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In Topic: Official BoA Twitter Thread

10 March 2012 - 10:41 PM

i'm starting not to care about she looks old in photos but if she's beautiful or not already, because she can look young two days ago and looks old two days after, and then young again. however, if there's a time she looks young, i'll be very happy and start laughing...keke

Dude seriously, this was like the best post made on this page so far lol. Especially the bolded part.

In Topic: Official BoA Twitter Thread

09 March 2012 - 07:14 PM

^ omg I hope not.... she looks old enough to be his wife.

Actually I disagree highly. After getting passed her crazy hair here lol she doesn't look old enough to be his wife. You exaggerate so much in your posts about looks it's honestly starting to make me laugh.

I wouldn't say she looks 15 either. You guys are definitely hitting the ropes on this, I will straight up say she looks her age or a few years above. Eitherway, whatever.

In Topic: Official BoA's looks/appearance Thread

01 March 2012 - 04:06 PM

I do agree with you, I also think it's the make-up. I've been following her for a long time, since she had debut, and compared to her young picture, I see she's still have the same face, just thinner or chubbier- like I said.

I can't stop people from what they want to discuss, and maybe we find it's pointless, but the others find it worth debate, you know. You don't have to follow the thread if you find the topic is tasteless to you.

It's against the forum's rules to spread false rumors about the plastic surgery, but so far this discussion is still in the limit on discuss. I keep a very tight eye on this topic to make sure it's not going out of control.

^ From what I've seen from previous topics, anything that discusses plastic surgery actually gets locked even if so worded kindly or out of pure curiosity. Pointless or not, the disussion of Plastic Surgery in this thread is obviously of Negative connotation which in the end is an obvious frown upon BoA, no question.

This topic much like the one about her decline in ranks is redundant. Not only that, but this topic in specific is much harder to debate since we have no solid figures to make a proper dispute. For me, we've already went over these things before and once is enough . . . but the direction it's going in just does not sit with me at all. I say this not just because I'm upset, but because I have realized now how some of the topics we create show an obvious and unwelcoming instability in the community. If I were new to this forum, now, i'd be doubting BoA quickly because that's how some minds work.

Fans represent their idol, and as fickle as it is, have you ever stumbled upon things like "I don't want to like Super Junior because of Elfs, or SNSD because of sones" It works the same way with every other artist. Not saying that we should be goodie too shoes in lala land but rather tone down are criticsms because they've been overbearing lately and do in fact push other members away. It's tact in respect in regards to others. As I've said before, you can disagree without being an insensitive jerk, it's all a matter of diction.


Maybe mods should create a serious discussion section in regards to BoA like the one they have in the Lounge (not for the faint hearted or as other people say easily butthurt).

In Topic: Official BoA Twitter Thread

25 February 2012 - 12:02 PM

Thanks for keeping up with the Tweets, *Mij*, we tend to forget to update sometimes. I liked the last one, spending quality time with her brother/family? That's nice :)

In Topic: Official BoA's looks/appearance Thread

23 February 2012 - 07:32 AM

I have monitored her facial shape from 10's pictures (I would definitely say she had no time especially since she had two deal with both Identity and Hurricane Venus), but when you lose even the slightest amount of weight from your face it shows. Though on the latest bits of Kpopstar, 10 and up, I think she's been recovering her fullness and glow in the face.