)
Show: "68, how can be five years?"
Rainie: "We are born in 73. I was born in 73"
Show: "So what!?"
Rainie: "Haha, so sorry, I am sorry"
Show: "When you are 5 years younger than the other, you will have this kind of feeling"
Rainie: "I am having it now, so never mind"
Show: "You're ok. There's no other young singer like you"
Rainie: "Sweety"
Show: "not so different"
Rainie: "They're only 17~18 years old"
Show: "Let's see, if you at home watching a TV, you feel this person will somehow threaten, maybe she also sings cutesy and make up in a cute style. Will you find it, 'wah.. it's strange'?"
Rainie: "I won't. I will find that cute"
Show: "Really?"
Rainie: "Really."
Show: "If one man saw the other man starting to dance, 'you're courting to death, huh'."
Rainie: "No, I just feel that everybody has their own characteristic, so that's ok. Anyway, of course there will be many newcomers are in. Actually myself has prepared, unless if today I am not prepared, of course I will be scared"
Show: "That's right. You still have one weapon haven't showed up, your dance!"
unknown: "Right"
Show: "That day when your third album, long hair, [windmill] <-- I'm not sure
Rainie: "How [mean] you are!" <-- not so sure
Show: "So which BoA's song do you like?"
Rainie: "Today I choose her precious stone-like love song, JEWEL SONG"
Show: "JEWEL SONG, give an applause!"
Rainie: "Thank you"

She's a cute mascot of Taiwan, especially her beauty spot on her right cheek! She was in a girl-group '4 in love' (2000-2002) and went solo after disbanded. Her Japanese seems good. I am surely happy that she sings BoA's song so well. :thumbsup:

Check it out!

edit: found a typo!

How to get my Youtube video have a 'tag' like this?

08 January 2011 - 09:09 AM

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I have a video of me singing waiting on Youtube, so I want to attach ♫ BoA - Waiting beneath the description. I am clueless! Please teach me how :(

I just watched BoA BEST OF SOUL concert.. and...

25 December 2010 - 10:15 AM

Merry Christmas, MINNA!!!

02:00 A.M, the minute I watched BoA BEST OF SOUL concert till the end, WOW *0* I CAN'T SAY NOR DO ANYTHING BUT TO BE AMAZED BY BoA O.O
Everytime she finished her song one by one, I always ended up with teary eyes, it's just too touching T.T

BoA is the most wonderful, nope, she's a wonder, for us all!!! Get to know about her is truly a joy for me >.<

Hahaha, I dunno if this looks weird or not, but I can't hold myself to rush to BoAjjang to write xDD

BoA rocks the world!!

I can't play BoAjjang release video #10

15 October 2010 - 05:35 AM

Recently I downloaded [BoAjjang]_RELEASE__10_[2005-01-28]_BoA_-_2004_Big_Star_History_(kmTV_Lifestyle_Q)_[F9F303E1]

The video doesn't have any format, so I tried many times for .mp4, .wmv, .avi, .dat, etc.
But both WMP and MPC just can't play it, it says cannot render the file. What should I do?

Thanks in advance!


26 September 2010 - 04:46 AM

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