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The "Hate Korean Wave"

05 July 2007 - 07:41 AM

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Has anyone actually read this? I don't really trust Wikipedia, plus this article is ridiculous enough. It made me mad to see someone so negative about Hallyu.

I personally think that Sharin Yamano went too far and the "Hate Japan Wave" in reaction was totally unnecessary.

What are your views?

Yume no Uta covers revealed!

09 September 2006 - 09:41 AM

they are up on CDjapan :o

Limited Edition
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Regular Edition
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Revealing Koda Kumi Interview

09 September 2006 - 09:32 AM

The interview dates back in May 2006, but it's a watch for any Kuu fans.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5

Here`s some translation from AHS (Ayumi Hamasaki Sekai)

Kumi Koda interview (split from official kumi koda thread)

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I'm not sure if someone talked about it here, but a japanese TV show did a special on Koda Kumi. It was a segment in the show, but it had lots in common with Ayu's NTV SP. It's about her frustrations in showbizz and such.

uwasa.blogger.com.br, a brazilian blog about Jpop, did a coverage (the post isn't there anymore, I searched in the archives) and some ot the things she said:

- AVEX didn't let her appear on TV at the start of her carreer. Max Matsuura said: "We were looking for a singer and she was the best one.. but she was VERY ugly and VERY fat". Max Matsuura is so mean... and he probably don't have a mirror at home, I mean, he looks like an old monkey... but anyway, she was too ugly and fat to appear on TV and, according to her, she was eating too much because she was very frustrated that any of her singles went TOP 10.

- AVEX said to her "Or you lose weigh or you will be fired". So she didn't had an opition. Her boyfriend helped her and she went on a diet (she couldn't eat anything after 6 PM and she eat mostly fish and drink water and she still does that)

- About AVEX employees she said: "I was always at the building saying Hi to everybody and smiling but everybody just ignored me. It was very hard..."

- Her mother said it was very tought to see her sister, misono, debuting, going on lots of TV shows and winning lots of awards, all of this very quickly while Kuu didn't had a hit single and she was on the musical industry for a long time. It was very hard for the whole family.

- After a Day After Tomorrow concert, Kumi saw how her sister had lots of controls in her wardrobe, set list, etc. She always believed AVEX knew what to do with her, but after seeing her sister, she decided to opinate more on her carreer.

- She only had her contract renewed because of the "FINAL FANTASY" single, which was a hit. But after that, her sales quickly dropped. She was just another singer, with anything special. So her staff (mostly a female agent who always goes to work in very short-shorts) had the idea of the "ero-kakoii" style.

- She was the first very-sexy local artist and her first single with her new image, LOVE & HONEY, was a big hit. From then on, she kept the image and her sales only went up.

- About the ero-kakoii image she said: "I don't like it, lots of people have a very negative view of me. But when I talked to AVEX president about that, he said I couldn't change my image. Maybe in the near future, when I can do what I want, I'll stop with this ultra-sexy style, but 'till this day comes, I'll keep being ero-kakoii"

The third part of the special was "A Month in the Life of Koda Kumi". It starts at the AVEX office. The office isn't glamorous at all, it's just a packed and small room where managers, agents and staff of BoA, Namie Amuro, Ayu, etc works.

They interview the agent who created the "ero-kakoii" image and she takes the reporter to the meeting room. The meeting room is more what we expect, more organized. There is Koda Kumi, they show her taping radio spots, a PV and doing CMs.

At the end, Koda Kumi confirms she had plastic surgery to make her eyes bigger.

Credit: Honey Flash Forums

I feel especially sympathetic to Koda, i would feel that way too. She's had it so hard.

Introducing.. The Koda Kumi MasterCard?

01 September 2006 - 08:52 PM

Orico has released a new "Koda Kumi" MasterCard/OricoCard! For more info, check here

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There is also a special 'crystal'-version card, which you can see on the page (via the link).

credit: Honey Flash!

[Req] Koda Kumi - Ningyo Hime translation?

30 August 2006 - 05:24 AM

Can someone please post the translations to Koda Kumi's Ningyo Hime? It would be greatly appreciated.