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Twitter New Rules!! Good News or Bad News?!

27 March 2013 - 02:26 AM

This is a MUST-READ especially fangirls/fanboys!
Fans use twitter to communicate with their idols but....
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I'm happy that BoA will never see evil mentions from antis, but truthfully, I'm a bit sad bcs my/our mentions will never reach to BoA unless she follows us TvT

Whats your opinion?


24 September 2010 - 11:46 PM

>>>>>>>>>>14.03.03 @ 21:10:31

>>>>>>>>>>read this

>>>>>>>>>>Written by ses's co ordinater (about boa)
>>>>>>>>>>Hello, i'm lee jin hwa who used to be ses's makeup artist
>>>>>>>>>>(i'm 24 right now, i am teaching at boon jang hak won)
>>>>>>>>>>i wasn't going to do this but before i read an article

posted by shinwha's cordi, and i know that person.
>>>>>>>>>>My sister is 18 in 2 year of highschool and she told me

about this site...i'm getting tears in my eyes just telling what

happen in sm entertainment
>>>>>>>>>>The kid called boa kwon...i have so much to say...you all

seem to have a lot of interest in her.
>>>>>>>>>>when i used to be ses's makup arist i used to think Sm was

a really good company for singers to train and become really good

and well known...so in the beginning in 97 when boa frist came in,

she was cute and pretty and could sing well so i was really nice to

her...who would have guessed that boa's actions were all fake.
>>>>>>>>>>on top of that i dind't know lee soo man would be like

>>>>>>>>>>You all seem to know that lee soo man hit shinwha and that

is all true and hot used to get hit too..They were never hit because

of boa but when hot made the comeback, it is true that they got hit

and also when heejun slipped on the stage and got hurt. The reason

i'm writing this is because i want you to protect all the gasoos you

like...don't forget that..
>>>>>>>>>>I've already quit from sm so i don't think they would do

anything to me...Thruthfully..the reason i quit sm was the told me

to not be ses's makeup artist but boa's. At the start i dind't want

to but what could i do...it was like the top singing industry

company(??) so i couldn't just say i wasnted to quit. I did end up

going to boa. at first boa was really pretty and nice but after she

film in a cf she changed. With lee soo man's encouragement and

voices of interest around her she became arrogant.in other words she

is a girl 9 years younger than me and a ######... ( i dunno what ssa

ga ji is in englich) Tell me to do better and saying have you got a

preblem, i told boa what was on my mind and i left...if you keep

acting like that..you'll go straight back in after your 1st album.
>>>>>>>>>>After that i got a phone call from boa saying she was

going to think about whether she was going to come back or not after

her first album. and she told lee soo man every thing i said to

her.(as you should all know while crying) They called me up telling

me not to come back...and i told them i dind't want to go

back..After that many incidents occured...they are all what you have

been talking about....If you want to protect your favourite gasoo i

think it's a good idea to not see boa nicely...
>>>>>>>>>>Lastly if any sm workers are reading this i want you to

know you saw me lee jin hwa wrong.
>>>>>>>>>>(p.s if you have anything to say to me please e-mail me at

[email protected]) that's all..
>>>>>>>>>>everthing i have written is true
>>>>>>>>>>There are more things about boa but if it is all true

boa's career will end...i wonder what's wrong with lee soo man too..
>>>>>>>>>>boa shaved her chin bone, had a needle to make her grow ,

had eye surgery..they say there isn't anywhere she hasn't had

>>>>>>>>>>and when hwansung died she was happy saying that now she

had 1 less rival. and when her friends told her to stop flirting

with shinwha she said se learnt it all off ses.
>>>>>>>>>>at times when boa was playing with shinwha she would shout

at ses not to come in and lock the door.

[incident where god's taewoo got hit]
There is a girl called boa kwon, she came at sm on august 15
but because of her tae woo oppa got hit!
Do you want to know why?
When tae woo and kyesang went to sm boa started flirting and hugged

Suprised and shocked, kyesang pushed her away
boa got pissed and mabey embaressed she went to lee soo man and told

him to hit kyesang...
Taewoo oppa was trying to block kyesang oppa and he got hit instead
>>>>>>>>>>did they do something rwong??
>>>>>>>>>>why did they have to get hit?
>>>>>>>>>>Lee soo man..is being rich everything
>>>>>>>>>>Why are you hitting god who have more fans than you!?
>>>>>>>>>>who does he think he is...don't you get pissed??
>>>>>>>>>>Lets all banish boa!
>>>>>>>>>>and also it is said the lee sooman hit hot and shiwnha
>>>>>>>>>>because of boa...watching all that boa didn't even blink..
>>>>>>>>>>they say that why andy from shinwha's lips got scarred.
>>>>>>>>>>how could they do that to a gasoo??
>>>>>>>>>>this is all because of boa!

i'm a fan of boa
but because of this, i got an influence
and now i was confused...
is it true or false?
please tell me immediately