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#2278498 BoA's 8th Korean album "Kiss My Lips"

Posted by Uni on 06 May 2015 - 07:56 PM

Here's the photos released so far.

#2278403 BoA is back with "Who Are You" MV ft. Gaeko, starring EXO'

Posted by Uni on 05 May 2015 - 09:20 AM

BoA releases "Who Are You" from her upcoming 8th studio album "Kiss My Lips" on May 6th!


The full album will be available on May 12th. So look out for it soon!


#2252328 BoA to bring solo concert to Daegu, Busan and Taiwan

Posted by Uni on 11 April 2013 - 07:03 AM

BoA held her 1st solo concert since her debut called "BoA Special Live 2012 ~Here I Am~" in Seoul in January for two days.

It has recently been revealed that BoA will be extending her concert tour to Taiwan on May 18th at the The National Taiwan University Gymnasium. Following her stop in Taiwan, she will return to South Korea to perform in Daegu's EXCO on May 25th and Busan on June 1st at the KBS Hall.

BoA held two successful consecutive concerts in January, resulting in the extension of her concert tour.

Tickets for the Daegu concert will be on sale starting April 18th and the busan concert starting April 25th via G Market.

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News Source: Koreaboo.com, Sports Seoul

#2238813 SM artists to release new tracks for "COBU 3D" soon?

Posted by Uni on 05 October 2012 - 09:49 AM

Posted Image

Jumping BoAs have been waiting a long time for the release of BoA's Hollywood dance flick "COBU 3D," directed by Duane Adler, since she began filming it back early 2011.

According to IMDB, "COBU 3D" is set to be released in 2013 with no U.S. or South Korea release date specified. However, a release date for Norway, the Netherlands and Denmark was posted for April 12th, July 11th and July 25th in 2013 respectively.

Further news has been revealed through Creative Control's Twitter on October 5th (EDT) regarding the film's OST as well. They tweet, "'@TheBeatChannel: @NickyDaB featured in today's release of 'THE BEAT'. #music bit.ly/VzArn7' his music in #Cobu out April @kconusa" and "Will release a track list from #Cobu prior to @kconusa featuring SM Kpop stars from Girls Generation to @BoAkwon with a song by @derekhough."

Creative Control is a "music supervision, producing, consultation and events company in LA and NOLA."

While Creative Control mention's KCON '12, which will take place on October 13th at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater in Irvine, California, there is no official announcement as to what it regards.

Stay tuned for more information! If you are interested in taking part of the first ever K-Pop convention in the U.S., tickets are still available at a low price of $40! Visit http://kconusa.com for more information.

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Writer: Uni (boajjang.com)
Source: @cre8ve_ctrl and IMDB

#2235796 Watch SBS comeback show "BoA 4354" again!

Posted by Uni on 29 July 2012 - 11:04 AM

I just barely finish watching it I LOVE IT SO MUCH knowing that 'The Shadow' is going to have a music video eek I'm so excited BoA looks so amazing and gorgeous with or with out make up cause literally BoA bares it all heh not to mention the hotness couple dance with BoA and Yunho amazing-ness! Thanks Uni for the updates and for tonight performance though kind of disappointed BoA is going to dance with Taemin I rather have BoA dance with MinHo X3

Lol, the only thing with that is, Minho is busy with drama filming and...

Taemin is the better dancer compared to Minho xDD Though I wondering if BoA will have other male SM artists known for their dance skills feature in her remaining comeback performance..

#2235584 Watch SBS comeback show "BoA 4354" again!

Posted by Uni on 28 July 2012 - 10:23 AM

Girls On Top (2005)

Hurricane Venus (2010)

No.1 (2002)

My Name (2004)

The Shadow (2012)

Mayday! Mayday! (2012)

Tree (2003)

Not Over U (2012)

Practice Cut for "Only One" with Yunho

Only You ft. Yunho (2012)

#2235581 Watch SBS comeback show "BoA 4354" again!

Posted by Uni on 28 July 2012 - 10:17 AM

Posted Image

The special comeback show for BoA aired on July 28th on SBS as part of her big return after a 2-year hiatus.

"BoA 4354," the title of the show, showed unseen and behind-the-scene clips, as well as featured several performances by BoA. She performed tracks such as "Girls On Top," "My Name," "The Shadow," "Tree," Mayday! Mayday!", "Not Over U" and "Only One," among others.

The comeback show also featured SM Entertainment actress and good friend of BoA, Lee Yeonhee, who met with the latter. During one of their conversations, Lee Yeonhee stated that BoA wasn't taking care of her body. BoA, however, retorted, "But I exercise!" to which Lee Yeonhee pointed out that BoA complained after a bit of exercise.

"BoA 4354" also took viewers behind-the-scene with SMTOWN as they prepared to do the photoshoot for the upcoming "S.M. ART Exhibition" in August. There, she interacted with TVXQ's Changmin, Super Junior's Eunhyuk and Lee Sooman.

Another clip viewed BoA visiting the set of SBS drama "A Gentleman's Dignity" and meeting with actors Kim Minjong and Kim Sooro to her delight. There, she showed the two males the music video drama to her title track with Yoo Ahin, "Only One."

SM Entertainment director and choreographer Shim Jaewon also commented on BoA, revealing that the female singer is very smart and could remember dance choreographies and perform them quickly. An example of that is BoA's ability master the finger tutting in a matter of 15 minutes!

During a short clip of BoA in the practice room, BoA is seen showing her love for Girls' Generation and performing the signature dance move for their track, "Genie."

BoA ends her comeback show with a performance of her self-composed title track, "Only One," which featured TVXQ's U-Know Yunho for the couple dance. Yunho's large frame over BoA is seen clearly as he towers over her.

"U-Know Yunho and I look like Tom and Jerry together." -BoA during an interview

The show ends cutely with BoA waking up to her phone, and various clips of her screaming at the camera flashes across the screen, ending with BoA laying back down in her bed.

Meanwhile, BoA will be having her first official comeback stage on SBS "Inkigayo" on July 29th, and will feature SHINee's Taemin as her partner for the couple dance for "Only One"!

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#2234149 BoA releases drama MV teaser for "Only One"

Posted by Uni on 18 July 2012 - 07:07 PM

#2234126 BoA will reveal "Only One" MV teaser on July 19th ft. Baewoo a

Posted by Uni on 18 July 2012 - 04:39 PM

Posted Image

BoA's first video teaser for her new song will be revealed.

On July 19th at noon, BoA's music video teaser for her title track, "Only One," will be released through SMTOWN's YouTube channel as well as her Facebook page, Naver Music, Melon, Genie, and more.

The drama version of the music video will feature actors Baewoo and Yoo Ah-in, which has grabbed attention. The trio were spotted near Hongdae last month shooting for the music video.

Posted Image

In addition, BoA will be undergoing a unique advertisement by revealing commercials of her comeback through SBS starting July 19th until the release date of her 7th studio album on the 22nd.

Meanwhile, BoA will release her 7th album, "Only One," digitally on July 22nd and will be available in stores on July 25th.

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News Update/Writer: Uni (BoAjjang.com)

News Source: Newsen

#2227863 BoA THE LIVE 2011 “X'mas” DVD to be released in March

Posted by Uni on 11 January 2012 - 06:37 PM

According to an update on January 10th on BoA's Official Japanese website, BoA is set to release her annual Christmas concert on March 7th, 2012. The DVD, tentatively titled "BoA THE LIVE 2011 'X'mas' ~The 10th Anniversary Edition~" will include performance of her latest DVD single release, "Milestone," as well as stages of her old Japanese hits like "VALENTI."

The touching scene of BoA performing "Meri Kuri" is also included. On December 11th, 2011, BoA had to perform "Meri Kuri" twice after choking up with tears the first time around. Knowing that the performance would be included in the DVD release, she returned to the stage and explained to her fans that she would be performing the song once again for the DVD (see video below).

The "BoA THE LIVE 2011 'X'mas' ~The 10th Anniversary Edition~" DVD has a total of 100 minutes of BoA-filled performances!

In other news, BoA returned to Toronto, Canada, on January 10th to re-shooting scenes for her upcoming dance flick with Derek Hough, "COBU 3D."

Setlist for "BoA THE LIVE 2011 "X'mas" DVD
  • ◆Let It Snow
  • ◆気持ちは伝わる (Kimochi wa Tsutawaru)
  • ◆Shine We Are!
  • ◆No.1
  • ◆七色の明日~brand new beat~ (Nanairo no Ashita)
  • ◆コノヨノシルシ (Konoyo no Shirushi)
  • ◆きみのとなりで (Kimi no Tonari de)
  • ◆奇蹟 (Miracle)
  • ◆Rock With You
  • ◆BUMP! BUMP!
  • ◆永遠 (Eien)
  • ◆I SEE ME
  • ◆Milestone
  • ◆メリクリ (Meri Kuri)
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#2227145 BoA's New Year's resolution is to fall in love

Posted by Uni on 01 January 2012 - 11:43 AM

On January 2, 2012, BoA shared her New Year's resolution with her fans via her Twitter account and posted, "What's your new year's resolution? Mine is..... I wanna fall in love with a great guy.. Ha ha (; happy 2012 again, let's make a great one!"

Fans replied to her Twitter posting with encouragement and said, "That might not be easy being so famous, but best of luck! Don't rush it! I'm just gonna try to eat less sugar," "Look outside yr door... There must b a queue by now ... Don't b too picky ... Keke!!!" "Yes! :) go and fall in love with a great guy and find your happiness! All the best for 2012!" and "Sounds like a good resolution to me."

BoA made her debut into the music industry in 2000 with "ID; Peace B" and rose into one of the most prominent female soloist in South Korea. In August 2010, BoA celebrated her 10th year anniversary.

With the new year finally upon us, what is your New Year's resolution? What do you think of BoA's New Year's resolution?

Posted Image

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#2226993 Yay! The fugly black theme is gone!

Posted by Uni on 29 December 2011 - 08:50 PM

You know you could have changed the theme at any time. And this is just a default theme from the upgrade. But thanks for the appreciation.

#2222659 BoA's "Milestone" MV to be revealed through MTV Exclusive

Posted by Uni on 18 November 2011 - 08:20 PM

Fans have been waiting for weeks for the unveiling of the "Milestone" music video after the song was released on Japanese J-WAVE radio "Paradiso." With a little over 3 weeks left until the release of BoA's 1st DVD single, "Milestone," her first physical release since her 30th Japanese single "Woo Weekend" in July 2010, it has finally been announced through her Japanese website that the music video will make its grand debut on MTV Exclusive.

MTV Exclusive will debut the "Milestone" music video for two days starting on November 21st until the 22nd. So far, no music video teaser has been released through Avex. However, a photo from the SOUL magazine (BoA's Japanese fanclub) was scanned and assumed to be a scene from "Milestone." BoA can be seen standing next to a piano wearing a short skirt and high heels, revealing her beautiful legs. Click photo on the right for larger image

Prior to the DVD single's official release, "Milestone" has already been chosen as the CM song for Audio Technica. Meanwhile, BoA's DVD single "Milestone" is set to be released on December 7th, where she will then perform her yearly Christmas concert "BoA THE LIVE 2011 'X'mas'" on December 10th and 11th. Fans can catch the concert on television on WOWOW at 5:30PM JST on December 24th.

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#2222481 Important change to Serious Discussions

Posted by Uni on 17 November 2011 - 01:08 PM

Due to spam bots finding a home especially in the Serious Discussion forum, all topics in this forum must be approved by a moderator when posted. If you can't see your topic right away, please don't worry, it is simply in queue for moderators to okay. With that said, please make sure your topic title is CLEAR so it doesn't end up getting deleted.

#2220451 BoA will release 1st DVD single for her 10th anniversary in Japan

Posted by Uni on 07 October 2011 - 12:10 PM

On October 7th, BoA tweeted that she was on her way to shoot her new Japanese music video, exciting fans all over the world for her long awaited return. It has been over a year since she last released her digital single "I See Me" for Audio Technica, and a year and 3 months since the release of her 30th single "Woo Weekend."

According to her Japanese website, BoA will release her first DVD single for her 10th anniversary in Japan, which will include a single with a new title track called "Milestone."

The DVD will include the "Milestone" music video, a 10th anniversary film that will include interviews and a documentary of BoA's 10 years in Japan (tentative), and the making of video for "Milestone."

The DVD single is set to be released on December 7th, and BoA will have her yearly "THE LIVE 2011 'X'mas' Concert" on December 10th and 11th at the Tokyo International Forum in Hall A.

[ CD収録曲 ]
01. Milestone
02, I SEE ME
03. Meri Kuri ~BEST&USA Version~
04. Milestone(仮)-Instrumental-

[ DVD収録曲 ]
01. Milestone Music Video
02. 10th Anniversary (tentative)
03. Making of

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