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#2230450 [Req] English translation of Copy & Paste and Hurricane Venus

Posted by briannafifield on 12 March 2012 - 11:04 AM

Hi everyone! I'm not sure if this is already a topic... I searched real quick, and didn't come up with anything, except for the lyrics in its original language (Korean). I was wondering if anyone out there could provide me a translation of Copy & Paste and Hurricane Venus? I put the Korean lyrics in a translator, but it was really vague and the meaning didn't really make sense. I was wondering if anyone could put the English words (or meaning) in the way that it means in Korean? Sorry if I'm not being very clear, I'm trying my best, but sometimes I'm not the best at explaining things lol. Thanks so much!

#2228802 Does anyone here dislike dubbed movies/shows?

Posted by briannafifield on 04 February 2012 - 03:28 PM

This came to mind while I was watching Kung Fu Hustle today. Freaking LOVE that movie!! But it was on G4, so it was dubbed in English. I don't know if anyone else hates this, but to me, it takes away from the movie. Some of what makes the movie is the actor's voices, how they say it, and it really gives it authenticty. I tried watching two minutes of the dubbed movie and I was just like Wow they totally killed it. It's like the English voices were so lame it was like they were making fun of the movie. Anyone feel the same or have any opposing opinions? Love to hear 'em!

#2228321 Anyone been in the Japan Exhange and Teaching Program or anything simi

Posted by briannafifield on 23 January 2012 - 10:08 AM

Hi everyone! I recently posted a topic similar to this under a different topic name, and I think it was misleading, so I thought this topic title would help better. My dream is to one day join the JET (The Japan Exchange and Teaching Program) and teach English, but since I haven't lived in Japan or have any idea what the actual experience is like, I was hoping someone in the forums have been in it or even live(d) in Japan. I can't join until I get my BA in some major, and since I am a freshman, I have a LONG way to go. Your input is much appreciated!!

#2214309 I need a Japanese speaker!

Posted by briannafifield on 18 June 2011 - 02:49 PM

Hi everyone!

First off, I just want to say, I'm extremely saddened by how the BoAJjang Forums have become. It just looks like a mess of spam found on Yahoo! articles and other websites, just so people can spam and make their post count higher. As an avid BoA fan, I must say it's disgusting. I do realize this is General Chat, but it's not for stupid spam you can find easily anywhere else. I'm just sick and tired of seeing all of this crap flooding the rooms.

Anyway, to the main point of my topic, I am trying to learn Japanese, but I am finding it extremely hard! I found an old Japanese learning CD, but it really isn't doing much good. I don't know any people who know Japanese, so I can't ask for help. And I know that to become good at it, you have to use it in your conversations and such. Is anyone out there willing to give me a hand? It's greatly appreciated! <3

#2135162 Article: 5 Key Skills to Keep a Healthy Relationship

Posted by briannafifield on 04 July 2010 - 08:42 AM

I found this article on Yahoo!:

5 Key Skills to Preserving a Healthy Relationship

I found this quote to be so true, especially to me:

“People are not direct enough,” says Jane Barton, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist in Knoxville, TN. “Indirect communication can be really damaging.”

I think that people are too impersonal and busy these days, they don't make time for one another, which is equally as damaging as all five of the strategies altogether.

What do you think? -_-

#2134843 Some More Advice Needed

Posted by briannafifield on 02 July 2010 - 06:12 PM

Hello! I know I ask for advice a lot xD I just want to gather some perspective from my fellow BoAjjangers.

I currently do not work or go to school, I am a stay-at-home-mom. I did work before, but after my baby was born, I had to quit for complicated reasons. I just enrolled in school, but I haven't decided what classes to take, or to go full-time or part-time. I don't know if I will have time to go to college full-time, as I go to physical therapy twice a week for an hour or so, and some classes are only available when I have physical therapy.

I also want to go back to work, but there are a few obstacles... I live in a really tiny town, and major towns are a minimum of 30 minutes away. I don't have a reliable car, and not a lot of money for gas. I am going to get unemployment, and my mom says it will be smarter to stay at home and get unemployment for now, and just go to school. I do want to go back to work, I just don't know if I will have time, as physical therapy is a lot already, and going to school will be even more. And I don't know if I can afford to go back to work, I can barely make it as it is. I basically live off of my parents, and I feel badly.

So I guess my question is, do you suggest I go to school part-time or full-time, and do you think my mom is right that it costs more to go to work and just stay home? I think she wants me to focus on school and raising my baby, which is right. I don't think I will have time for physical therapy, college, work and raising my baby. Raising the baby is taking all of my energy right now, and physical therapy is so draining, but I know it helps so I can raise her. I want to get educated so that I can support me and my little girl! :lol:

#2133674 A College Question

Posted by briannafifield on 27 June 2010 - 02:12 PM

Hello! I just applied for city college online, and I'm probably just going to go for my GED right now. But my problem is... I don't know what I want to do! Like, what career to go into, you know? I am interested in many things, but I just have absolutely no idea what I want to do. I want to take an assessment test, but I hear that they're not always accurate.

I am also hesitant to choose a career because I don't want to choose something that I will end up not liking one day, and that I will waste all of my college education and time on something that I don't like to do, and that by that time it will be too late to change. I was wondering if anyone else has gone through this, and any advice for me on this?

Thanks so much!

#2125304 Ok, so I totally just need to vent

Posted by briannafifield on 20 May 2010 - 03:00 PM

This post is not meant to sound whiny, it's just something that is really bothering me, and I want to see if it's just me or a legitimate reason to be sad/depressed.

Ok, so... I am really upset because my baby seems to love my stepdad way more than she does me. When she was born, I went through hell, and was basically in and out of emergency rooms for a month, not even being able to sit up, let alone take care of the baby. So, my mom and stepdad took me home with them to help me and the baby, which I am eternally grateful for. <3

I know I didn't have a lot of time to bond with her, being so extremely sick, but I have been trying my hardest and spending a lot of time with her, since I was forced to resign from my job due to my sickness. And all the time, whenever she sees my stepdad, she cries for him and throws a fit when she can't be with him, but never does it with me. I feel that all she wants me for is for breastfeeding. And I thought that breastfeeding encouraged bonding, and I try so hard to bond with her, but it seems like no matter how hard I try, she seems to like him more.

My mom, stepdad, and everyone else thinks I'm being oversensitive (which I might be, I'm not sure, which is why I'm asking), but it really hurts my feelings when I'm holding my baby and she wants to b e with my stepdad over me. I went through so much for her, and it just seems like it's in vein now.

I also know part of the reason is that because she loves to go outside, but because of how sick I was, I cannot be as active as she wants me to be. I go to physical therapy and everything, and I try really hard to keep up with her, but it proves to be too much sometimes, which is why I still live with my mom and stepdad for much needed help.

I just want to know, am I being overly sensitive about it? It just really breaks my heart and makes me want to cry whenever she wants my stepdad over me, and seems happier with him. I don't know, I really don't have many friends, and I just wanted to vent and get some advice and opinions.

*Oh, and sorry about my California - Valley Girl accent lol! I know it's hard to understand sometimes and can be lazy and annoying xD *

#2123839 A question about a problem I have...

Posted by briannafifield on 14 May 2010 - 08:39 PM

Although I haven't been officially diagnosed, but I strongly believe I have Pervasive Developmental Disorder - Not Otherwise Specified (PDD-NOS). It was more prevalent when I was a child, but I have grown out of most of it. PDD-NOS is basically a very mild form of autism, which some people can overcome most of the struggles that come along with it. Some things that people with PDD-NOS have are little or no eye contact, extreme sensitivity to loud noises or other stimuli, repetitive behaviors, difficulty socializing, may appear unemotional, or have speech problems. I have overcome many things, such as the eye contact issue, socializing, sensitivity to loud noises, although I still have issues with all of those and have to still struggle to keep it under control. (If you want to learn a little more about PDD-NOS, here is a Wikipedia link to it: PDD-NOS )

The reason I give you the background is, all through my life I never knew that I had this, and now that I do, it's such a relief to know what is wrong. But, it is putting a huge strain on my marriage and other relationships and aspects of my life, and I feel like it's my fault. I don't like to be touched much, such as hugging, and I appear unemotional when I don't realize it which causes fights at times. I was wondering if it's my fault? I'm trying very hard to overcome it, and it's not just him, it's with everyone. I was also wondering if anyone else out there has this same or similar problem, with or without PDD-NOS? And if you have any advice for me either way? It would be greatly appreciated.