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31 August 2006 - 06:41 AM

Every year during the Asian New Year my school has always held an annual Tet Program, but after Katrina we lost all of the stuff that we had:clothes for fashion shows,zodiac props etc. We lost everything in the flood. But now that this is a new school year, we are coming back and this year we will have a Tet Program. Well I'm a senior this year, and as this being my last year in high school, i would like to contribute to this event that we are having. So the Freshmen girls and I decided that it would be a cool idea if I could teach them a dance this year.I was wondering what dance I was going to teach them,because they want something modern, sexy, and fast. So I wanted to ask for ya advice. What dance do you think I should teach that would blow everybody's mind? Me being a Boa fan, obviously I wanted them to dance to My Name. But do ya have any ideas like if I should remix two songs together or what dance moves should i use,something unique that will shock everybody etc. Thanks for ya guys help.

2006 Japan Tour?

29 March 2006 - 02:17 PM

Now that BoA is back in Korea, does that mean that she is not going to have a Big 5 city tour like her 2005 Arena Tour, or 2004 Love and Honesty? With all of her singles and her latest Cd Outgrow, I would have thought that she was going to have a 2006 tour. I'm really confused, cause she had a big tour for almost all the years since she debut in Japan. If anyone call tell me if she's going to have one, that would be great.


01 February 2006 - 12:10 PM

Omg! Its been so long since my last visit to Boajjang! Ever since the whole Hurricane Katrina, loosing my home, being homeless right now, loosing everything I own, I still try my best to find a way to come back to Boajjang and see how this place is holding up without me JK. :) Well as i posted before with another topic, i was residing in Houston, and after the holiday break I came back to New Olreans for the first time, and let me tell ya guys, its nothing nice. Debree is everywhere, houses, buildings, just everything together is all dead. My houses was looted three times after the Hurricane and My family owned business. So Right now I'm currently living at my grandmother's house with like 15 other people. It gets annoying cause we all sleep on the floor , but is better than living on the streets. Living in New Orleans is such a hassle at this moment. Cause where I live , theres not an open store around, and if you want to get anything you have to travel thirty minutes i.e. gas , food, school etc. But I'm happy to be home. Even though I can't come online, because phone lines and electricity is still down i still try to find a way to come back to Boajjang. After every thing that happened I know that theres no place like home.So that's all i wanted to say, And Hi to all my friends here at Boajjang. Love ya , and I'll try to come on often.

Merry Christmas From Boa

08 December 2005 - 07:04 AM

Have any of ya listen to the preview of the tracks from Merry Christmas From Boa?? I just download it yestherday, and let me tell you it is so good!!!! Her english is so much better in here too, especially The Christmas Song(I understood every word she sung). The remake of Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer was so AWESOME!! It have a popish sound to it. I LIKE that remake ALOT . And of course whats a Christmas Cd without Merri Chri? She sounded beatuiful like always. Before I listen to the preview I wasn't really in the christmas spirit because of everything that happen, now I am in the Holiday spirit thanks to Boa! I cant wait till the cd comes out!!

So what did ya think about the preview so far? And what Songs/Remake was your favorite? Personally I can't choose one because all of it is so AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!


13 September 2005 - 02:29 PM

Well i thought the day would never come but its time for me to leave boajjang. Well since this whole Katrina deal had happen( i lived in new orleans), i've been living at my aunt and uncle's house for over two weeks(with like 30 other people) and now its time for us to leave, so that means no more computer!!! The only reason i've been able to post is because i've been using my cousin computer, and now that I am moving to the apartments, and starting from scatch again, I wont be able to post , and be active as I use to be. :) I'm so close to 1000 post too :D Maybe i will find some time and try to get on the computer and visit boajjang. But for now, we dont even have a couch and beds to sleep on. Well i have to go pack up my clothes now. Bye ! Ill try to keep in touch~!!!!