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In Topic: What are your thoughts about BoA's Hurricane Venus (Full Album)

05 August 2010 - 01:31 AM

Okay my view on HURRICANE VENUS :3

Song-by-song analysis and then album analysis ^^

01. GAME
Lyrics by Kim Bu Min | Composed & Arranged by hitchhiker (Jinu)

This song is a very good intro song, although it's SUPER catchy and i LOVE the beat it might have been more effective as an actual intro song, and maybe have another song in the album too :P (being greedy) but ultimately hitchhiker did good by BoA producing a song i can't get out of my head <3

02. Hurricane Venus
Lyrics by Kenzie, BoA, Hong Ji Yu | Composed & Arranged by Erik Lidbom, Martin Hansen, Anne Judith Wik

I CANNOT EXPRESS HOW MUCH I LOVE THIS SONG!!! Not only is it the title song, and the MV is gonna be released looks awesome, but our BoA co-wrote it and it's such an impressive song! It expresses exactly what BoA is, a powerful and strong woman (also talented)

Lyrics by Kim Bu Min | Composed by Engelina Larsen, Thomas Troelsen

This song is such a dangerous experience, but it's worth the danger :P thanks to Thomas Troelsen for working his magic again in the track and BoA's vocals mix with it amazingly!!! It certainly has a scary edge to it and the beat is so robotic and evil in a sense, kinda of like a sci fi movie when the bad guy is sneaking up on someone or something haha, and the slow part as usual in Thomas Troelsen songs is pretty cool :3 BoA works this song so well and i can safely say i'll be DANCING AND REPLAYING THIS MANY TIMES <3

04. 옆 사람 (Stand By)
Lyrics & Composed by Kim Dong Ryul | Arranged by Hwang Seong Je

Yeop Saram, it is SUCH A GOOD BALLAD man Dong Ryul is SUCH a legend :P what a wonderful gift for BoA's comeback !! how can some simple minded netizens think it's generic >.> they clearly havent listened to traditional/classic ballads, they might sound similar, but each song has it's own unique features and BoA's vocals and the emotion work wonderfully, she has hit gold with this one :notworthy:

05. M.E.P(My Electronic Piano)
Lyrics by Kim Jeong Bae | Composed & Arranged by Kenzie

Okay, most people thought the title was strange when they first saw it.. i did not XDD i thought it was an AWESOME title :sly: although from the title i expected something a little upper tempo, but this mid-tempo-ish-ness is still very good! and the composition is just AMAZING and very Pop-sounding and the vocals kinda remind me of 90's-ish music :3 BoA's going for a retro theme with this and WOO WEEKEND a while back and it's not a bad sound :lol:

06. LET ME
Lyrics & Composed by BoA | Arranged by hitchhiker (Jinu)

THIS BEAT IS GONNA HAVE ME JUMPING FOR YEARS OR MORE >.> ITS SO SWEET!!! and certainly no one can deny BoA's perfection ^^ it's very clear in her
1. image
2. vocals
3. production
4. dancing
5. soon to be acting
LOL she is so talented im scared for all the other "artists" in the world ^^ anyway back to the song :P
i love the ma ma ma part GOSH ITS SO ADDICTIVE ^^ i think the main thing about the song is the beat for this one :lol: but you can't deny it's awesome! everyone 흔들다!! :]

07. 한별 (Implode)
Lyrics, Composed, & Arranged by Kim Jong Hwan

HOLY CRAP NELL TRACK!! okay i have to say i <3 Nell sooo much and to hear BoA sing with a song from the lead singer, and i think backup vocals by him, is just AWESOME! it's such a pretty track *tears* i really love it and think the sound is a unique as-yet-unexplored by BoA ^^ great to hear SO MUCH variety on this album

Lyrics by Kim Ina | Arranged by Lindy Robbins | Tobias Gad

Toby Gad... i knew i recognized the name when i saw it, producer of The Veronicas amongst others! This song has the typical rock-edge associated with his productions :lol: It's really cool tho, addictive and a catchy hook, the la la la part and the slight autotune-yness is pretty nicee! also have not really heard BoA in a techno/rock context, it's awesome to finally hear :lol:

09. 하루하루 (Ordinary Day)
Lyrics & Composed by BoA | Arranged by Gakushi

OKAY BoA IS A FREAKING GENIOUS! Why has she waited so long to produce T^T she could have been a hit songwriter for SM by now and made herself smash hit songs!! SM should persue the fact that she's more talented then anyone could have anticipated ! The lyrics are so cute and light sounding :sly: a great mid-tempo track

10. Don't Know What To Say
Lyrics by BoA | Composed by Robyn Newman , Matthew Tishler, Vincent Degiorgio | Arranged by Gwan Son Hwan

i have only really basically translated this song and the lyrics seem very sad... i feel like crying listening to it, sounds very personal, i can't really say much except this song is absolutely amazingly beautifully grand and again i havent heard such a plain piano track by BoA, or at least not one that stood out in particular to me until now, will NEVER stop listenin to this song

11. 로망스 (Romance)
Lyrics by Ahn Shin Hae | Composed by Hwang Chan Hui | Arranged by Song Yeong Ju

BoA has explored jazz before, we all know it, but i don't think she's ever gotten as close as this! THIS IS EFFING AMAZING, she sounds like one of those 1950's jazz singers and it really does make me feel so happy i could cry its beauty is unquestionable!

1. BoA producing and writing and i think kind of "executive producing"
2. Song's by Nell's Jong Hwan and Dong Ryul
3. Pure jazz song and pure piano-pop song
4. Exploratory and expressive album
5. Ballad's, Mid-tempo, and upper beat songs
6. PERFECT english parts and for the most part grammatically sound
7. BoA shows of her vocals to the best of her ability
8. It's like Her debut BoA ~1st US Album~ and IDENTITY mixed into one, amazingly catchy, with ballads and meaningful lyrics written by BoA herself and the whole album is great to listen to and each song has awesome potential!!
9. SM has released a billion re-packages lately, and even in America BoA released one, so expect a re-release of this album with 2-5 new songs that will knock you off your feet <3
It's a solid 10/10 album for me, nothing can top this, at least until she creates a new album ^^

In Topic: BoA - 6th Korean Album - Hurricane Venus

04 August 2010 - 06:50 PM

Thankyou sooooooooooo much Uni !! :3 i love you !!! no joke :P since i can read hangeul now this will be a piece of cake <3 om nom

In Topic: BoA, 12 Consecutive Weeks on American Billboard Genre Chart, ‘Milest

28 May 2010 - 10:06 AM

OMFG SUCH AWESOME NEWS, BOA HWAITING!!! <3 she will dominate the world soon, just watch her -_-

In Topic: BoA vs. Lady Gaga - Energetic Mashup

28 May 2010 - 09:57 AM

Here's mashup my friend made -

Its a shame they havent been getting any attention though... but it really deserves to get more views it makes me really like the song.

hey i have the super high quality official instrumental to lady gagas love game, would you maybe please be able to ask your friend for the high quality of the mashup cuz then a remixer friend of mine can make an acapella and instrumental of Energetic ^^ i hope you can help me <3

In Topic: BoA's Korean comeback

08 May 2010 - 06:26 PM

^Agreed! I don't think she has EVER had autotuned songs in Korea, and they better not start now!

LOL c'mon guys, you KNOW there'll be at least some autotune, even Hyori Lee said her album wouldnt have autotune and guess what, there are tiny bits of it in a song or two, so if BoA is coming back, and her wait HAS been anticipated, of course there gonna put her in the mainstream music, but just like Hyori and Gummy you can bet they'll give here a ballad or two, and there'll be songs with real vocals, the autotune fad seems to be dissolving in kpop now :D