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SNSD Commits an Industry All-Kill: Music Sales, Online Sales, Ringtone

07 July 2009 - 03:53 AM

[07.07.09] SNSD Commits an Industry All-Kill: Music Sales, Online Sales, Ringtones, Broadcast

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The nation's representative girl group SNSD has silenced the music industry with their powerful syndrome as the green light for SNSD to sell over 100,000 copies consecutively for their past three albums has been turned on.

According to Hanteo charts, SNSD's second mini album has sold nearly 40,000 copies within a week of its release, drawing closer to the possibility of three consecutive albums selling over 100,000. It is an incredibly rare feat for a girl group to sell 40,000 albums within a week. When additionally taken into consideration the fact that SNSD's first mini album Gee took over the first half of the year by selling 24,000 copies in their first week, you can easily guess the immense popularity of this group.

Moreover, since Hanteo gathers its data by aggregation, it is entirely possible that their current album sales have surpassed the 40,000 mark. Industry insiders estimate that 50,000 to 60,000 copies have been sold within this first week. The exact numbers will have to be released by their agency according to how many albums were shipped out.

Furthermore, SNSD is not only powerful in their album sales, but also in their online sales and ringtones. As soon as "Tell Me Your Wish" was released, it shot to the top of the charts on Melon, Dosirak, MNet, Bugs and other online charts and immediately stood at number one on their charts for the month of July. It also solidly occupied the top of the SK Telecom ringtone charts.

Not only has SNSD has taken over the top spot for album sales, online sales, ringtone charts, but they've also taken over the most air time slot for broadcast shows. According to the site Air Monitor that measures the air time on broadcasts, SNSD's 2nd mini album title track "Tell me your Wish" occupied the number one spot on the charts for June 29th to July 4th.

With their control over album sales, online sales, ringtone sales and broadcast air time, SNSD has swept clean the music industry with an all-kill.

translation: boxclub@www.soshified.com/forums
original: 김형우 @ NewsEn

Wow. So happy for them after all those setbacks, that they're still doing so well.

BoA - BoA: Full Album Collaboration

30 March 2009 - 09:12 AM

Hi everyone!

As I'm sure you're all well aware by now, BoA has released her US debut album: BoA. In celebration of her long-awaited English release, I'm arranging a collaboration. It's a pretty ambitious project, since we will cover every song on the new album.

So if you love to sing, and love BoA's new songs, why not try out for your favourite songs? -edit- Final auditions for the last few tracks are closing very soon! Please get all of your auditions in by Thursday, and PM me if you want to audition but can't make the deadline.

Visit the website here, there is a player on the front page where you can listen to the tracks we've completed so far, and a page with download links and colour-coded lyrics for the songs.

Anyway, I think that's everything! Feel free to post/PM if you have any questions or suggestions.
Thanks for reading!

Visit the Collab thread for more information, and to sign up ^^


Performing in May- song suggestions? (Jp only please)

19 February 2009 - 08:00 AM

Hey guys~ ^.^ As a lot of you know, I love to sing Japanese and Korean songs! <_<
Well, University of Sheffield is holding a Japan Day on May 10th this year! The day after my 21st birthday, hehe :o
And since they know about the DGDY/YouTube thing (lol) they've asked me if I'll sing for them. I'll be singing
a few times throughout the day, I'll need a few Jpop songs, preferably ones that are pretty wellknown, you know? ^.^

So I just need song suggestions :3 Anything by a really well known singer or group. The people attending this event
will be mostly people who either study Japanese, Japanese exchange students, members of Japan Society,
or people who just have an interest in Japanese music and culture, anime etc etc ^^

Examples- BoA, Ayumi Hamasaki, Koda Kumi, Utada Hikaru, DBSK, Ai Otsuka, Morning Musume, Amuro Namie, etc.
You don't have to pick from those artists tho xD They're just the first ones that came to mind. Pick anyone who's very famous,
who has songs that have done well on the charts etc :]
I like most musical styles, but do well at- RnB (inc rap), and just generally upbeat and dancey songs.
Ballads are nice, but I've performed ballads several times before and want to try something different ^^
I don't mind pop, but if you're picking a slower song, make sure it has a beat, at least :3 like this.

Also if you wouldn't mind, please answer these questions ^.^:
1. If it's a really upbeat song, would it be boring if I didn't dance?
2. If I do dance, will it look weird if I have no backup dancers?
3. Is it better to do just really popular songs, or throw a lesser known song or two in there as well?

Thankyouu!~ <33 Chi x x x

Who else would you like to see in the US? X3

09 October 2008 - 09:12 AM

I'm bored and was wondering how successful you guys thought these other groups could potentially be in the US.


DBSK I worry if they all went over, people would go LOL AZN BSB X3 and just ignore them XD;
Although there are still some people who are into boybands, it's not really top of the music charts anymore xD

Out of them I think Junsu is the best all-round performer. If his English was passable, I think he'd have a decent shot.
Out of all of them, he shines in live performances, and is just. Very likeable? XD
Esp watching the tours, when they have solos. He's the only one, imo, that really pulls off solos well. JaeJoong is vocally great in solos but seems to lack some of the charisma of Junsu :x

Then he can collaborate with BoA, lulz ANYBAND US FTW

CSJH have the kind of sexy image that would appeal to the US market, and have brilliant voices as well.
I'd really love it if they could go to US and be successful because I think they're underrated in Japan and Korea :]

Suju and SNSD are too poppy and imo too big to really.... work XD

Tiff has a really nice voice and can actually speak English, which is a good start xD?
Dunno if she'd wanna go solo in the US though. Meh.

This is all hypothetical anyways! XD

Suggest other artists you'd like to see in the US, Jp/Krn. ^^

Oso if you answered 'other' for last q, please state which members from the group[s] you think would succeed, who you'd like to see them collaborate with, etc etc. xD? (Yes Chi is bored and has no hw today. Prz answer and keep me entertained XDD]


07 February 2008 - 08:13 AM

I sent an audition and they asked me for a fuller profile, with video recordings and more photos etc too.
Sooo I sent them another email back in November, with a full profile including nationality, mp3 recordings, video clips and photos. I just got this back~

From: ì—ìŠ¤ì— ì˜¤ë””ì…˜ (smaudition@smtown.com)


Thank you for sending us your pictures and video clips. We would like to offer you a chance
to participate in one of our global auditions, but the dates of the audition have not been set yet.
We will let you know when the audition schedule has been set. Thanks for your application again.

Audition Manager

But. They saw my pictures and videos and they know I'm not Asian. I thought they only accepted Asians?
Just thought y'all might find that interesting.

Question for anyone who feels like sharing their 2cents~ are SM worth holding out for?
Under my current arrangements I'm guaranteed employment, accommodation, gigs, promotion and training. But I'm NOT guaranteed a recording deal.
A clause in the contract means that I can't just go out and let them start training me, and then jump ship for, say, SM if I were to make it through their auditions.
But then just because they want me to audition, doesn't mean that I'd even get through. So I could end up with nothing.
BUT on the other hand this is SM and that, really, was my dream. To get into SM.
While being a singer in Korea was seen as near impossible, it's pretty universally agreed that a caucasian getting into SM was never, ever, going to happen.

Any thoughts? Ty~ <3 xx

Btw if you come in just to bash SM, don't bother, because, that's not really very helpful to me. XDDD
Yes I've heard the rumours, yes I know how long they make some artists train for, yes I know that some never debut.
If any of that was going to put me off, I would have given up a long time ago. Give me some credit. ^.^