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an error accessing websites...

30 January 2008 - 01:25 PM

a friend of mine is having trouble trying to access some websites. she didn't have this problem before, but several weeks ago she was forbidden to enter to the web site. i tried and viewed the websites through my computer, and works perfectly, but for some reason the websites can't be viewed in her computer. instead of the usual website appearing, a message on the webpage appears saying:

(an example)
You don't have permission to access / on this server.
Apache/1.3.33 Server at www.boajjang.com Port 80

we tried to find a solution on the internet, but both of us not being so good with computers we weren't able to understand the concept of this error and weren't able to fix the problem. does anyone know how to fix this problem?

Problem with Language encoding...

17 December 2007 - 09:25 AM

i'm having some problems with languages probably displaying on my computer. i actually did not have this problem long tmie ago, but for some odd reason this has been happening several months ago. like, for those who use cyworld, whenever i enter a cyworld club, the language displays in distorted kanjis, which leads me to manually change the encoding myself by going to the 'view' options. as you can see in this picture, everything should be displayed in korean but there are some areas where you notice some weird kanjis like on the way top and the left side.
Posted Image

sometimes, the webpage will just be loaded as a blank white page because the encoding is automatically selected on the wrong one, so i also have to change the encoding manually so the page can actually load.

now the major problem with this encoding problem is when i install programs. whenever i install a program and have to go through the process of installing it, the language displays all in weird distorted kanjis...so as i result i don't end up installing it cause i can't read what the requirements, selections, etc are. for example, in this picture where i point out 2 programs, my computer does not display the proper language coding, which means when i use the program it displays in some weird coding. i would also like to give an example photo of the installing process codings, but i'm hesitant to install something right now since i can't understand the coding.

Posted Image

in this picture it is an example from my cyworld, as you can see in the middle of picture, there is that gray notice box. i can't manually change the encoding for these notice boxes, which is also another big problem cause i can't understand what the notice is saying.
Posted Image

so can someone help me with this problem? i tried searching for it online but found no luck. it's not just cyworld that's the problem but also other programs in my computer whenever i install them.

respect argument

21 July 2007 - 02:23 AM

my brother's friend wrote his mailing address as me and my bro's apartment address for his report card to be sent there (so his parents won't get it). i don't know anything about my brother's friend, only what he looks like and that he always cares what he looks like and what others think. anyway, he seriously doesn't want anyone to see his grades, not even his parents, friends, anyone, not even my brother. he trusted my brother with it, that he'll hold onto it.

anyway, the report card arrived few days ago, and my brother accidently opened it but didn't look at it. i saw it lying on the floor today, and decided to check it out since i was curious about his grades. my brother yelled out "don't f***in look at it", but i ignored him since i didn't think it was such a big deal. i checked out his report card, and then put it back down...and then my brother just exploded. he just started yelling at me and saying i have no respect for other's property and stuff.

i honestly don't see the big deal in this. i mean, first of all, i don't know my brother's friend, so i don't see what harm it is gonna do for me to know his grades. i'm not gonna go around and tell people and his friends what grades he got. my brother was seriously yelling at me as if everyone is gonna die now cause i looked at his friend's report card. he was yelling that it's a sentimental value to his friend, and that he had to protect it...if it was such a sentimental value then he would've gotten better grades. i'll admit that i was a dick for ignoring my brother when he told me not to look at it...but yeah, he just kept going and yelling at me, saying i'm f***in disrespectful. am i at fault here?...or is my brother taking this alittle overboard?

HELP!!! error when using cyworld!

17 July 2006 - 09:18 AM

i have been having problems when i visit cyworld lately. everytime i use cyworld or visit others cyworld, this error message keeps popping. i scanned for virus on my computer and it came out clean. can someone help me cause i really want to update and leave messages on my friends cyworlds but this thing is seriously stopping me from doing anything. please help ASAP :D

i am not good with computers, so i was wondering if anyone can tell me whats wrong and what this error means. i checked on yahoo and google and i got some other nonrelated informations. so i thought maybe theres someone here that knows whats wrong...i really hope so. heres the error message:

Posted Image

hypertrophic/keloid scars?

04 June 2006 - 10:42 AM

anyone have these kind of scars? i have one a size of an m&m on my chest that i got from getting stabbed by lead pencil, and the lump is pretty huge. i also have 3 small ones, 2 on my back shoulder and 1 on the corner of my jaw that i got from falling on asphalt.

i did some research, there are many treatments for it. im thinking of getting it since it causes irritation and itchiness. plus during the winter, even though i put moisturizer on it, it tends to get dry and peel off, causing it to bleed and making the scar get bigger. if theres anyone here that got treatment for it, please tell me, just wanna know which treatment you got and how it went :)