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More Photos from this perf

11 January 2008 - 01:36 PM

im not sure what she was performing here..some tell me and share photos please

im interested how her whole hairstyle looks'
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J-Rock Band

19 April 2006 - 09:45 PM

Hi! I wanted to get everyone's opinions on some good and not so good Jrock bands...mostly on some small unknown not popular bands

I really wanted to know if anyone heard of this group:


There is this exchange student from Japan in my school and we were talking and I learned she has a cousin in a band, she gave me the link to their page..and yeah. I don't think that they are very popular since I have not heard or seen them before. Has anyone heard of them before?

What bands do u like?

I <33 Dir en Grey! (Toshiya!!)

Ellegarden is cool too~ The singers english is cute and understandable, hehe

[Req]Close-Up Photos

20 October 2005 - 06:08 PM

could someone post some recent close-up photos of BoA...

like from the time of G.O.T to now...thank you!


26 September 2005 - 10:11 PM

here in Sacramento, California~~

The weather today was hecka funny!! It wasn't the usual sunny cool days it was always..the weather was really dark in the morning and then near the afternoon the sky was full of clouds. i thought it would sprinkle but then as the day went on it started to sprinkle, then heavy rain...NOW THUNDER!!! but not like regular lights kind..this was really loud roars that vibrated and shook the house a lil~~!! OMG!! it was soo freaky!!! im soo scared earlier to go to sleep....because i sleep in a bunk bed (im on bottom..booo!) and i thought that if it got worse and everything were to fall..iono..the bed above me would fall..thats what i kept thinking (haha..im soo paranoid)..but then now it all stopped..just light rain and some flash of lightning now..havent been scared for a while...ahh well..something fr me to write in my journal now..

im praying for those involve in the hurricanes~~i know they were more scared and sad than i am right now...

soo..i heard on the news like all the hurricanes were being cause by the beginning of global warming?? (DAY AFTER TOMORROW!!!) someone help explain the hurricanes to me please

(if this counts as spam please move..i dont know where this should have gone)


28 June 2005 - 08:23 PM

Has anyone heard of them? a Japanese Boy Band~~


Jun Matsumoto
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Kazunari Ninomiya
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Masaki Aiba
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Satoshi Ohno
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Sho Sakurai
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group pix:
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Posted Image

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my favorite member is Jun Matsumoto...he was a part of the show "Gokusen. Live!"..did anyone watch that? here's some pix from it..
Posted ImagePosted Image

okay well jsut wanted to share some pix of one of my fave groups..any other fans? i want some people to talk with and trade pix , songs, n pvs with...

i only have one of their videos "Hero"
i upload to share ^^

if anyone has any other pv or pix to share please post too!! ^^

im done for now..hehe