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Picture from the same screenshot.

22 June 2011 - 12:33 AM


I have see this pic:

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I know, that i have seen it on BoAjjang forum. But i forget it.
I rember, that there is other pic like this.

Thank you very much.

Is she really BoA

20 June 2011 - 08:25 AM


Someone posted this picture.


And, i think that it's not BoA.

Is she really BoA?


Jenson Button wins stunning Canadian Grand Prix

15 June 2011 - 06:32 AM

Jenson Button took a stunning victory in a dramatic, rain-affected Canadian Grand Prix by passing Sebastian Vettel on the last lap of an absorbing race.

Vettel's Red Bull ran wide under pressure to gift the win to Button, who recovered after a collision with McLaren team-mate Lewis Hamilton.

Red Bull's Mark Webber was third to deprive Mercedes driver Michael Schumacher of a podium place.

Vettel now leads the championship by 60 points from Button.

An incident-packed race saw the safety car used five times and included a two-hour stoppage for heavy rain. Button himself made five pit stops on his way to victory as well as an enforced visit to the pits for a drive-through penalty for speeding under the safety car.

Button described the win as possibly the best of his career.

"I really don't know what to say, it's been a very emotional race," he said. "The incident with Lewis - I couldn't see anything and I've apologised to him.

"It was really a fight from then on but I kept on pushing and I managed to get past Seb at the end. Another great win for me and possibly my best."

McLaren team principal Martin Whitmarsh said: "What a race. He is driving fantastically and we know he deserves it and hope everyone else does, too.

"He just attacked and attacked and delivered a fantastic race. We knew he had to put pressure on Sebastian - and Sebastian made a mistake. From Jenson, that's the stuff of champions, that's the stuff of dreams."

Vettel conceded ruefully: "If you have it in your hands and give it away it is not the sweetest feeling."

BBC F1 commentator Martin Brundle said: "At one point, we were wondering if Button would catch the Hispanias before the race restarted under the safety car and now he's won the race!

"That is one of the races of his life and the best grand prix of a spectacular career."

Co-commentator David Coulthard added: "What a fantastic drive from Jenson Button. It looked like it was all lost and he's well aware you count the winners at the chequered flag."

While Button celebrated, Hamilton left the track after an ignominious race that saw him drop from second to fourth in the championship.

Persistent rain through the morning left the track drenched and the race was started under the safety car.

The drama in one of the most sensational races for years began almost as soon as the drivers were released on lap five, and Hamilton was at the centre of it.

First he collided with Webber, who gave him room at the first corner only for the McLaren to slip off the kerb and into the Australian.

Webber spun and Hamilton had to go around the outside of the Red Bull, rejoining behind Button.

Determined to make up ground, Hamilton pressed his team-mate hard. Button made a mistake at the final chicane at the end of lap eight and Hamilton saw his chance.

He dodged out from behind Button to his team-mate's left but Button continued on the racing line, edging towards the pit wall, apparently looking in his mirror.

Hamilton kept coming and became pincered between Button and the pit wall. The two cars collided, spraying debris over the track.

"What is he doing?" screamed Button on his radio. After the race, he said he had not seen Hamilton but that they had spoken in the two-hour stoppage and agreed it was "just one of those things".

Hamilton said: "While I fell back behind Jenson, he made a mistake into the last corner, so I got the run on him.

"I was on the outside, it felt like I was halfway up alongside him - although I haven't seen the video - and whether he saw me or not he kept moving across, and I was in the wall. It was only the tyre that was busted. I put the 'diff lock' on and the team told me to retire."

Hamilton initially believed the car was undamaged but it turned out the driveshaft had been damaged and the team had been correct to tell him to stop.

The decision to start the race under the safety car was made as the drivers had virtually no experience of the Pirelli wet tyres.

When they were released on lap six, Vettel fended off a brief challenge from Alonso and then streaked away into the distance.

Button was the first leading driver to change to intermediate tyres, after he came into the pits following his collision with Hamilton on lap eight, which brought out the safety car while the debris from the McLarens was cleared from the track.

The race was restarted on lap 13, and the Englishman was soon lapping quicker than anyone else, prompting other drivers to follow his lead in changing tyres.

About half the field came in, including Alonso on lap 17. But within two laps the rain returned, heavier than ever. The safety car came out again on lap 20 before the race was suspended on lap 25.

After a stoppage of two hours and five minutes, they resumed, again under the safety car, before being set loose on lap 34.

Almost immediately the drivers started to stream into the pits for intermediate tyres, so much had the track dried while they were following the safety car.

But four laps after the re-start, the safety car was deployed yet again when Button and Ferrari's Fernando Alonso collided on lap 37, leading to the Spaniard's retirement.
Button was last when the race was restarted on lap 40 but he fought his way through the field thanks to choosing the right time to change to intermediate tyres and then dry-weather slick tyres.

By the time a collision between Nick Heidfeld's Renault and Kamui Kobayashi's Sauber brought out the safety car again with 12 laps to go, Button had climbed to fourth place behind Vettel, Schumacher and Webber.

The race restarted two laps later and Vettel immediately built a lead while the three men behind him battled for position.

Webber, who had brought himself back into contention by becoming the first leading driver to stop for slick tyres, slipped back to fourth when he misjudged the final chicane on lap 64.

Button passed Schumacher on the next lap and set about closing the three-second lead to Vettel with five laps remaining.

They entered the last lap less than a second apart and Vettel made his first serious mistake in a race this season, putting a wheel off line on to the wet part of the track at Turn Six and half-spinning, handing the lead to Button.

Vettel said: "Of course I'm disappointed. It was a very difficult race from start to finish. We led every single lap apart from the last one."

Was Jenson Button’s Victory in Canada His Best ever drive?

15 June 2011 - 06:11 AM

Jenson Button had 5 pit-stops, 1 drive through penalty, 2 collisions with Lewis Hamilton & Fernando Alonso, dropped as low as 21st in the 2011 Canadian Grand Prix & still won the race? His best ever drive? Here is my view;

Jenson has won 10 Grand Prix’, 1 for BAR-Honda (2006), 6 for Brawn GP-Merecedes (2009) & 3 for McLaren-Mercedes (2 in 2010 & 1 2011 so far). Two have been in wet conditions; 2009 Malaysian Grand Prix & 2010 Chinese Grand Prix. Three have been in damp conditions; 2006 Hungarian Grand Prix, 2010 Australian Grand Prix & 2011 Canadian Grand Prix & Five in dry conditions; 2009 Australian Grand Prix, 2009 Bahrain Grand Prix, 2009 Spanish Grand Prix, 2009 Monaco Grand Prix & 2009 Turkish Grand Prix. I will go through each race & tell you what I think of each drive. Here is the ordered list of his wins.

– 2006 Hungarian Grand Prix, Qualifyed 4th (dropped too 14th for engine change) – Drove for BAR-Honda. This was Jenson first win in Formula One. In his sixth year in Formula One, he finally got his first win. He passed Massa & De La Rosa in doing so, but however the other 4 drivers in the race all got out of his way thanks all of them retiering, Raikkonen hitting back marker Luizzi, Schumacher haveing the wrong tyers on and running off track, Fisichella crashing off & Alonso’s tyre nut falling off, forceing him out. Some say he didn’t deserve this & should have won a different race, e.g 2004 Monaco GP.

2 – 2009 Australian Grand Prix, Qualifyed 1st, drove for Brawn GP. This was the start of his 2009 world championship bid in which he won. The race was faultless, He had the best car, he lead every lap pf the race, managed beautifully with 2 saftey cars forceing the pack on him & Lead home a 1-2. A nice Dry Pole-to-Flag win.

3 – 2009 Malaysian Grand Prix, Qualifyed 1st, drove for Brawn GP. Jenson had a bad start, fell down to 4th at the start haveing lost places to Nico Rosberg, Jarno Trulli & Fernando Alonso. He Alonso & Trulli & then did Rosberg in the stops. The rain fell hard & took a pit-stop from the lead onto full-wets. As soon as he did this, the Red Flag came out, The race was called due to Malaysia going dark, half points awarded, but Jenson still won.

4 -2009 Bahrain Grand Prix, Qualifyed 4th, dorve for Brawn GP. Jenson got passed by Lewis Hamilton at the start thanks too his KERS, but too the place back 2 laps later. He then passed Vettel in the first set of pit-stops thanks to his pace. The Toyota’s ahead of him lost lots of ground on the hard tyres. As a result, Jenson juped the pair of them to lead & win the race.

5 - 2009 Spanish Grand Prix, Qualifyed 1st, drove for Brawn GP. He lost the lead to team-mate Rubens Barrichello at the start, but passed him in the pit-stops & won the race. He lead the team’s 2nd 1-2 finish.

6 – 2009 Monaco Grand Prix, Qualifyed 1st, drove for Brawn GP. Faultless. A Great drive by Jenson Button, apart from back-markers, he didn’t need to pass anyone. He drove a great race, His team-mate or no-one else could challenge him. The only mistake he made is that he parked the car in the wrong place after he won & lead home another 1-2.

7 – 2009 Turkish Grand Prix, Qualifyed 2nd, drove for Brawn GP. Sebastian Vettel who was on Pole, made an error on the first lap and gave the victory too Jenson. Jenson put in the fastest lap to make sure he got the race win.

8 – 2010 Australian Grand Prix, Qualifyed 4th, drove for McLaren. They started on Inters, & him and Fernando Alonso made ontact at the start. He fell too 7th but Jenson with his tyre expert driving style was the first man to pit for slicks. It paid off. He was up to 4th, then Passed Robert Kubica for 3rd, then Jumped Mark Webber for 2nd. He was behind Sebastian Vettel, until he had a mechinical retierment due to his brakes gave Jenson great win as world champion & his first win for McLaren.

9 – 2010 Chinese Grand Prix, Qualifyed 5th, drove for McLaren. This time they started on slicks, he held his position off the line before a saftey car on lap 2. Drivers infront ofhim apart from Nico Rosberg pitted for inters as there was rain coming in. But the rain came and went in the space of 2 minutes, once again, tyre expert Jenson made the right call. When Nico Made a mistake, Jenson went on to win the race, even though he pitted for inters latter on.

10 – 2011 Canadian Grand Prix, Qualifyed 7th, drove for McLaren. He was struggeling in the full wet conditions, befofre his team-mate made contact with him. The brought Jenson in for inters, until he had a drive through for speeding behind the saftey car. The Red Flag came out, Jenson had got up too 10th. He pitted for new inters, then the following lap, Fernando Alonso turned in on him and made contact with Jenson. It gave Jenson a puncture. he dropped to 21st. Then laster on, he went onto slicks, and his comeback began. He mugged atleast 4 drivers, with 6 laps left, he passed Mark Webber & Michael Schumacher, before on the last lap, he was catching Sebastian Vettel & then made Vettel feel pressure from himself and that made Vettel spin. He lead about half a lap, but didn’t matter, Because Jenson had won after coming from 21st.

OR? Was it a win that he didn’t get? Such as the 2011 Monaco Grand Prix? 2004 Sna Marino Grand Prix? 2010 Italian Grand Prix? Tell me

My personal view is that the 2011 Canadian Grand Prix was his best drive. But what do you think? Vote and give me your opoinion! Also, follow me on Twitter @SebbyHaughtonf1 & find me on YouTube as ‘SebbyHaughtonf1′. Thanks for reading, Give me your thoughts by commenting.

How can we edit?

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How can we edit a title.
I have seen mistakes in a topic title(I wrote).^^