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Happy Birthday BoA! + "Lose Your Mind" Single

01 November 2007 - 02:17 PM

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(Advanced) Happy Birthday BoA!

November is always special month here at BoAjjang because it's when our dear BoA celebrates her birthday! For the mathematically-challenged, she's turning the big 21! (22 in Korea). Born in November 5th, 1986, she's dedicated nearly half her age to her astounding career. Luckily, it doesn't look like she'll be stopping anytime soon. With every passing birthday, BoAjjang hopes to continue to bring you the best of BoA. I'm sure you all have wonderful wishes to share with the community as well! Post a comment, share with the rest of us! Who knows...a lucky well-wisher may get an early 'birthday present' from the site as well...BoA jjang Hwaiting!

New Single: "Lose Your Mind"

As with every December, we're also treated to another guaranteed hit from BoA. This year's release will be entitled "Lose Your Mind" which features Yutaka Furukawa from the J-Rock group Doping Panda. The single is said to be a strong and energetic dance track that'll surely get her fans movin' and groovin'. This collaboration promises to be another spectacular song! The B-side of BoA's 24th single is "Smile Again", the familiar ballad from the "Doyo Wide Gekijo" mystery series, airing on TV Asahi.

Two versions have already been confirmed. First is the [CD+DVD / Jacket A] version, and the other being the [CD Only / Jacket B] version. The jackets have yet to be released but we'll surely get our hands on it to share, well before the expected sale date on December 12th. We will update everyone as more details are available but until then, make sure that you pre-order your copy!

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Happy 7th Anniversary! + Other Tid Bits

27 August 2007 - 02:57 PM

Happy 7th Anniversary!

On behalf of everyone at BoAjjang, we'd like to give our warmest congratulations to BoA for celebrating her 7th Anniversary as a professional singer! We always knew she had what it takes to survive, and of course, conquer the music market! A veteran at a mere twenty-something is truly an amazing feat. Many have learned not to be fooled with this baby-faced beauty as time and time again, she has proven to be as elite as they come.

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Although BoAjjang is in a slow-paced state with updates and overall activities, our never-ending support for BoA has not waned one bit. It's as strong as it ever was and deep inside, we're all cheering our queen on to another 7 years (minimum) of pure greatness! We love you BoA!

To compensate on BoA's current inactiveness, she has released a number of goods to keep our BoA-hunger from consuming us. If you don't have these yet, make sure that you pick these up immediately! You know you'll regret it if you don't.

Posted Image Posted ImagePosted Image Posted ImageUpdates to BoA's Blog

BoA's blog continues to be a major hit amongst the fans and I think I can speak for most that her entries are the most random posts ever! And by golly, does she love food! Ah, the life of a superstar...There are plans to compile her translated blog entries onto a permanent section of the website but until that happens, you may view these entries in the forums, courtesy of our talented translators and community members.

Summer Coming To A Close

For many of us, Summer's coming to a close and we hope that everyone had a wonderful, fun, safe and sunny season. Remember that school's not that bad, and work, although many of us didn't really get as much time off as we wanted -- just remember that all that moolah is the key to investing in BoA stuff (a popular goal here)! We hope to see more of you as we turn over a new tide, and we thank you for your continued support and membership in our wonderful community.

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BoAjjang Through The Years

23 July 2007 - 06:43 PM

Perhaps it's just me but seems like everything's slow(er) these days on the site/forums. Lots of cleanup needs to be done, updates are lagging, not enough attention's given to the fine details of the site, etc. Everything's in hiatus-mode of some sort. Not to say that that's entirely bad or anything - it actually means that some of us are now living healthier lives away from the keyboard ;)

I think things have really changed around here over the course of the years, especially in 2007. After a hyper-active '05/'06, especially with all the Contests (20+ unique individual draws?) and Subtitling Projects (the team went all crazy and produced what...over 15,000 videos!?!?! :o), I wonder whether or not BoAjjang has reached it's 'peak' and we're now flat-lining - not dying, just at a constant.

For those members who have been here since the early inception of the site, don't you feel a bit old? I know I do. I feel like a veteran, a grand-pappy of sorts to the new generation of BoA-fans of the future. We've had this discussion a long time ago with regards to the central focus of the site shifting from BoA to the actual community and its members. Somehow, I feel that that's truer than ever. If Ms. Kwon retired tomorrow, I don't think we'll disappear at all.

Just some random thoughts from me here - I'd be interested in hearing yours!

( Ok, ok - I didn't intend for drama here, but I do miss most of you ;) )

Better Late Than Never - New Single & DVDs

29 April 2007 - 03:49 AM

BoA's latest single "Sweet Impact" is out and it has been for a few days already! It's amazing that BoA continues to release stuff faster than our staff can make news posts about them. Actually, the 'busy' season has come once again for many of us as well as our ever-growing community members and it's all due to one thing: Exams. Since most of us are not as super-talented and amazingly-gorgeous like BoA, it's probably best to keep getting those good grades in school (or at the very least, try your hardest)! Keep at it guys - good luck!

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Similar to most of BoA's late singles, "Sweet Impact" comes to us with two versions: A CD-Only version, and a CD+DVD version, apart from the First Press Editions which contain a few extras. The samples have been floating around the Downloads Section for the longest time and many have given this latest release a big thumbs-up. BoA has also been appearing on Japanese music shows for the past few weeks, promoting Sweet Impact - all downloadable of course in the forums courtesy of the BoAjjang Community.

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Additionally, and due to our unfortunate, and unplanned technical disruptions that lasted for months, BoA's latest DVDs have not received any front page attention...until now! (Like we said, better late than never~). BoA the LIVE and BoA Complete Clips 2004-2006, were concurrently released on March 7th. For the diligent ones who have pre-ordered, as well as the ones that have already snagged copies, I'm sure we can all attest that these DVDs are worth-it items and are must-haves for the fans.


"BoA the LIVE - Ura BoA Kikase Kei" - Review
Released: March 7, 2007
Company: Avex Trax / SM Entertainment
Reviewer: Ace (BoAjjang)

This video feature is unique from her other concert DVDs in that this does not cover one of her annual, multi-city tours, but is commemorative of a very special event in BoA’s personal life - her 20th birthday. As such, most of the songs included are representative of her latter works - Best of Soul, Outgrow, and Made In Twenty. Only three songs from the 2004 and earlier era are included in the performance list.

The best part of BoA the LIVE is definitely the simple yet perfect organization and coordination of each and every aspect of the event. From the ideally-sized stage, to the mood-set lighting, and to the wonderfully professional band, all of these elements are grand complements to BoA's powerful performances and inimitable stage presence.

The concert starts off with LISTEN TO MY HEART, one of her earlier, more recognizable works. It's quite interesting to see how she sings the hit song with a more contemporary twist, numerous years after its initial introduction. Song number two was VALENTI and this was one of my favorite performances of the set. As if the Latin-influence wasn't enough in the original composition, this live's version turned it up a notch with an increased emphasis on the acoustic guitar and sensual choreography... (Click to continue reading the review...)

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(More screen captures inside.)

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--> Nan-A - 1st - Sweet Soul

24 August 2006 - 02:59 PM

Nan-A - 1st - Sweet Soul
~ Undoubtedly one of 2006's hottest albums, easily one of my favorites of all time. There's nothing bad I can say about "Sweet Soul"--it's that intense! I've been playing it everyday at home & work ever since I got my hands on it. Also, if you haven't noticed, Nan-A's also super sexy...but that conversation is reserved for IRC. Anyhow, thought I'd give it a little promotion here at BoAjjang. You guys guys can thank me later after you buy it and can't stop listening to it :thumbsup: ~

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- 01. Soultro || 02. Drama (feat. Bizzy) || 03. Shining Star (feat. Jinbo) ||04. Sunny Day (feat. 1kyne) -
- 05. Sarangigireul (I Wish) || 06. Oneulbam (feat. Bizzy) || 07. Kkumsogui Gongju (feat. Bobby Kim, Gandi) -
- 08. Stay With Me (feat. 1kyne) || 09. Gakkai Wa || 10. Sarangiyagi (feat.Kim Chang Yeol, J-Kwondo -
- 11. Naege (Like Dat) (feat 1kyne) || 12. Sunflower Girl (feat. Yang Dong Geun) || 13. Game of hearts -
- 14. Ibyeol || 15. Kkeuchingayo ||16. Abeoji (feat. Ma boos, Big tone) -

(My YesAsia Review -- could've written it better but was too hyped up by the music :D)
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-->> NAN-A ft. 1KYNE - Naege (Like Dat).mp3 <<--

(Ripped by yours truly)

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