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My EMP!!! Joying My Party!!! XD ...

10 February 2005 - 05:02 AM

Hi hi !!! To ALL BJ friends, members, mods, admins, projects leaders AND leechers!!! (oh... sorry if i miss any group...)

This is my 'lil late EMP Party'!!! Xp

Please get yourself comfortable... and... LeT´s GeT it sTarTeD!!! ^^

First of all, I would like to introduce myself!!! XD Haven´t done yet!!! XD

My name is Erick and my Japanese name is Djin, that´s why the ErickD... and the M goes to Mori... my last name!!! hehe.. original *ironic*... now..

I would like to thank all the BJ´s mods for these explendid work that BoAjjang is!!! This forum is SUPREME!!! Thank to you guys many and many ppl can share their BoA good stuffs and spread even more BoA´s fame around the world!!! Plus and more important, we still have great opportunity to find and make wonderful friendz here!!! This for sure are moments that will not be forgotten in my mind!!! Thanks BJ staff for all the hard work!!! You all made us a BIG and WONDERFUL family!!! ^^

Ok ok!!! I now I´m pretty new here... hehe.. I´ve just talked to few of you but I wish I can talk to more ppl during my stay!!!! Cuz most of ppl here ROCK and I know that!!! ^^

Haaaaaaah!!! Enough of blabzzz.. hehe I bet you´re getting pretty bored!!! XP

Posted Image Now! It´s Gift Time!!! Posted Image

cutiebunnybaby: Hey cutie!!! You´ve been my best BJ buddy!!! Thanks!!! I´ve got lots and lots of fun with your happy and funny PMs!!! Thanks for been nice and helpful not just for me but for all the forum!!! You´re an amazing girl!!! You´re friendship means a lot to me!!! For you... this is my gift!

--> Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image <--

Adee: Hi Adee!!! You´re so kind and so nice!!! I owe you a lot too!!! Thank you so much for the great files!!! >.<!!! *still embarassed* You´re an Angel like I said!!! Thanks for all the re-upz and funny threadz which always came with awesome perfs!!! This is my gift for you!

--> Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image <--

halleyscometh: Hey Halley!!! Thank you so much for all that great PMs!!! I still need to send you some!!! Hehe... it was a pleasure to meet you!!! You´re so kind, so polite, so nice!!! Thanks!!! My gift!!! (You can have my fav emoticon of MSN!!! I luv to use it!!!!)

--> Posted Image <--

TriAde: Hey hey my buddyio!!! Hehe.. we´ve just met but I really appreciated our talking!!! Hehe... you´re nice!!! Thanks for the great Naturelle pics!!! Man!!! >.<!!!!!!!! My gift... (A car and a timer so u don´t get late for school!!!)hehe...

--> Posted Image + Posted Image <--

acebase01: Wow ace!!! You definitely ROCK!!! Thanks for all the great files!!! Man!!! You´re nice!!! Thanks!!! Yep yep... you´re are a lil older than me.. hehe.. I´m 20! XD *read your intro/EMP!* XD Here is my gift for ya!!! A very confy penguim pillow!!!

--> Posted Image <--

instant-noodle: Hey hey instant!!! How you doing??? Hope you got all your BoA stuffs organized!!! ^^ Yep! It´s was nice to meet to you!!! You can count on me!!! XP my gift!!! (Hey let´s pretend this is a yummy yummy noodle dish! hehe)

--> Posted Image <--

kuraudo: Should I say Master? Hahaha!!! Hey kuraudo!!! Thank you sooo much for all the good things you´ve been doing for BJ!!! You´re so nice!!! Never let ppl without a great file of yours!!! You ROCK!!! Keep up the good work please!!! Now here´s my present for you!!! (Here it means 'The best of the lucks!')

--> Posted Image <--

Mitsuokasan: Hey hey Mitsu!!! Your very kind and a nice nice boy!!! It was a pleasure to meet you!!! ^^ Here´s a present... hehe.. (I heard you love hats!!! That´s why I´m giving you this!!!)

--> Posted Image!!! (Hahaha... jkz jkz here´s your real hat!!!) Posted Image <--

kamuikwon: XD... XD XD XD!!! This man really ROCKs!!! Thanks kamui!!! I know you´ve already shared lots and lots of coooooollioooozzz stuffz around here!!! Thanks!!! You´re so nice so talkative!!! You´re funny too!!! Hahaha...!!! ^^
Pitty you live so far!!! Wish you the best!!! Here´s my gift for ya!!! (you can have my stylish emoticon!!! One of my favzzz!!!! XD)

--> Posted Image <--

Ayu: Hey Dennis!!! Thank once more for your advice about the Nat pics!!! hehe... it really helped me a lot!!! And Although we just talk once in MSN!!! You´re NICE!!!! XD I´m even giving you a gift!!! Thanks!!! (This is my brand new emoticon!!! ^^)

--> Posted Image <--

JWu: Hey JWu!!! We haven´t talked yet but you also never disrespected me!!! Hehe... I never forget that Leecher Intelligence thread so I´m giving you a special gift to solve that prob!!! ^^ (Good hunting!!!)

--> Posted ImagePosted Image <--

japaneseobesession: Hey JO!!! Hehe... am I cool now?? Hahaha... jkz!!! Hey hey!!! You sure have lots of posts!!! Congratz!!! You´re so postful one!!! hehe... I´d like to give you a gift just to let you know that I haven´t forgotten you!!! ^^ (This is my crazy coolest emot-buddy!!! ^^)

--> Posted Image <--

Mirai Pan-chan: Hi hi Mirai-chan!!! Master of the double posts! Hehe.... ^^ JO goes crazy with this!!! Kakaka!!! I didn´t forget your Heartsdales albums!!! I´m gicing you a present for you to keep your virtual CDs!!! (XD It´s a suppa case!!! XD)

--> Posted Image <--

Kakashi_Mina: Hi Mina!!! Ipm sending you a virtual specialist so he can fix your WinRAR/WinZIP prob!!! ^^ (although he always seems to be in a bad mood at all times.. hehe.. he´s like a candy from the inside!!! XD)

--> Posted Image <--

Choopy: Hi Choopy!!! Never forget to say thanks for the PMed linkz!!! Really polite!!!^^ I got a present for ya!!! (My pringle man!!!^^ Every friend o´mine likes it!!! ^^)

--> Posted Image <--

mulattagroove: Thank you so much for the Naturelle pics today!!! I´ll Never forget that!!! Here... hehe.. a special cottom candy for you!!! ^^

--> Posted Image <--

ptoor: Hey ptoor!!! That Utada´s MTV Unplugged was AWESOME!!! Thanks man!!! Got you something too!!! XD (Something told me you like this super hero!!! XD)

--> Posted Image <--

krypton89: The king of the re-upz!!! Hehe... definitely deserves a SUPER gift!!! =op hehe...

--> Posted Image <--

saru: Thanks saru for that great Talkshow file - where BoA tryes some sushi!!! ^^ My gift!!! (A happy lil guy that rememberz me your avy!!!)

--> Posted Image <--

rEinA: Thanks for taking my request and for sharing so many non-BoA files!!! ^^ (Oh!!! That one is my fav toy!!! My partner in the baths sections!!! Kakaka... take good cake of ducky... XP)

--> Posted Image <--

RaCooL: RaCooL is cool!!! Thanks for all re-upz!!! (this is a super scuba diving equipment!!! Wouldn´t it be funny and at the same time cute to see a RaCooN wearing that??? Hehe!!! ^^)

--> Posted Image <--

angelicshan: Thanks for all the Eye-candy shares!!! You and Billy-X sure enriched my BoA pic collection!!! ^^ (I liked the smilie from your sig!!! Hehehe... so you can have my fav Ninja Turtle!!! hehehe!)

--> Posted Image <--

Billy-X: Thank you for all the pics you´ve shared!!! ^^ Lil present!!! (Yep yep yep!!! This lil one still can´t believe you met with BoA in personal!!! See his face??? You´ll have to convince him!!! ^^)

--> Posted Image <--

thadj: Hey thadj!!! Thank you sooo much for the NICE NICE downloadable threadz!!! >.<!!!! (Oh yeah!!! You can have a king size snack to eat while your uploadz are running!!! ^^ hehe..)

--> Posted Image +Posted Image + Posted Image <--

Chupacabras: Hey hey my vampire lover buddy!!! Hehehe... should I say goat vampire??? Hahaha!!! Man it is so nice to have you here with us!!! Thanks for your re-upz too!!! And for the hot YSI tip that I´m going to try after this!!! ^^ Hehehe... for you I get this!!! (Hehe.. my MSN tomato!! You can make a good juice with it if you want!!! XD)

--> Posted Image <--

CARZY: Berserk´s fan just like me!!! ^^ I´d like you to have this mobile TV!!! Hehe... so you can watch for Berserk at any time you want!!! XD (I love your sig!!! XD XD XD)

--> Posted Image <--

Coolin: Hi Coolin!!! I wish we can talk more!!! You´re a nice person from your replies!!! I want you to have this!!! XD (It´s a PS456000!!!) XD

--> Posted Image <--

Diana139: Hahaha!!! Yep yep Diana!!! I didn´t forget you!!! You´re very talented with Photoshop!!! Quite impressive!!! Hehe... for that I got you the PowerPuff Girls!!! XD

--> Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image <--

crazee4music: Hey crazee!!! Thank you sooo much for that 900+MB file!!! It´s simply awesome!!! For that, I´m giving you some extra power!!! ^^ XD XP

--> Posted Image <--

Kirei_BoA: I would like to thank you for all that Namie´s stuff you uploaded in the non-download section... I´m also a Namie´s fan and I must say that helped me a lot!!! For you I bought this extra lemon flavour yummy gelly!!! ^^

--> Posted Image <--

LiLstephy: Hi Stephy!!! Icould never forget that chocolate kisses arrengement you did!!! And all your awardz too!!! Pretty collection!!! Thanks for the short MSN talk another day!!! ^^ hehe... my gift!!! (A happy cherry girl!!! Do you like cherry??? >.<!!!)

--> Posted Image <--

SexyBoAFan: Hahaha!!! Of course I couldn´t forget this gentleman!!! He´s always so kind to everybody!!! He´s so dedicated that even gets frustrated when he´s not able to take ppl´s request!!! XD!!! You´re AWESOME SexyBoAFan!!! Thank you sooo much!!! You´ve helped me a lot!!! ^^ now.. a lil present for ya!!! Hehe... (What a about a 'You ROCK' smilie??? XP)

--> Posted Image <--

addkidd: And for our project leaders!!! ^^ (Fishes!!! For your pond!!!haha!!!lolzzz!!) XP

--> Posted Image + Posted Image + Posted Image <--

Posted Image If I forgot someone I´d like to apologize in advance... SORRY (=ó() and of course we can have thingz fixed too... hehe I guess that´s the meaning of the 'edit' button´s existance!!! XD Posted Image

--> (Ooopz.. sorry... I´ll need a double post...) o________O <--

Naturelle pics! >.<!!! So cute...

08 February 2005 - 03:08 PM

Hellow everyone!!!

This is one of favorites BoA pics!!! From Naturelle album... unfortunately I don´t have this.. :notworthy: ... so I comfort myself with these :) *so pretty!*

Hehe... here are some links for the package with the pics!!! It´s a ZIP file!!! :notworthy:



creditz: kpopmusic (source) + me (upoad)

Hi hi!!! As requested... I´m leaving some pics!!! :P

Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image

Ayu X BoA

27 January 2005 - 07:16 PM

This is actually my first Poll!!! hehe... hope everything goes fine...

Anywayz... I vote for BoA!!! ... ^_^ ........ :D :D :P :D :D

I also like Ayu´s songs!!! (I have nothing against her too!!! :thumbsup: )

But since I read this on the other topic... hehe... I thought... why not???

Sorry if this has already been posted b4... ;) :( :D

Oh!!! Oh!!! So!!! Whatz ur decision... leave a comment if you wish so!!!


MV or PV??? CM or CF???

26 January 2005 - 08:54 PM

Please... I´ve been trying to realize for myself if there´s any difference between MV and PV??? MV = Music Video... PV=???... :lol:

... I always see CM or CF referring to BoA´s commercials... but I can´t realize their real meaning... :P

Does anybody know??? It would be great to make my posts more precise!!! :(

... :thumbsup: ... *waiting patiently for teachings...!*


About accelerators...

12 January 2005 - 10:06 AM

Hi everybody...!!!

I have a question... about Accelerators... are they worthy???

I mean... do the downloads bocome really fasters??? And what about the Uploads??? I had one of these softwares once... and the only advantage I saw was that it could save my download for me to continue from where I stopped another day...

Thnaks for you concern... :)