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05 March 2017 - 03:01 PM

cr: BoA Hong Kong fans

Her hair looks pretty demaged...

BoA and Joo Won are dating!

17 January 2017 - 04:38 PM

BoA (30) and Joo Won (29) revealed to be dating since last year news.naver.com/main/read.nhn?…

source: SMTownEngSub

Joo Won's agency confirmed it!


Article: [Exclusive] Joo Won ♥ BoA dating, top star couple is born

1. [+2,158, -6] Hul... this is really unexpected

2. [+532, -25] They're both celebrities I really like, congratulations ㅋ

3. [+459, -10] Hul...? What?

4. [+434, -15] Is Dispatch on break?

5. [+222, -15] It can't be true, right...?

6. [+66, -1] Totally random combination

7. [+52, -0] Eh? Joo Won has to enlist soon too

8. [+48, -2] I doubt they'll confirm it without pictures

9. [+48, -3] They're celebrities I personally like individually but I don't think they match together well ㅋ

10. [+30, -1] What is this?

11. [+55, -2] A scriptwriter I know told me so I already knew... but I still don't think they match~

12. [+43, -0] They don't match as well as you'd think... hmm

13. [+41, -0] He's facing enlistment this year so good luck to her

14. [+53, -7] Wow daebak, BoA and Joo Won... ㅋㅋ and there's only a year in age gap, not as much as I thought

15. [+28, -3] I think there height difference would be more daebak than their age difference

16. [+25, -0] Really not fond of male celebrities who get into public relationships before enlisting. Remember Ji Hyun Woo?

17. [+23, -0] He's going to the army though ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

18. [+17, -0] Wow... BoA's at a level where she could pick from the cream of the crop but she really must judge people for who they are. He's enlisting soon too... I wonder how that'll affect their relationship.

19. [+17, -0] The age gap isn't as big as I thought. BoA debuted at such a young age that I thought she'd at least be 6 years older than him ㅋㅋ

20. [+16, -0] These two were quite famous among golfers already because they showed up together often... lots of fan accounts.

source: netizenbuzz

damnyum he's ugly

BoA to make a come back next month

10 January 2017 - 02:53 PM

After almost 2 years, Queen BoA Kwon is ready to snatch ya wigs with a come back! She'll release a mini album next month.
Title song chosen, album in final stages of preparation.
No other schedules to preoccupy her, so she can fully focus on the album and choreography.

BoA returns after 2 years with a mini album in February

[+296 -26] The singer I spent my teen years with.

[+258 -23] You still my Number One

[+135 -16] Occasionally I watch her My Prayer music video and think just how hard she's worked since she was really young and hit a peak with No.1, and how hard she's worked, it brings a tear to my eye. Even the lyrics...

[+146 -22] Wow... the solo battles this time are going to be rough... From Suzy and Seohyun to Lee Hyori and BoA... Awesome

[+181 -37] I am not that interested in BoA and I'm not a person from that generation but I gave Only One a listen and I still play it to this day. When I listen to it the lyrics give me goosebumps and tears.

[+50 -7] In BoA's prime, she was an idol who would stick out and need no introduction, more than any idol today. As a matter of fact, the current Hallyu Wave started with BoA.

[+36 -4] The final boss of female solos has arrived !! Honestly BoA is the top in the country when it comes to fierce dances on top of live performances.

[+41 -6] Live + Singing Ability + Dance = BoA

[+25 -2] Always looking forward to it !! God BoA!!

[+26 -3] Her 20 year debut anniversary is coming soon and she still looks so young

cr: mes @ onehallyu

SURE Magazine Frebruary Issue

18 January 2016 - 09:09 AM


cr: shutupihateyou @ onehallyu

LOL February*****

What if BoA retires?

13 June 2015 - 05:02 PM

DRAMA ALERT - Immature fangirl

I'm probably the youngest member active on BoAjjang and the one who spend the less time following BoA. Sometimes I may sound too harsh with my opinions but actually I'm just worried with her. She's not even 30 and hearing her say that "she's not the best anymore" or that she isn't "giving her all" in performances breaks my heart in a hundred pieces. I would be so hurted if BoA decide to retire because she's not feeling appreciated anymore and the wrost part is that I can't do anything instead of spamming her instagram/twitter with messages saying how much I love her and her music. I wish I was rich only to bulk buy her album :(

I think nobody can understand how much this woman means to me and how I want her to be happy.

Someone comfort me please
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