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-2009 Dance project 2-

03 July 2009 - 08:53 AM

Attention all at BoAjjang! For those who do not know, I have-earlier this year-conducted a dance project compliation, which will be send to BoA at the end of the year.

This is what happened in Feb...clickie!

Here's another chance to be in this project. Please read all the details carefully.

This time, what do I do?
-- very different from the first project. After discussing with a few interested friends (who potentially be judges in the contest) we came up with this idea. Pretend you are BoA and you are endorsing a particular product as BoA. Create a (max) 1 min clip on how you would endorse her product-with her song as a back ground. For example: BoA's calpis commercial . This time, you have to dance a very short seconds of 1 of her songs of which you think fit the product that you are endorsing as BoA.

:unsure: i dun get it...
It's simple: :) you know how BoA endorses so many products? you can also advertise her albums-with a song from BoA. Do it in any creative way, but here's the catch-you must dance a very short clip-as short as a few steps only in your clip. Fairly simple right? This is to ensure more entries-the last round, there was only 3 entries :lol:

1. I am quite interested, but I have not enough time. What can I do?
--> there will be a time allocation, just like any BoAjjang competitions. Of course, since none of us are that free (maybe with a few exceptions ) there will be ample time for all to prepare. NO need to fret. The duration of this project would roughly be 23 days, I am sure that there is enough time for all of you.

2. How many people will be invovled to get the project started?
--> Minimum of 6 people, there is no maximum. Only when there is 6 people, the starting and ending date will be given.

3. But, I don't have web cam, yet I want to join... so what can I do?
--> Well..that's a going to be a little tough but, you can also..."you can record it with your camera or handphone and upload it in YSI " or simply: get a webcam

4. Are there any prizes this time?
--> Yes, of course! But I will not revealed any crucial information untill there is a maximum number of interested members.

5. I wanna join! But...but...but...I'm not sure if I can join or not!
--> Dun worry, this project may not go on if there's a lack in interested numbers. However, if there is, the project will take place mid july-you have 2 entire weeks to think it over. It's a very short, simple and compact project. However, there will be a last one end of year-the project will be the same as the first one. You can join then.

6. Can we use any song?
--> Any! For example you have BoA's FASIO product, you can use pretend to endorse that product with a dance song in the back ground. At the end of the clip, you just have to say something like: "Try FASIO today" or something. NO japanese/korean please. Those who will be looking at these clips do not understand. Just do not use the songs that BoA has used in her original commercials. There's a big list of choice of songs left, trust me.

7. Can we use any style of dance?
--> Any! Ballet, hip hop, whatever...! :)

8. Let me get this straight: you said a dance project, but it seems to me more like a competition
--> In a way, yes: it is a project shaped to be like a compeition to see who has more talent. The reason why I named this is as a project is this: in the end of the entire event, there will be 3 winners-and eventually, it will be complied together to send to BoA and let her see. in a way it is a competition to pile up for the project

9. :o Who would be looking at the clips?
--> Judging on the size of interested members, there would be either 3 or 4 judges this time, if there's more members interested. But, identities are all a secret.

10. I have a question that you didn't list down.... er... :)
--> No problem, just pm me your questions, and I will answer them as soon as I can.

11. You said: "to pretend to be BoA, endorsing something...but i have nothing much of BoA's...What can I do?"
--> Pretend is the key word. It is not necessary that you are endorsing anything big. Perhaps your handphone? What would you do to endorse something of yours in a BoA creative way? :) That's the goal for this project :)

12. I'm interested in this project, what do I do?
--> Please register via pm :) do NOT write that you wish to register here. PM me, thank you. Once I received your registration, I will send you a form, which you have to fill up and send back to me. Thank you for your cooperation.

the usual, 1 entry per member. Upon completion of the judging, winners will be notified via pm at BoAjjang. You have to check back at BoAjjang every few days for any updates. However, there will be no change of the rules, except maybe the datelines so that everyone can submit their entry. Winners are to submit their full names and address, which will be treated with the strictest confidental. Once the entry is in, there is NO backing out of the project. If the entry is not in by the end date, 1 day's grace will be given. However, if you take 2 days, the chances of you winning will be low. Thank you. Upon registering, you will be sent a form, which you have to state your name and returned back to me.

--- Just to let everyone know, if there's no interested members who registers with me by (GMT) 2000pm 17/07/09. This project will be shut, thank you very much-----

which month(s) are you free?

18 May 2009 - 07:21 PM

Well, the last time I started the dance project, many explaned the main reason they could not join was becuase they were busy.

So, I want to start this topic, for the purpose of checking which 2 months most BoAjjangers are free...

ok, hold on,. I'm asking Dan to make a poll ><

so, can you just select when your are free please? thanks guys! :)

thanks Dan :lol:

2009 1st quarter dance project results

01 May 2009 - 01:52 AM

2009 1st quarter dance project officially commenced on March 8th 2009. And it has ended officially yesterday-20th April 2009.

I apologize for taking so long-a few members went MIA and I had to wait, but no news, so here it is. Have a look at the screen caps, you can download the entire file at the bottom link. to see the judges' comments and all.

Posted Image Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image

download link: here

Here's a recap for those who missed out on my post on the project:

It's a 2009 dance project complied to show BoA at the end of the year. It will happen again twice more-july and october, so you'll have your chance. If you think you can make it then, you can contact me via pm for more detials.

What we do at the project:
--> dance a clip of BoA's song that has NO mv. that's it, that's all. Marks will be given how creative you are. the first quarter has already ended and the judges have picked a winner. (even though all 3 clips will be shown to BoA)

Congratulations to...

DeE^ArcH!! :) (you were worried for nothing girl) :notworthy:

AND: if you haven't guess it, I'm judge 3. :lol: Please note all comments written on the word document.

NOTE: when the 2nd and 3rd dance project compliation start, we will have this form:
Posted Image

This is to prevent another deja vu from happening. :D

Members who have particapated in the project will contact me asap.(pls read the word document!) :(

10 songs (or more) to be played at ur wedding...

15 April 2009 - 06:15 AM

Slightly inspired by the 'what songs do you want played at your funeral' thread.

What about: what are the 10 songs (or more) that you want played at your wedding? -_-

for me:

1. I want to marry you today-Jolin and David Gao
Pretty much the title explains itself and there's even a wedding rap verse inside this song!

2. Love in the ice-TVXQ
I aboslutely just adore this song and I have dreams of this song even!

3. Proud-TVXQ
"Proud of your love" :angry:

4. Say yes-Chage and aska
another song that explains itself within the title

5. I do (cherish you)- 98 degrees
telling my partner that i do cherish him.

6. BoA-kiseki
:thumbsup: telling my partner that he is my destiny

7. My destiny-TVXQ
same reason ^_^

8. Utada Hikaru-automatic
"when you touch me, automatically, my world lights up" :wub:

9. Truely, Madly,deeply-savage garden
I adore this song as well :)

10. Vaness Amorosi-I wanna be your everything

[question] about being light headed...

25 March 2009 - 05:21 AM

This isn't the first time this is happening to me. I feel really light headed and like as though I'm going to faint any second, it's like I"m bobbing up and down on the sea, that kind of feeling. I have absolutely no clue to what's going on and I dun noe how to tell this to a doctor, so I kinda slept the day away today instead of sitting or standing. Is it something to do with being seriously sick yesterday with a high fever and it's just temporary?

I know what a few members are going to say though: check it up on google! the problem is: I'm not even sure how to check what's going on with me! I attempted earlier in the day, but I couldn't find an answer.

Would any of you know what's going on and perhaps a cure? and what happened the last time was someone gave me a drink and it helped! but, I have no idea what drink it is...I tried eating more, thinking it's because I didn't eat enough yesterday. It didn't work, then I thought: is it because I dun have enough sugar in me? I ate a few sweets, but still the same...

I would really appreciate some help...thanks! :ph34r: