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#2185124 BoA 2011

Posted by WeLuvUBoA-kiddo on 15 January 2011 - 09:40 PM

I will agree about the sad promotions they used in America. Seriously, what the heck was that?! I instantly loved the catchy beat of "Eat You Up" however it took me 2 years after just to hear about it through a friend. I swear, I had no knowledge of her every being in the U.S. let alone near the area I live in. I heard no music of hers on the radio because they didn't even ensure the proper delivery of the matter and there were many things done sloppily.

I wonder what are the chances of her performing at the Korean Music Festival Hollywood Bowl. It's May 1st, dunno if she'd be in the US or Japan at that time. Also i dont know if there is a limited amount of times they can perform there.

BTW, for that one member who loosely used the term " b - t c h" when referrring to BoA, have some respect, geez. I swear people these days are getting worse with their vocabulary and manners. Even if it was just for a simple term or joke, it's rude to even have the word linked to her. What's that about her and being unprofessional?! Please,it's her first time in the US market and she handled herself better than half of the dead beat american artist that are supposedly big. Such a critic --- :/ BoA was just being herself, as for her staff, well geez i don't even know what they were on. To me, they were the unprofessional ones.