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#2256272 BoA for Kingdom Hearts 3?

Posted by Moon&Sunrise on 27 June 2013 - 10:53 AM

As an owner of every single KH game to date I would much rather them recycle Passion or Simple and clean again than use someone else. I personally can't imagine a Kingdon hearts without hikki

#2252534 PSY's new song is HOT!

Posted by Moon&Sunrise on 29 April 2013 - 04:36 PM

There's a reason PSY has made it worldwide, while groups like SNSD haven't--PSY is actually an artist, and has been from the beginning. It's especially impressive that he made it without succumbing to the pressure to get plastic surgery, or allow record execs to determine the course of his career. (He only signed with YG after he had long since become an established artist.)

OK I am Going to be the bad guy for a second.

For one, the reason that gnagnam style was so popular was becasue it was catchy. hook and dance. Have you even bothered to watch any shows in america featuring PSY? It's all about the dance.He even had to ask to introduce himself numerous times for christs sake. Ask around and see how many people know what the song is actually about.Seriously.
The only reason this is even popular is because is becasue he is still riding the wave of fame that is Gnagnam style .You cannot seriously listen to these lyrics and tell me this is a good song. Catchy.Yea , popular in clubs as dance music, sure. This is by no means a "Quality song" Being a good song goes far beyond just having a catchy beat and dance. Catchy doesn't equal good.

Also there is a reason that hardly anyone had heard of PSY prior to gnagnam style. Just saying. I will awknoledge him as an artist in the respect that he is literally an artist in the music industry, and it's great that he has stayed true to his goofyness which is why i even like him to begin with. I do not how ever. agree that he is an artist in the sense that his music is good. I'm aware that blah blah blah most views on youtube, but at the end of the day once this silly hype wears down people are going to grow tired of him and toss him aside. There is a reason other groups have been topping the charts for years with nearly every release and at the end of the day they will continue to top the charts

You know why that is? Becasue they consistently put out quality music. This PSY hype is jsut that. It's hype. You know why SNSD or BoA hasn't made it in america? It's becasue (and i say this as an american) Americans are, for the most part, selfish pigs. It honestly makes me sick sometimes. America or rather the united states (North america belongs to the indians) is founded by foreigners for christs sake.America is literally a giant melting pot of cultures and ideas and yet, ironically, we are so stuck in our own ways. SNSD and BoA werent popular because americans don't care about the popular "Asian" group. A a matter of fact being asian is a big of a turn off as anything for americans. It's liike some sort or silly stigma attached to the race or something. Name one hit Asian( born in america) in the american industry. God knows charice was as close as it gets and if she couldn't make if nobody will. Psy is popular in america becasue he is a goofball America does not care about talent.If akon and snoopdog couldn't make wondergirls or BoA popular do you honestly think that the old dried up rock group is going to make psy popular? Please.

Oh and here is food for thought. Why is it it that music in languages all over the word mix in english (and to a lesser extend) other languages. Yet America, this so-called melting pot of cultures, the country that is SUPPOSED TO REPRESENT DIVERSITY uses nothing but their own deformed non sensical language (which is a butchered version of british english anyway).

Ill be blunt, as if i havent been already. If you think suddenly some funny korean guy is going to pave the way for foreigners to break into ameica or even make it big himself, youre wrong. He is funny and his music is catchy but that is all he has going for him. He isnt attractive (lol GL making it in america if youre an ugly asian guy) His lyrics are trash and while his dancing is funny his dancing ability itself is certainly nothing special. and THAT is the truth.

The song isn't even as catchy as gnagnam style and the dance is recycled. the funny thing is This video has been out a fraction of the time and already has nearly half the dislikes of Gnagnam style. And you know what people are saying about him the few times ive heard about him on the radio"THE GUY THAT DID GNAGNAM STYLE, PSY....." ​If you watch reaction wideos people are dissapointed "this dance isn't as fun", "I like gnagnam style better" "oh this is the guy that did gnagnam style... What's his name?"

I'll leave this here lol

Also please note that these kids 13-17 who do nothing but talk about how this isnt as good as gnagnam style and how is career is all downhill from here IS THE EXACT DEMOGRAPHIC THAT GNAGNAM STYLE WAS MOST POPULAR WITH LOL . It is even said in the video "people will watch it because it's psy, but it won't be nearly as popular"

Honestly this thread is a giant slap in the face to any competent, accomplished, hard- working person in the industry that tries to put out good, meaningful music especially BoA to call PSY the be-all-end-all of the music industry and the defenition of a legitimate artist is absurd.

#2228229 Feds Take Down [email protected]

Posted by Moon&Sunrise on 19 January 2012 - 05:43 PM

I don't know why anyone isn't responding this. These bills are real serious business. Places like ebay and amazon can be shut down. Facebook. twitter, and it could possible be the end of 99% of forums as signatures and avatars contain pictures of celebrities that we are not "authorized" to use. You guys should email the men of crongress and let them know how much bull these bills are

#2212103 the best that can put you to sleep

Posted by Moon&Sunrise on 03 June 2011 - 03:27 PM

No BoA song can help me to sleep because i want to fight to stay awake and hear her beautiful voice >:[

#2211326 Boa 's Husband ?

Posted by Moon&Sunrise on 30 May 2011 - 04:01 AM

She kissed someone. Such a unfaithful girl should be the last wife.

A sweet guy cannot hurt a women heart. He can't reject others offer.

Wow this is getting out of hand.I don't know if i'm just misunderstanding you or not but, if all you're here to do is call BoA unfaithful or hint that she's some kind of slut, you can just leave. B)

#2209430 What's difference between "Posts" and "Active Posts

Posted by Moon&Sunrise on 18 May 2011 - 03:43 PM

Not to mention the fact that all adding the active post count under the avatar proves is your ability to spam the spam section instead of how dedicated to the forum you have been, which isnt really any ability worth boasting about DX

#2208163 best & worst!

Posted by Moon&Sunrise on 09 May 2011 - 06:58 PM

You forgot Love & Honesty. :angry:

For me, I honestly don't dislike any of her albums, but the one(s) with the least songs i liked was Made in Twenty(20)

For the best, it's a tie between Valenti/Love and honesty/Listen to my heart

#2206755 The Royal Wedding

Posted by Moon&Sunrise on 29 April 2011 - 11:37 AM

she is too pretty for him
I say she dumps that looser and gets with a stud like me B)

Anyways, yea I tried to watch it, but it seemed like the harder I tried to concentrate on the wedding, The more distracting my drawing of Taeyeon became DX

#2206586 Let's Vote for BoA @ MTVK's 10 Sexiest Female Idols In K-Pop

Posted by Moon&Sunrise on 27 April 2011 - 12:22 PM

Voted for Ga-in @[email protected]

BoA Doesn't fit into this category anyways.BoA is beautiful.

Sexy and beautiful are 2 COMPLETELY different things B)

#2205640 BoA and friends?

Posted by Moon&Sunrise on 18 April 2011 - 06:00 PM

^ My words exactly.

Also. As unavoidable as it may be, i'd much rather her not collab with more of the well known rappers out there or any for that matter, unless some sort of a meaningful song is produced. People don't seem to realize that america is 90% rap and 10% everything else..and not the good kind either.. Please someone like ne-yo or eminem. There's only so much drugs,sex,and money I can take and I would hate to see BoA conform to this trash that people call the music industry, Even though I know a large part of what determines her success here is her fitting in..bah

#2196277 BoA asks fans to not record during her concerts

Posted by Moon&Sunrise on 25 February 2011 - 12:34 PM

I have to agree with a_chan on this. After posting the famcams she really couldn't be seen as in favor of them, so there was really no other options. It's common knowledge that fancams aren't legal so why does it matter who says it????

And of course people are going to get bent out of shape.If I made a habit out of making fancams of one of my favorite artists. I'd be irritated when I was told they were wrong. By the artist themself, the company, or anyone otherwise. People need to just suck it up and go on. Who cares if they get mad.That's life.

I'm not saying Boa is perfection and incapable of making mistakes, but some people explode and make things a bigger deal than they need to be.To say that she just bluntly came out and demanded that people not record her anymore is beyond ridiculous.

Nobody really has any right to attack or critisize her for the comment. Especially if you take into account the way she said it.I honestly see it as her just looking out for her fans and not wanting them to get caught.but that's just me. I can see that some people here probably just want boa out of any kind of trouble from fans and I side with you. This is just for the people that are getting their underwear in bunches and being offended by it.

#2196123 BoA asks fans to not record during her concerts

Posted by Moon&Sunrise on 24 February 2011 - 03:49 PM

BoA really needs to look at her own hypocrisy here. She watches the videos, but asks the fans not to share them for other fans? If you don't want other people to do something, don't do it yourself. It's not like these people are recording videos to bootleg and sell them for a profit.

If you don't want people recording, then release all the material on CD or DVD--it's that simple.

It's also very, VERY bad form for an artist to say such a thing. I've done business with music artists before, so I know first-hand that it's always left up to people at the venue, promoters, or whatever, to say things like this. The artist is NEVER supposed to comment. This isn't cute, it's rude and unnecessary.

BoA needs to be quiet about things that are other people's jobs, and stay focused on doing her own job. Especially in BoA's case, when she can barely give her CD's away in Japan anymore. She ought to be more concerned with finding better songs to record, than worry about what her fans are recording.

She should also be thankful that there are still people bothering to show up to her Japanese concerts to record fancams.

I still like BoA, of course--you can like someone and still point out when they're messing up. I'm just saying that somebody needs to set her straight.

Uhm. It isn't like she went out of her way to "be a hypocrite" She shared them, then caught herself.

I don't really see how her comment was rude or unnecessary either.

It's not like she was Forceful when she said it like RECORDING FANCAMS IS BAD STOP >:oOOOOOO...
I'm definitely sure it was more of a ..Oh wait.. recording fancams is bad XD.

We all know Boas playful nature.I'm honestly surprised some of you people are flipping out the way you are.

#2188988 Which female artist/group does the best dance performances?

Posted by Moon&Sunrise on 29 January 2011 - 08:16 PM

すみなせん ございます Diddnt mean to rage >.> Seeing KARA so high on the list instantly offended me lol specialy so high above boa

#2188507 Do you approve if BoA would have a kissing scene on her U.S film?

Posted by Moon&Sunrise on 28 January 2011 - 03:54 AM

I wouldn't mind a kissing scene :P It will definatley be a ..AAWWEEEEEEEEEEWEEEEEEEEEE moment though LOL

#2188399 BoA to begin filming for Hollywood movie "COBU 3D" this Spring

Posted by Moon&Sunrise on 27 January 2011 - 07:39 PM

OMan just noticed it says they fall in love..