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#2279830 【Official Thread】"Kiss My Lips" Promotions

Posted by 2boa4u on 06 June 2015 - 10:46 PM

I'm sad that BoAs feelings are hurt but she's at the point in her career where all she has to do.is release music's she wants to release. I'm pretty sure she has paid her share into sm and she owes them nothing. Some of there current roster would not exist if it had not been for BoA . Kml did do great but it didn't do horrible. It did exactly how most solo acts do in Korea and better than a lot of groups. When it comes to her voice she has been singing non stop for the last 17 years including her training so her voice will wear down a bit but to me she still sounds amazing. The only reason her choreography look light is because she does it so effortless but the moves are actually kindly of hard to pull off when you try them. ImO she did good with this come back it's not her fault that the promotions sucked

#2276059 [Album] [03.09.2014] WHO'S BACK?

Posted by 2boa4u on 10 August 2014 - 01:01 PM

Omg thank you for that i thought i was the only one tired of the neg talk. I to have been a BoA fan for twelve years and i like her current music better

#2237689 BoA's only one physical sells

Posted by 2boa4u on 26 August 2012 - 09:24 AM

Can we please shut up about opinions on the album and get back to the sales. Does anyone know the sales thus far?

#2233068 BoA's 7th Korean album will be released this summer!

Posted by 2boa4u on 14 June 2012 - 04:37 AM

Yes, of course. But it's gotten to the point where she CAN'T and DOESN'T NEED to be #1. She's already made her mark in Korea. Also, 2NE1 is more popular than BoA in legit every country right now, so being overshadowed can't be helped.

Who said that 2ne1 is more popular in every country then BoA . 2ne1 is only majorly popular in Korea and a little popular in Japan while BoA may not be majorly popular she is still well known everywhere she had some of the loudest cheers at smtown and she still sells well considering that she is a solo artist in a idol infested market.
And hurricane Venus wasn't bad at all. I know black people that still jumps to it and a lot of American college students still love her. I'm sorry but BoA has the most depressing fan base ever it is sad when people who arent her fans support her more then her actual fans. We as jumping BoA really need to get our act together and support this woman because she has already done more than enough for us now it's our turn to help her

#2227739 Official COBU 3D Thread

Posted by 2boa4u on 10 January 2012 - 05:51 AM

i know about stayin on topic but for the first time i feel bad to be apart of her fandom and its not because of her... jumping BoA has become one of the most pessamistic fandoms out there it has me sometimes thinking that some of these fans arent even fans. half the stuff on this forums really hurts me because ive known BoA since the beggining. . im not saying be delusitonal but dont point out every little flaw she has. if you dont like what sheis doing then their are plenty of other artist out there. popularity doesnt last forever and she knows tis herself. she doesnt need any one and mostly her so called fans telling her this.

now, back on topic COBU3D will be amazing and my head wil explode when it comes out!!!!