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In Topic: ur status

21 November 2007 - 10:39 PM

in a relationship o_o
almost 2 months .__.

In Topic: "Hana Kimi" Japanese Live Action Confirmed

11 July 2007 - 10:46 PM

It seems when the Taiwanese Version became so popular, Japan then decide to film his own version... like Meteor Garden...

yeah but hana yori dango is way better than meteor garden, in my opinion.
and for hana kimi, i think it's a bit better too cause maki fits more as mizuki than ella does..

highlight to see rest
some of you may have already seen it already but
if anyone still wants to see the picture of toma + oguri shun kiss it's this picture
click here

^ do not click if you do not want spoilers if you have not watched it yet.

In Topic: Your School/Highschool/College Name?

11 July 2007 - 03:04 PM

fraser heights secondary

summer school i attend North Surrey Secondary

In Topic: Is playing computer games a waste of time?

07 July 2007 - 11:11 PM

it depends
games is for your own desire
but if you have like hwk or something AND you're playing games it's obviously you're wasting your time by playing games than doing homework

In Topic: is it possible to buy online without credit cards?

07 July 2007 - 10:19 PM

paypal is good but i've never used it before. some of my friends have though
+ money order is good.. some sites dont accept money order though =x
oh, and cdjapan accepts cash! (JPN+USD only though i think)