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In Topic: The king of fighters 13.

13 June 2011 - 11:51 AM

Kornicerman, you like it. There is no times to playing.
I'm still playing KOF98.^^

Racing game are good.

Street Fighters, yes very good.
There is street fighters 4.

Yesterday, i played with iori, in kof13, it is not the same. He has too changed!!!
I can't play with him.
Athena has a new outfit.
But kyo is very very very good!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah... I really like Kyo. His moves are always awesome, especially the super Ex moves. Some of my favorite fighters include Ryuji Yamazaki, Billy Kane, Shingo Yabuki, and Yashiro Nanakase

In Topic: The king of fighters 13.

08 June 2011 - 10:17 AM

Ooooh!!! KOF is one of my favorite 2d fighting series ever!!! I need to get that LOL! I haven't played video games for almost 2 years... I'm extremely behind the times LOL!!

In Topic: Some Forum Reorganization

29 May 2011 - 10:42 AM

No wonder it felt different LOL I thought I was going crazy when some of the sections magically appeared in different locations when I swore they were somewhere else 2 weeks ago...

In Topic: Twelve more girl groups are preparing to debut this year

28 May 2011 - 11:43 AM

Unfortunately, their concept of "talent" (and I use this word VERY LOOSELY) revolves around selecting moderately skilled (sometimes minimally skilled, depending upon the company) pre-teens and then force feeding them through a 5,6,7,8 year long (some took as much as 10 years) idol factory assembly line to manufacture generic pre-programmed mannequins to prance around in Ken and Barbie outfits to sell products to specifically targeted idol obsessed youth who would give up their lunch money to buy cds and singles to show support as a fan base. Given this sort of developmental mindset upon image and artificiality, it would be very hard for them to accept natural talent and quality music over the idea of fast cash through idol sponsorships and other marketing resources that spawn quick revenue at the expense of the idol's career longevity....

In Topic: AP sources: US used 'multiple methods' to ID body

02 May 2011 - 01:56 PM

I'm still a bit skeptical about all this given how quickly they presumed him dead (less than a 6 hours after his capture and execution). The DNA evidence in conjunction with the factors they used in determining his authenticity were just way too quick and his body has already been discarded into the sea. You would at least want a proper and thorough medical examination, dental records, x-rays and comparisons of medical records and many more tests to be done before hastily dumping him in the water as shark feed. It sounds much too strange atm. There's just too many inconsistencies and too much haste especially given the importance of eliminating the most well known terrorist in the world.