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#2277011 I did not recognize BoA here.

Posted by leopxt on 16 November 2014 - 05:07 PM

I wonder WHAT THE HELL some people have in mind? Just because she is super pretty, she can't have a bad picture? LOL In this case specifically it was obviously a picture with a bad angle. If you look to the other pictures of the same day she looks exactly the same. I'm a photographer and I'm sorry to be the one who's gonna ruin your fairy tail but... Yes! Beautiful people can definitely come out "ugly" in some pictures too. If they don't, it will always have someone to manipulate a couple of images trying to make the public believe that it's a big deal, create some type of scandal, bring chaos to the fans and things like this.
I know that some BoA fans don't like to compare Britney and her in nothing, but this reminds me a lot when practically all the magazines in the world were publishing bad news about Britney and manipulating her images. It's useless to complain, some people (even the fans) will always say "OMG! So true! She doesn't look like herself anymore!" without even look to the other pictures or read the notice in other place. It's not that surprising when someone who saw her one time a few years ago or someone who doesn't follow her career say that, but it's just a shame to see the fans fighting among themselves because such a trivial thing like this.
I'm not even get into the issue of whether she did or not surgery because that will not change anything in my life. If she did, good job, she still pretty she could actually indicate the place to Bom lol. I'm not her fan because of her beauty, I'm her fan despite that! Her beauty is just a plus. She can dance, she can sing, she can dance AND sing... It's more than enough to me.
Now, as a longtime Britney fan too, I'm gonna give an advice to some people here: don't believe in everything that you see, especially on the internet.  ;)