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Purchasing BoA's DVD online

31 July 2009 - 05:11 AM

Ok guys, I need a little bit of help here.

Here is my situation; I'm currently live in Perth, Western Australia, currently attending University here.
The problem is, I have been searching for BoA's stuff everywhere around where I live but have no luck in finding a single stuff :o
I usually catch up with her stuff by buying them when I came back to my Hometown during school holidays (I'm from Indonesia :D)
Oh and i also sometimes buy her stuff from Singapore :(

But lately, I have been busy and didnt have the chance to go back during school holidays, so I'm planning to buy online some of her stuff that I missed.

I plan to buy them from YesAsia. My questions are as follows:
[1.]For DVD, the offer 3 different version (KOR/JPN/HK), wad are the different between them? if they are the same, why are there huge differences between their price (JPN ver are almost triple the price of HK Ver.)?
[2.]I need some clarification on the "DVD region code", if I plan to play them in my DVD player back in Indonesia, the correct code is "DVD region 3" am I right?
[3.]Does "DVD region code" affect if I play them on my laptop?

Hope this info. is enough, Thanks in advance

Need Help In Identifying This Artist

21 June 2009 - 01:09 PM

Hi all, I need some help in identifying this artist.
I look everywhere for clues but still couldnt find a single one :)
Her name will do but any other additional information will be most welcomed

I found her during BoA DTM Performance on Music Fair 21 on 18th February 2006

Posted Image

Thanks in advance