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BoA at the Pride Parade

14 June 2009 - 01:07 PM

Just like the Universal City Walk / Pasadena Signing event, it would be great if we could somehow arrange a Boajjang members meeting ! Hoping to see as many NorCal BoA fans as SoCal's, haha. I haven't seen a topic for it, I'm sorry if one has already been made :[ She'll be on the stage at 4:35 PM on Sunday, following Solange Knowles and The Cliks, who I also intend to take a peak at..Hearing from past experiences, it'll be a crowded event..yay more exposure to BoA ! Let me hear from you guys ! I, myself lives 30-40 minutes from SF and I plan to take the BART (our lame version of public transportation ) train there and see what happens..Hope to see you there !

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