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[Trans] BoA KBS 2 Entertainment Weekly Interview

30 September 2012 - 12:37 PM

This is the video DL thread: http://forums.boajja...howtopic=135696

I only translated the interactions b/w BoA and the interviewer, director, etc. Captions or narration wasn't translated. Sorry. :|

Please take out with credit. ^_^;


BoA: Hello! I'm BoA.


Interviewer: BoA-ssi, hello!

BoA: Whoa! Hello!

Interviewer: I'm gonna do DUI testing on you for a moment. Say "Hoh~~~"

BoA: Hoh~~~

Interviewer: Er... It's a bit wild. What's going on today?

BoA: I'm filming an automobile commercial.

Interviewer: It's looking really cool right now!

BoA: Really...? Yo! Get in!


Interviewer: Anyways, you've been active for the last 13 years, but what really gives me perspective is that I've been a reporter for Entertainment Weekly for ten years!

BoA: *gasp* Really...!?

Interviewer: Ten years ago, my first interviewee was BoA-ssi!

BoA: Oh really??

Interviewer: Yes, yes!



Interviewer: Hello!

BoA: Hello! These days, my single album, "Double" has been released and...


Back to present

Both of them talk at the same time here:

Interviewer: Only I got old! Only me!
BoA: Oh is that video going out now? (Referring to flashback video that EW showed us just now! Hehe)

Interviewer: Can I ask you about your constant beauty?

BoA: *shaking her head* Just living without any thoughts towards age.

Interviewer: Ah, so without discretion?

BoA: Yes. If anyone asks me about my age, I just say, "Well, what's my age?" (as in she jokingly asks like she doesn't know either.)

Interviewer: So how old are you?

BoA: Me, I'm 18!


BoA: I think it's really nice when I get to feel that autumn wind.

Interviewer: You're really sensitive to autumn?

BoA: A lot. Extremely!

Interviewer: Awhile ago, you exhibited some violent driving?


Director: Just go in a circle around the middle. (referring to her driving in a circle in the field)

BoA: Oh, just over there (pointing to field)?

Interviewer: Yes, just that area.

BoA: *a mischievous smile* This is fun!


In the car

BoA: Is this it?

Photographer: Ah... You're good at driving.

BoA: Yes... I'm also good at driving!


BoA: Should I go now?

Someone in the background: A little slower!! It's dangerous!!


Interviewer: You seem to drive like you're extremely tough?

BoA: I'm a bit shocked right now too!

Interviewer: I thought the person behind you was gonna fall off!


Interviewer: Think about driving off right now instead of filming like this?

BoA: Yes.

Interviewer: Where do you want to go?

BoA: To the end of the world just like this!

Interviewer: Just ditch your schedule too?

BoA: Yes.

Interviewer: I see. Who will be on the passenger side?

BoA: Yeonhee.

Interviewer: Ah, Lee Yeonhee-ssi!

BoA: Yes!

Interviewer: Ok. But who would you take with you IF it's a guy?

BoA: I will kidnap Yunho!


Interviewer: Recently, a fellow member of your company, Eunhyuk-ssi, has said that, "Starting recently, I've finally started to talk informally with BoA-ssi!"

BoA: Pretty much since that guy debuted until this year, it's been awkward. More so because of those around us made it that way. They said a lot of things like, "You like her so go talk to her!"



BoA: Hello!

Eunhyuk: Oh... You scared me!


Note: I have to translate this caption b/c it's adorbs--> Anyone can see the obvious Eunhyuk's BoA-love <3

Eunhyuk: BoA-sunbae-nim is... I don't know, I've become courteous all of a sudden. She just suddenly scared me...


BoA: After the filming for that, I received a text from him. "Sunbae-nim..." he wrote some other stuff too. And then I was like, "Yes..." in the formal tone too, so he was like, "But when should we begin talking informally?" So I was like, "Then you can start now." And then he said, "While living, these kind of days come to me!" (Note:As in he can't believe he's in the position of being able to talk informally with BoA!) So ever since then, we've talked informally and since we got to do the couple dance together...*Only One duet*... we became friendly really fast.


Interviewer: The last interview we did, what became the big topic of conversation was the newest member of SM, Lee Jaeryong(veteran actor since 1991)! (Note: The term used was "maknae" which usually means the youngest in age, but in terms of member of SM, the actor was the maknae/newest of the company.)

BoA: Yes, but these days, Jang Donggun-ssi is the newest...!


BoA: So the guy would be driving the car, and the girl would be up here going all, "Ahh~~~" while her scarf is being blown from the wind!

Someone: Stop the drama!

BoA: No more dramas~ No more movies~


Interviewer: You're now at the age where relatives, family members would start asking you, "When are you getting married?"

BoA: Yes... It is so!

Interviewer: Have you actually gotten asked such questions?

BoA: I haven't just yet...

Interviewer: Not yet... But how would you feel if you maybe got asked about it this Thanksgiving(Korea's Thanksgiving is September 30, this year)?

BoA: Well... Do people get married by themselves? (Note: meaning there's no one right now lol)


BoA: It's Thanksgiving now, so I hope you are able to spend a good time with your family. Hope you all get to eat tasty food and have a happy Thanksgiving!

Lee So Ra covers BoA's No. 1!!!

08 May 2011 - 08:04 AM

^ YT link.

Lee So Ra, a very famous Korean singer, has covered BoA's No.1 on MBC's realtiy TV show, "Survival: I Am a Singer."

On this episode, the singers were told to choose a song they wanted to cover. Lee So Ra has wanted to cover BoA's song. If you know Lee So Ra, then you would NEVER have guessed that she would cover a BOA song of all songs! She said when she first heard this song, she thought the genre she decided to sing it in would fit as well.

Personally, I loved it!! It was a completely new angle to the song that I never thought I'd see/hear. What are your thoughts??