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#2304574 【New Single】"No Matter What" BoA x Beenzino

Posted by ~Milestone~ on 16 June 2016 - 08:04 AM

BoA debuted #6 on melon! 




Love the song btw

#2304211 [NEWS] Minor BoA News

Posted by ~Milestone~ on 25 April 2016 - 01:34 PM

I'll save you all



#2303980 [NEWS] Minor BoA News

Posted by ~Milestone~ on 01 March 2016 - 05:23 PM

Here is the digest:

Part 1: http://v.youku.com/v...l?from=y1.7-1.2

Part 2: http://v.youku.com/v...l?from=y1.7-1.2


It's pretty low quality, but it's good enough for now. MASAYUME CHASING (EDM Ver.) rocks! 

#2303158 [NEWS] Minor BoA News

Posted by ~Milestone~ on 15 November 2015 - 07:33 PM

Youtube ver

#2303044 [NEWS] Minor BoA News

Posted by ~Milestone~ on 03 November 2015 - 02:44 PM

Maybe that single album that Instiz was talking about earlier wasn't Lookbook. Instiz has listed a Korean single release for December 31! What a nice new years gift if it's true!




#2277915 [Official Thread] BoA LIVE TOUR JAPAN 2014

Posted by ~Milestone~ on 07 March 2015 - 01:16 PM

Found close to me live :) 

#2277526 BOA's 2015 PROJECTS

Posted by ~Milestone~ on 03 January 2015 - 08:03 AM

^What? Where did you hear that from?



It's currently being reviewed. If all goes well, it will be released January 28!

#2276930 I did not recognize BoA here.

Posted by ~Milestone~ on 07 November 2014 - 07:45 AM

I have an account over at that site, and I honestly think people are overreacting. 

#2274194 【Single】〖14/XX/XX〗BoA - MASAYUME CHASINGï

Posted by ~Milestone~ on 04 April 2014 - 07:04 PM

Half of the song can be heard from the theme of the new season of Fairy Tail that premiered today

#2256543 An old wallpaper of BoA

Posted by ~Milestone~ on 08 July 2013 - 06:41 PM

Will this do?
Posted Image

#2256328 BoA? Hyori? Who is the real "Queen"?

Posted by ~Milestone~ on 29 June 2013 - 04:32 PM

I don't know anything about Hyori's dating advice to BoA on You & I, so I can't help you there. But, this topic is a matter of opinion, yet I don't think it is that important

But, obviously, most, if not all, of us here would consider BoA "the queen". However, as an unbiased opinion I think it would be BoA still. Look at the facts. BoA latest comeback with "Only One" (sold 34,000+ units) sold physically more than Hyori's "Monochrome" album (sold 12,573+ units). I don't think we can compare their digital sales for their title tracks, since digital sales in Korea have changed since July-August 2012.

Also, BoA has contributed more to K-pop than Hyori. BoA (along with DBSK arguably) opened Japan up for other K-pop acts to promote there. Without her, not many K-pop groups would be promoting there today. Hyori probably only has has contributed by inspiring many K-pop artists, but BoA also has done that as well. BoA also tries to promote internationally in Japan, Korea and the U.S., reaching out to her international Jumpings. Hyori, whereas, I think has basically performed in Korea for all of her career.

BoA and Hyori have been in the music industry for about the same time, but Hyori has been a solo act since 2003, where BoA has been since 2000. I think they have about the same amount of experience in the K-pop industry, but again, this topic is again debatable. BoA, in my opinion, I think is more talented in singing and talented. i am a huge fan of BoA & Hyori, but i gotta give it to BoA for her talents (Again this my opinion, i am not trying to start something).

Anyway, this is my opinion, it is most likely debatable to consider the "real queen". Some will say Hyori and others with say BoA, but overall, I don't think this title is that important. People will have their own preferences of honorable names in the music industry. BoA will be in the queen to me (and hopefully to all of us :lol: ) no matter what.

#2256266 [Official Thead] Tail of Hope Promotions

Posted by ~Milestone~ on 27 June 2013 - 09:01 AM

Download link for the performance in HD at this thread: http://forums.boajja...howtopic=148391

This performance brought a big smile to my face. :)

#2253888 Make Your Move (Cobu 3D) NEWS

Posted by ~Milestone~ on 09 June 2013 - 10:48 AM

Were'nt these other OSTs for the movie?


Also, here is a great twitter for updates on the movie.

Anyway, thank you so much for this thread! :)

#2253717 BoA summer 2013 Jap new song/single

Posted by ~Milestone~ on 01 June 2013 - 08:32 AM

#2250889 "The Shadow" Japanese version - Questions

Posted by ~Milestone~ on 19 March 2013 - 01:41 PM

It's been out for a few weeks now ._.

Here's some links on here in case you didnt find them

Here's a streaming link to the MV:

it cant go on Youtube because Avex blocks it