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#2238700 [Trans] BoA KBS 2 Entertainment Weekly Interview

Posted by 8Ribbon on 30 September 2012 - 12:37 PM

This is the video DL thread: http://forums.boajja...howtopic=135696

I only translated the interactions b/w BoA and the interviewer, director, etc. Captions or narration wasn't translated. Sorry. :|

Please take out with credit. ^_^;


BoA: Hello! I'm BoA.


Interviewer: BoA-ssi, hello!

BoA: Whoa! Hello!

Interviewer: I'm gonna do DUI testing on you for a moment. Say "Hoh~~~"

BoA: Hoh~~~

Interviewer: Er... It's a bit wild. What's going on today?

BoA: I'm filming an automobile commercial.

Interviewer: It's looking really cool right now!

BoA: Really...? Yo! Get in!


Interviewer: Anyways, you've been active for the last 13 years, but what really gives me perspective is that I've been a reporter for Entertainment Weekly for ten years!

BoA: *gasp* Really...!?

Interviewer: Ten years ago, my first interviewee was BoA-ssi!

BoA: Oh really??

Interviewer: Yes, yes!



Interviewer: Hello!

BoA: Hello! These days, my single album, "Double" has been released and...


Back to present

Both of them talk at the same time here:

Interviewer: Only I got old! Only me!
BoA: Oh is that video going out now? (Referring to flashback video that EW showed us just now! Hehe)

Interviewer: Can I ask you about your constant beauty?

BoA: *shaking her head* Just living without any thoughts towards age.

Interviewer: Ah, so without discretion?

BoA: Yes. If anyone asks me about my age, I just say, "Well, what's my age?" (as in she jokingly asks like she doesn't know either.)

Interviewer: So how old are you?

BoA: Me, I'm 18!


BoA: I think it's really nice when I get to feel that autumn wind.

Interviewer: You're really sensitive to autumn?

BoA: A lot. Extremely!

Interviewer: Awhile ago, you exhibited some violent driving?


Director: Just go in a circle around the middle. (referring to her driving in a circle in the field)

BoA: Oh, just over there (pointing to field)?

Interviewer: Yes, just that area.

BoA: *a mischievous smile* This is fun!


In the car

BoA: Is this it?

Photographer: Ah... You're good at driving.

BoA: Yes... I'm also good at driving!


BoA: Should I go now?

Someone in the background: A little slower!! It's dangerous!!


Interviewer: You seem to drive like you're extremely tough?

BoA: I'm a bit shocked right now too!

Interviewer: I thought the person behind you was gonna fall off!


Interviewer: Think about driving off right now instead of filming like this?

BoA: Yes.

Interviewer: Where do you want to go?

BoA: To the end of the world just like this!

Interviewer: Just ditch your schedule too?

BoA: Yes.

Interviewer: I see. Who will be on the passenger side?

BoA: Yeonhee.

Interviewer: Ah, Lee Yeonhee-ssi!

BoA: Yes!

Interviewer: Ok. But who would you take with you IF it's a guy?

BoA: I will kidnap Yunho!


Interviewer: Recently, a fellow member of your company, Eunhyuk-ssi, has said that, "Starting recently, I've finally started to talk informally with BoA-ssi!"

BoA: Pretty much since that guy debuted until this year, it's been awkward. More so because of those around us made it that way. They said a lot of things like, "You like her so go talk to her!"



BoA: Hello!

Eunhyuk: Oh... You scared me!


Note: I have to translate this caption b/c it's adorbs--> Anyone can see the obvious Eunhyuk's BoA-love <3

Eunhyuk: BoA-sunbae-nim is... I don't know, I've become courteous all of a sudden. She just suddenly scared me...


BoA: After the filming for that, I received a text from him. "Sunbae-nim..." he wrote some other stuff too. And then I was like, "Yes..." in the formal tone too, so he was like, "But when should we begin talking informally?" So I was like, "Then you can start now." And then he said, "While living, these kind of days come to me!" (Note:As in he can't believe he's in the position of being able to talk informally with BoA!) So ever since then, we've talked informally and since we got to do the couple dance together...*Only One duet*... we became friendly really fast.


Interviewer: The last interview we did, what became the big topic of conversation was the newest member of SM, Lee Jaeryong(veteran actor since 1991)! (Note: The term used was "maknae" which usually means the youngest in age, but in terms of member of SM, the actor was the maknae/newest of the company.)

BoA: Yes, but these days, Jang Donggun-ssi is the newest...!


BoA: So the guy would be driving the car, and the girl would be up here going all, "Ahh~~~" while her scarf is being blown from the wind!

Someone: Stop the drama!

BoA: No more dramas~ No more movies~


Interviewer: You're now at the age where relatives, family members would start asking you, "When are you getting married?"

BoA: Yes... It is so!

Interviewer: Have you actually gotten asked such questions?

BoA: I haven't just yet...

Interviewer: Not yet... But how would you feel if you maybe got asked about it this Thanksgiving(Korea's Thanksgiving is September 30, this year)?

BoA: Well... Do people get married by themselves? (Note: meaning there's no one right now lol)


BoA: It's Thanksgiving now, so I hope you are able to spend a good time with your family. Hope you all get to eat tasty food and have a happy Thanksgiving!

#2235430 [STREAMING] BoA - comeback show 4354

Posted by 8Ribbon on 27 July 2012 - 08:24 PM

GAHHHH BOA Y U SO ADORBS??!! :3 Loved that little ending! LOLOLOLOL! xD

#2234099 [Confirmed] BoA new album ONLY ONE released on 22 July

Posted by 8Ribbon on 18 July 2012 - 05:41 AM

I really could give two craps about sales and whatnot. I mean, sure, it'd be nice if they were good, but that's not why I'm a fan. Same can be said of my favorite athletes/teams. I don't cheer for them just because they win. I'm happy as their fan in the good times and the bad times. The fact that they're all still out there, doing their thing, ENJOYING what they're doing... It translates, and helps me to enjoy what they do as well.

So basically, from BoA's tweets and such, I'm seeing a lot of positive, excited energy. And you know what? As a fan, that's what I was asking for: for her to enjoy what she's doing. Without that joy and anticipation, why? No matter if it's received well by the public or whatnot, I am her fan. This isn't being a blind fan. This is being a FAN.

Ahem. Sorry. *steps off soap box.*

#2233918 [Confirmed] BoA new album ONLY ONE released on 22 July

Posted by 8Ribbon on 15 July 2012 - 04:25 PM

So exciting!!! "Only One" week away! ^_^

(LOL Sorry for the cheesiness of that!)

#2196139 BoA asks fans to not record during her concerts

Posted by 8Ribbon on 24 February 2011 - 05:48 PM

We all know Boas playful nature.I'm honestly surprised some of you people are flipping out the way you are.

THIS. Quoted for truth. This is purely me going by what I've thought of BoA through her interviews(in showing her personality, I mean), but I totally saw this comment she made as a "Oh crap! I'm not supposed to be encouraging fan cams!" She, herself, don't mind them at all, obviously, since she was awed by how she sounded in the fans' perspective via fancams. But she knows the rules. The staff always tells people "No recording." I feel like some here are blowing this way out of proportion.