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#2210039 Should you have to pay for college?

Posted by Spring Sakura on 21 May 2011 - 09:19 AM

I have to say that we're pretty lucky in Australia because our government and one of our biggest national banks offer all domestic students (depending on what course and what mark you finished with at the end of High School) loans that cover University tuition for the entirity of your undergraduate degree.

If you ask me, I definitely think that the government should ensure that higher education is easily accessable to anyone who is willing to study for it --not just the super students who can nab a scholarship. To me, education is one of the most important things a person can achieve. There are just somethings that you cannot learn anywhere else, and it's just incredibly hard to encounter people with minds as brilliant as those of many University Professors unless you're at university.

As for the statistics that show students studying less --maybe it's because most of the kiddies going to college these days are the rich ones mummy and daddy support. Of course they're going to study less --college is just a big party. At the end of it all, they'll probably just work for good ol' daddy. Call me a pessimist, but no matter how many hard working students there ARE in college, if the majority of students pretty much bought their way in, then there's probably not going to be much studying going on.

Education should be given to those who want it, need it and will appreciate it. It shouldn't be an excuse for rich kiddies to go play without the parents looming over their shoulders.

Just my 1 cent.

#2207169 Royal guard cut from wedding after Kate complaints

Posted by Spring Sakura on 03 May 2011 - 12:37 AM

Were you even an adult when she was alive? How do you even know what she was like, or what she did? You were too young to remember, so you really have no clue. She worked tirelessly helping the downtrodden, risking her own life to go into areas no other royal would deign to tread. I didn't "idealize" Diana in any way--I thought she was an idiot to marry Charles, and her wedding sickened me, too. However, she did redeem herself by becoming a great humanitarian, so I've since cut her some slack.

There's stuff called education and archived news articles. Been to a library ever? Plus Diana continued to be a controversial figure well after her death. You don't have to be what? Half senile, to know about her work. Besides, anyone who idolizes someone to the point you do and hates someone they don't know to the extent you do, obviously is a little biased right? And good for you, 'cut her some slack' eh? Wow, who are you? Mother Teresa? Who are YOU to pass such judgement on someone? Aren't you gracious.

I simply don't tolerate people thinking they're better than someone else, simply by dint of whom they marry.

Ironic isn't it when you constantly look down on people who actually enjoy the occasional happy event. I bet you think you're better than alot of people. Your comments about my age and implication that it affects me knowledge or somehow inhibits my ability to criticize your take on Diana, tells me at the very least, you think you're better than me. Hypocrite.

Besides, nobody said Kate thinks she's better than anyone. Again, assumptions.

So it's okay for Kate to be rude and insensitive, and the guard is just supposed to shut up about it. Thanks for enlightening me.

Sorry, hinachan, God with a blunt stick couldn't enlighten you if he tried. How do you know she wasn't distracted at the time? You've been insensitive and rude 50% of the time you rant on something. Remember when you said fat jokes were worse than racism? Or when you implied Prince William is a troll for not having a mother? How about when you told everyone that non-home-schooled kiddies are all stupid and evil? What should we feel about you? Loathing? Again: hypocrite.

You simply think the wedding was so keeewwwwlll that anyone who dares to criticize it is "pathological". I've been through a series of tornadoes that nearly wiped out the city I grew up in--again, I've had life experience you've been sheltered from--and believe me, that story is a lot more important than any wedding. I witnessed people flooding into our local hospital, where my mom worked, and I--like anyone with a heart--feel great sympathy for the losses these people in the South have suffered.

Our difference in opinion is based on one simple truth: I care more about the suffering, while you care more about the pampered.

Our difference lies in the fact that I don't make assumptions on public figures based on my own biased beliefs and I actually have a genuine interest in the history of England. Particularly in regards to the monarchs, it's only natural that I find it extremely profound that in the same place where other famous monarchs were once crowned, two new and very differently presented royal figures are tying the knot. I also appreciate the heritage they represent. The continuity between past and present intrigues me. Those are big words, I'll let you try and figure them out. Oh and I generally don't look down on people based on assumptions, public or private figures. I like to see things mostly rationally.

As for not caring about people who suffer. You're such a whiner, Hinachan. You whined in the home-school thread, you whined in the tornado thread, you whined in related royal-wedding threads --you whine about everything as though you've had SUCH a bad life. Then you go and belittle people who are younger than you BECAUSE they are younger then you. Don't talk to me about suffering. You think because you're wearing your sympathy/hardships on your sleeve makes you a good person? A tough person? What do you know about what people go through? Believe it or not, I don't feel the need to boast about what I've been through. I like to share the positives, not the negatives like you. I don't hold my experiences over peoples' heads like you do. It's usually a sign that you don't feel much self worth and hence you have to belittle others to feel it. You're a bully, Hinachan, and that's pretty much it.

People don't need to boast about how bad they feel for others nor do they need to deprive themselves of feeling happy. The fact they you assume anyone who enjoyed the wedding or was interested in it some heartless child only shows how immature you are. I feel for the people who suffered in the tornadoes, but I don't turn it into some personal drama to make myself feel important.

Life experience means nothing when you act like a self-glorifying narcissist.

Anything else you wanna say, you can inbox me. This is off topic. And if you reply here, fine, I'll be the adult and inbox you.

Leave Princess Diana alone.

Whatever Princess Diana was in your own eyes, one thing is for certain, she lived most of her life in an arranged marriage where her only purpose was to marry Prince Charles, who was not in-love with her. Prince Charles was pressured to marry an aristocratic virgin, and Princess Diana presented an opportunity.

In the end Princess Diana divorced from a marriage void of love and died in an unfortunate accident (or maybe it was planned?) and left two children in the Earth.

Anyways my point is I think we should remember Princess Diana had a sad life and nobody deserves that. (I call her Princess out of respect, Princess Diana will always be a Princess of Wales, she died with the title).

Also that guard is an idiot.

Hey, before anyone (else) attacks me and says I'm a Diana-hater, I'm not. I just acknowledge she was human, and that there is alot we don't know about her so we can't assume she was a complaint saint, nor can we fairly compare Kate to that said 'saintly' image.

I still say the guard was just over sensitive and the media (and Hinachan) is just overreacting.

#2202439 Japan Earthquake (Conspiracy)

Posted by Spring Sakura on 28 March 2011 - 10:21 PM

@Spring Sakura
There are actually University professors who are UFO-fanatics/Illuminati maniacs, conspiracy theorists.

I read of a university professor, who still teaches, and he has a belief that the US government was visited by Pleiadian aliens.

There is a former NASA astronaut who says the US government does have information on extraterrestrials, he died on 2004.

There are many other people of academia who believe that pop stars today are puppets for the Illuminati, etc.

Conspiracy theorists come from all walks of life - university professors, scientists, doctors, models, singers, etc.

There is a doctor who believes the WHO is planning on a major culling of the world population.

I'd like to say myself I believe in Aliens/UFO, but in no way do I associate any of that with my academic work, it is something I just read about, for interests and discussion.

If you ever to happen to comes across with me in real life, I can talk about almost anything, art, science, history, conspiracy, politics, etc.

See, for me, I like specifics. The university professor --of what of where?
Former NASA Astronaut with what proof? How long was he with NASA? Not to say he was completely crazy but --what about his mental state of the time of such stories --whether or not he was compensated for the story, etc etc
"people of academia"...who? Specific people like...?

Also, a small number of people believing in something doesn't make it true. Likewise, neither does a large number. Truth relies on proof. Also, words like 'professors', 'doctors', 'academia' create the illusion of credibility when really, there are plenty of professsors, doctors and academia are still human beings who are equally prone to mistakes as mental illness as the next person (not to say that they are).

Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not necessarily saying that they're crazy or making things up for one reason or another --but it is important to keep that possibility in mind whenever conspiracy theories or the like are being considered because crazy people do exist, and people do make mistakes. In any investigation into any 'truth' or fact, all variances must be considered. Just my two cents of course.

#2184615 Discussion: Article about Siwon and BoA "slave contracts"

Posted by Spring Sakura on 13 January 2011 - 12:20 AM

^ I agree with you...But in all honesty $20,000 a month is not alot of money...I got evicted from my home because $20,000 a month is just not enough to cover all of my core expenses. Also if you actually read what I wrote I agree with Korniceman... I have no idea where you got the assumption that I didn't agree with him. Also about BoA and DBSK...In the article it says they are one of the few that get's the most paid out of the other Kpop Idols in the Industry.

I'm a little confused.

I read an article in the Chosan Eelbo ( a Korean newpaper) that a Kpop artist makes about how much a US citizen that works in minimum wage would accumulate each year...Personally that isn't alot of money because working minimum wage is practically earning peanuts and apple cores.

Well the article sited BoA and DBSK for their reference...I don't know about you but I wouldn't make an assumption about them being rich any more than me making an assumption that they are poor as church mice.

You compared KPOP artist wages to US citizem minimum wage earners, which made me think that you believed BoA and DBSK earned that little. Then you said that it cited BoA and DBSK as references...which made me think that you were asserting that BoA and DBSK made that little...?

Also, because you posted that, I thought you meant that you believed that the demand for higher pay by JYJ wasn't about greed, so much as it was about necessity. Plus you told me not to assume they were rich...which implied you believed that they're not? (Which I disagreed with because to me, they kinda...are)

Whereby you then said you don't believe $20,000 isn't that much, which leads me to believe our core disagreement is that $20,000 a month to me, is heaps, but not to you.

$20,000 a month might not seem alot to you, but alot of full timers work with $5000 a month. Part timers earn half that. To them, $20,000 a month is alot. It all depends on how you live or are willing to live. Plus we also have to take into consideration which $ we're talking about. E.g. $20,000 US and $20,000 HK are totally different stories.

But...now, you're saying that the article says that BoA and DBSK earn more than the US citizen earns on a minimum wage --but...then why did you bring it up?

I think a heavy case of miscommunication has happened here. :huh: