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Official BoA's looks/appearance Thread

08 January 2012 - 12:52 AM

Mods if this is unacceptable feel free to close it or modify if needed.
Please do not give me that TL:DR stuff. If you aren't going to take the time to read the discussion, then don't even bother to post. It takes time to explain things clearly and somtimes short post are enought to cover it all.

Info about thread and it's making (rules and what not): ADVISED THAT YOU READ IT

I will start first. Yes, BoA looks different and more mature but it's nothing we haven't seen before. Going through old photos and ads that I saw even before I was a fan, BoA has always had a more mature look than her actual age. So it's not a shocker that she would look a few years older than what she seems.This year, most visibly after her return to Japan around August is when her she rapidly became different. (In HV it was a subtle change, compared to this recent time frame)

The main points I seem to feel contribute to her change:
- I don't know if it's her diet or stress, but her face has become much more sharper, from the jawline to cheeks and chin.
- Noticeably, her skin color started to become much more pale ever since Hurricane Venus promotions, it's more neutral toned and has less warmth (white pale vs a nice tanned or glowing skin)
- The hair some what makes a significant change, but does not explain her overall appearance in comparison to during her days of Identity (she looked a little skinny then but she still had color and a much more fuller face)
- With lighter eyebrows, it takes away from emphasizing her eyes properly :/ i don't mind light, but the thicker eyebrows are much more complimentary and pretty.

-- She looks kind of . . . dare I say it, ill. She's still beautiful and gorgeous, but her complexion is not looking so healthy. I hope she's okay.
I might get daggers my way, but go forth and conversate fellow people --- i didn't plan to make this thread till tomorrow, but I pressed the enter button by accident *smacks head*

BoA - Dinner Outing with Labelmates

04 January 2012 - 11:14 AM

Awesome points: Brian Joo, Heechul, and Changmin are there

Oh and the hug from Lee Soo Man was cute.

Siwon407: 드디어 선생님을 뺏어옴. SM번개팅! pic.twitter.com/ytc74BUu

With my old label Pres. & mates... Mr. Soo Man Lee, @BoA_1105, @siwon407, Changmin (Max), @guitarjm,

Posted Image

Posted Image

CR: Siwon's Twitter and Brian Joo's Facebook

SBS Kpopstar Screen Caps - BoA shots

06 December 2011 - 07:20 PM

If this topic is a fail, lol, just delete it XD

Since I've shared these everywhere else, might as well share them here lol. Throughout the first episode, I was actually quite happy for the most part that BoA looked more casual and pretty. There was probably one outfit that looked so-so (I didn't take screenshots of that outfit, even my relative agreed that the style made her looked older than she seemed in the other clothes) but she looked very charming through out the whole thing, so I'mma just share a few screen caps, even if you have already seen the show . . . or not. Just revel in the prettiness *shrugs*

Sorry if this is stretched out lol, if you want me to put it under a spoiler to short length I can. It's just I don't see a thumbnail link for my uploader.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

BoA looking at eyecandy . . . For real lol

Posted Image[/center]

Japan TV Guide Kpop Groups Ranking Special - BoA in listing

10 November 2011 - 07:00 PM

The only one I really I find a little questionable is the one where BoA was ranked number five for one of the idols speaking well in Japanese. She should arguably be on the top for that one or near top, because if there is one thing that people know BoA for, is her remarkable fluency in Japanese, but i guess the New GEN. don't really notice that. I mean even some fans from Japan thought she was originally Japanese Born. Anyway, yay, I was happy to know that she actually appeared in the ranking, within Idol groups. :D PS I would love a BoA-shinki Collab

Oh and DANCING!! Where is she on dancing?? *oh dear*

Japan TV Guide Kpop groups ranking special

Posted Image

Credit: OhDara

TV GUIDE surveyed 1000 readers and completely dissected the rankings of the currently super popular K-POP groups.

The artists you like are?
5. 2NE1
6. Supernova
7. BoA
8. T-ARA
9. Jang Geun Suk
10. SHINee

The person you think has singing power?
1. SOL (Taeyang) [BIGBANG]
2. D-LITE (Daesung) [BIGBANG]
3. BoA
5. Changmin [DBSK]

The person you think is good at dancing?
1. Yunho [DBSK]
2. SOL (Taeyang) [BIGBANG]
4. MINZY [2NE1]
5. Junho [2PM]

The person you think is good at Japanese?
1. Yunhak [Supernova]
2. V.I (Seungri) [BIGBANG]
3. Changmin [DBSK]
4. CL [2NE1]
5. BoA

The person you think is cool?
1. Changmin [DBSK]
4. Jang Geun Suk
5. Yunho [DBSK]

The person you think is cute?
1. DARA [2NE1]
2. Seungyeon [KARA]
3. CL [2NE1]
4. Jiyoung [KARA]
5. Hara [KARA]

The person you want as a wife?
1. BOM [2NE1] :P Get in line
2. DARA [2NE1]
3. Seungyeon [KARA]
4. CL [2NE1]
5. Nicole [KARA]

The person you want as an older sister?
1. CL [2NE1]
2. BOM [2NE1]
3. Gyuri [KARA]
4. Jessica [SNSD]

The person you want as a younger sister?
1. MINZY [2NE1]
2. Jiyoung [KARA]
3. DARA [2NE1]
4. Seungyeon [KARA]
5. Yoona [SNSD]

The person you want as your daughter?
1. DARA [2NE1]
2. Jiyoung [KARA]
3. Yoona [SNSD]
4. Seungyeon [KARA]
5. Soohyun [SNSD]

The person you want as your girlfriend?
1. Jiyoung [KARA]
2. Nicole [KARA]
3. Hara [KARA]
4. DARA [2NE1]
5. Jessica [SNSD]

The person you want to be spoiled by? (girls)
1. DARA [2NE1]
2. BOM [2NE1]
3. Seungyeon [KARA]
4. MINZY [2NE1]
5. Sohyun [4minute]

The person you want to spoil? (girls)
1. Taeyeon [SNSD]
2. BOM [2NE1]
3. CL [2NE1]
5. Gyuri [KARA]

The person you want to go shopping with? (girls)
1. CL [2NE1]
2. DARA [2NE1]
3. Hara [KARA]
4. Jessica [SNSD]
5. Sulli [f(x)]

The person that you want to teach you hangul? (girls)
1. Hara [KARA]
2. CL [2NE1]
3. DARA [2NE1]
4. MINZY [2NE1]
5. Gyuri [KARA]

The person you want to go karaoke with? (girls)
1. Seungyeon [KARA]
2. CL [2NE1]
3. DARA [2NE1]
4. MINZY [2NE1]
5. BOM [2NE1]

The person you want to introduce you to Korea? (girls)
1. BOM [2NE1]
2. DARA [2NE1]
3. CL [2NE1]
4. Seungyeon [KARA]
5. Yoona [SNSD]

The dream unit you want to see is?
1. SNSD and KARA
2. DBSK and BoA
3. BIGBANG and 2NE1
4. BEAST and SHINee
5. BIGBANG and 2PM

The group you think will breakthrough (become popular) soon is?
1. 2NE1
2. T-ARA
3. The Boss/DGNA

Scans by: [email protected] (Thanks a lot Nao!)
Translated by: [email protected]

Jin's English Debut Song - Test Drive (what do you all think about

09 November 2011 - 04:10 AM

Lol, sorry for the odd cut off title. Moving on XD

So here is Jin Akanishi's song Test Drive featuring Jason Derulo for his American Debut. I was wondering if some of you would care to offer your opinions about this and whether Jin is viable to be a success in the market. I know how we always tend to monitor for which person is going to hit a successful Debut in America, so I decided to keep up with Jin every now and then, keeping track of his movements on the side.

Go ahead and dissect the pros and cons of the song.