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a longer preview of I SEE ME(34sec)

19 November 2010 - 10:45 PM

how does it sound? xD

BoA Repackage : The new image

15 September 2010 - 06:34 AM

well, according to the allkpop link and information that is given, it seems the Repackage Hurricane Venus has a new image.

So, Bjj-er, what kind of image are you expecting?

for me i kinda want something that looks more like a hurricane than the current image she had for Hurricane Venus.

feel free to share your view =D

sorry i forgot the other thread existence ><.

continue the discussion in this:


allkpop article on BoA's album preparations and the next decade of

31 August 2010 - 10:48 PM


a sentimental side of BoA

WOO! My 4 digit Post.

23 July 2010 - 10:45 PM

Hi there,

here i finally reach my first 4 digit. my emperor post! xD <---(i like the name emperor more than emp which is short form ><)

I don't really know what to start with other than an introduction, so i guess that is it then xD

My name is wee kiat, how do you pronounce that name? make it simpler, pronounce it as wicked. it is very close.
people around me all called me wee kiat or twk for short, but note! twk is not my last name which many have mistaken. (Since my facebook i put it as WeeKiat Twk.)

also, i actually wanted to make this EMP on the day of BoA's comeback xD but well, i reach 1k before that, sadly. T_T

Firstly and definitely, gotta thank BoA for all her great works and performance out there. you have been a real inspiration to me, a role model that i can look up to. and i will always be supporting you without fail, in anyway i can, since 2002. for the last 8 years, and of course till forever.

Posted Image


Now... to our dear members. (noted: this is not by order, since they have been fighting over who will be in my first spot xD), SO SEE THIS! IN MY POST, EVERYONE IS NUMBER 1, EVERYONE IS IN THE FIRST PLACE
also, to add on, i am not totally prepare to write this EMP post due to the amount of massive projects i have to complete, so i guess the gifts will be randomly thought up. SORRY!

0). Dani AKA miduhyo:

the one who is dying to call me BOB for some reason like it spells the same backwards. and she requested to be before ming, so i guess i'll do that xD
tell the truth, i have forgotten how i have know you, or most of them i am gonna list. haha but mostly i think is because of ming which go into adding spree on MSN all the time.
SO DANI! your gift.

Posted Image


1). Ming AKA mlyap7_boa:

the first person i know in BJJ, through spam section i suppose, or some random post somewhere. Also the one that is most irritating :) and the one who i share my problems with. also, the one that went into adding spree whenever he likes it. so one day, i know quite an amount of people in BJJ already.
and Recently, this kiddo here have gone into 4minute and wondergirls madness, this kid, who called us traitor for going into other idols other than BoA went into 4minute and wondergirls madness(smexpose). jkjk xD
SO NOW MING! your gift.

Posted Image

HYUNAH! the one which you do not want julian to get. so now.. NEXT PERSON!

2). Sharon AKA Sky019:

well, again one person that is added through ming massive spree, and became one of the staple person in the chatroom. well, i dunno what to say.. xD
so well the gift. the one that love food like me shall get food. xD

Posted Image

SUSHI! well, dani said you like food. anything blame her xD

3). Nick AKA Kwon Ji Kyo ( DID I GET IT RIGHT?)

Well~~ why bother repeating the same thing again and again xD
so just lets get on with it. THE GIFT!

Posted Image

well.. if it is me, i would like to find the big bang theory, but then, it doesnt give me the result... damn..

4). Julian AKA pocketboi

ALL TIME ENEMY OF MING!! so instead of speaking i'll just prove it.

Posted Image

YUBIN! requested by julian himself. so now fight.

5). maggie AKA *c o n v e r s e

fellow spammer!! known through spam section! and well. POKEMON LOVER xD
man.. this post is getting shorter and shorter. :| sorry for those behind.

Posted Image

A MIC FOR YOU! join us in skype~

6). Ericia AKA ericia_90

fellow singaporean, that we met by fighting in spam section the first time round xD then ming add in. other than chatting, nothing really is much xD

well, i dunno what to give you so i'll just give you sushi too :\
Posted Image

So now with the rest,
Firstly, the staffs for their hard work, Cori, Pitabread and Heartbeat for their updates and stuffs. love the contest =D
BoAnjel for all the images..

of course all the fellow spammers who i have not chat with or spam with for long or none at all: Sunny(cadenza, Jason([BoA] MU), Tee(winterlove_000).(those that i remember spamming with)

there is also raul, baco, bum, eugene(ichigoXIII) ( did i forget anyone???)

and of coz mai(chocolate-kid) and kevin(Y2Kevtjai), thankyou both for your awesome works, graphics and encodings respectively.

and i'll give this to all the rest xD

Posted Image

ok.. i shall end. kthxbye.

now all forget about me and enjoy BoA's comeback.

Discussion of BJJ contest

17 July 2010 - 08:26 AM

i am not sure if this is in the correct section so i am sorry if it is wrong ><
and since BJJ is kinda quiet now so i might as well do something to live it up abit (i hope)

and yea, as the topic said..since the BJJ contest is over, and while waiting for the results to be out, why don we discuss about the caps =D

i remember someone mentioning on discussing the caps so i guess i'll make one xD

so firstly, what do you think about this contest? xD

to start the ball rolling i'll start.

i think this contest is pretty decent, and there are alot of unexpected answer based on the 1st rounds. and some of the caps are way hard ><

especially the quincy caps in round 2 and the Make a secret caps in round 3