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#2260448 BoA reached 2 million followers on Twitter!

Posted by atkyumi on 25 September 2013 - 12:45 AM

Congrats to BoA. But the reason i respect BoA becoz, she using tweeter in good aspect. it different than other celebrities when using media social.

Completely agree. There's a different vibe about her twitter compared to other celebrities, like a casual feel. It's great that's she's got so many followers despite the lack of updates and carefully angled selcas

#2259263 BoA's Hair Style, Bangs vs No Bangs

Posted by atkyumi on 10 August 2013 - 09:01 PM

^ Ah yeah now that you mention it she does tend to brush her hair back alot, must be a pain during performances :/ Im sure alot of people can sympathise with hair getting in your face -___- *raises hand*

On the topic of hairstyles, what hair colour do you guys prefer for BoA? Dunno how to post pictures, but her natural black is best for me, she looked gorgeous during 2011 Kpop Star

#2259102 BoA's New song : "Action"

Posted by atkyumi on 30 July 2013 - 10:18 PM

Woah totally didn't have any high expectations for this since it was just a campaign-type song, but I'm loving it! The beats are awesome. They should make a full English version of this, seriously. 

But I don't like the part that sounds like Britney and Will I Am's song, way too similar even if it's just a small part :/

#2257708 Boa's ED page

Posted by atkyumi on 27 July 2013 - 02:54 AM

I suggest no one should really click that link, it's just a troll page on BoA, and a waste of time. 

I really recommend to ignore this tryhard site encyclopedia dramatica, it's a pathetic attempt at trolling, you could try searching your own country in that site (be warned you could take huge offense to their BS).Basically you shouldn't give a care about the content of their pages 'cause no one obviously takes its seriously. 

#2257682 What's the right translation of "네모난 바

Posted by atkyumi on 26 July 2013 - 12:54 AM

Credit to noshadow31:

The real song title is "Nemonan Bakwi" (Hope) which literally means "Square(Rectangle) Wheel". It's a sad ballad telling a story of a good-for-nothing square wheel. Receiving disdain from the world day by day, it still does not give up and tries its best in moving forward with the hope to turn into a round wheel one day.


#2257565 BoA should release a Special album for her American fans

Posted by atkyumi on 19 July 2013 - 05:17 PM

Although I see zero chance of this happening, it's a neat idea. Especially since her English pronunciation has improved so much. On a side note, anticipating BoA's version of Let Me In :)

#2257563 [Drama: Expect the Romance] BoA Casted as the Female Lead

Posted by atkyumi on 19 July 2013 - 05:12 PM

Oh man to be completely honest I'm worried.  I'm happy for her in that this is something she's been wanting to do for a while that she finds fun, but I'm preparing my fort for the waves of criticism that's gonna come over. Its only two episodes though. Frankly I don't think acting is BoA's thing. Like other people mentioned her acting in Athena felt forced and her CFs are a bit awkward. I just hope shes got acting lessons since then. I'll support her nonetheless, but I hope she stays more within performing than acting. I think she knows there'll be some backlash, but hey, "If I'm afraid of criticisms, I won't be able to challenge anything new" - BoA.

Critics often point out that BoA's a very "scripted" performer-- in that she is lackluster without extensive practice and set choreography (in other words, it doesn't come all that naturally). I think that is the most obvious in her acting.

I agree that she feels really scripted in her acting, but in no way does she give that feel during live performances where she shines the most. The greatest BoA is the BoA on stage. She can exert intense charisma with a tinge of sexiness while dancing, or express so much raw emotion during heartbreaking ballads, not to mention she can hype up the crowd like crazy during concerts. You know those emotions and expressions  are all her own and not dictated by anyone else.

#2256448 Make Your Move (Cobu 3D) NEWS

Posted by atkyumi on 02 July 2013 - 11:53 PM

Really not liking the fonts on the poster. And they just took a screencap (first picture of usako's post), mirrored BoA and Derek around and photoshopped that unflattering body/blue top on her >:/ that's just...-sigh- felt they could've done better.
On another note, that photo of them together in bed is so adorable. I wonder where all these HD screencaps are coming from?

#2256322 [Official Thead] Tail of Hope Promotions

Posted by atkyumi on 29 June 2013 - 06:15 AM

I'm not that bothered with sale numbers, as long as BoA can stay active and keep releasing songs/performing thats good enough for me. And I appreciate all the neat promotions Avex has done for her recent singles despite her decline in sales, like the coffee shops thing for Only One and TOH website/tail cam. I don't think getting all down about chart rankings helps so might as well just not mind it and enjoy the song.

#2256211 Make Your Move (Cobu 3D) NEWS

Posted by atkyumi on 25 June 2013 - 02:12 AM

Watching the trailer on the bus, trying to look calm on the outside but spazzing like crazy inside. Waited SO long for this! The dancing looks amazinggg

#2253768 BoA summer 2013 Jap new song/single

Posted by atkyumi on 04 June 2013 - 03:25 AM

I do praise BoA. BoA's English album to me is awesome. Sure it did horribly sales wise but that to me was taking risk and doing something different, with pretty awesome songs. Energetic is a jam. I felt that was one of the times BoA actually put a lot of effort and SM Entertainment and avex trax backed her up in that era.

Identity was a mess though just in all levels but I feel BoA learned a lot from that, looking at Hurricane Venus and Only One it seems BoA has learned not to rush everything and plan it right.

Hurricane Venus was exciting and disappointing at the same time. Image wise it was exciting and cool, but sound wise it was like every other K-pop song out there, it did not stand out. It was BoA following the mainstream for the sake of it and trying to look edgy and cool wearing pots of flowers on her head. I really loved GAME and Copy & Paste though, sexy but only in a teasing way.

Only One was OK, the songs were good. I liked the choreography. But it seemed safe to me, like I've seen BoA do that before. Other than that, everything is pretty flawless with Only One. BoA looks and sounds fresh, like fresh laundry or a summer breeze in the beach.

Tail of Hope is giving me beach vibes definately. Its a good song its just weak for a single. As someone previously mentioned it is simlar to Key of Heart, except Key of Heart had much more energy and life into it! Not to mention the cute music video, it was like Disney, and some might not like that, but I loved it because if you're to go cute why not make it Disney-sounding? :D

If you have praise it wouldn't hurt to say it like you've just done -which I've never seen before from you- it's refreshing :) (and is a great post which I agree on everything - loved GAME and CP as well, HV was too mainstream, as much as I loved identity I agree it wasn't that well produced)
I have no right to tell you what to post of course, but more comments like the one above rather than your usual "BoA's become a flop" would feel a lot less of a downer. Glad to know you do have praises in her recent works and can criticize without being rude.

#2253748 BoA summer 2013 Jap new song/single

Posted by atkyumi on 03 June 2013 - 05:19 AM

@Mashimaro-san I think your criticism on this song is fine, I don't think it's a strong single either, but judging by your previous posts and attitude in this forum, I'd like to say this.

I have no problems at all with criticism against BoA. Its not expected that everything needs to be sugarcoated There are many members here who offer personal insights and constructive criticisms that are good to read. The problem is when it's by people like you who thinks poorly of everything BoA does and arrogantly degrades her

"Pink has better songwriting skills than BoA. Lady Gaga has better creativity than BoA. Britney Spears just know how to pick good pop songs (something BoA isn't so good at in my opinion). Mariah Carey? Really? Come back to me when BoA hits those high whistle registers. Beyoncé? You've got to be kidding me, BoA can't even match Beyoncé. Christina Aguilera? Are you for serious right now?! Christina Aguilera will blow BoA's ass all the way back to Korea with one gigantic high note belted out like the world depends on it."

Has even anything she done in the past 5 years satisfied you? Doesn't seem so looking at the zero amount of praise you've given her. All your posts have only been negative, constantly bringing up her failures, how she is now irrelevant compared to her glory days back in 05. If you feel this way, then perhaps your time as a fan is over, move on, the credibility of your criticisms is lost by your bad attitude. You can keep wasting your time posting opinions about someone who you seem to think poorly of, but there are many other members here who post constructive criticisms of BoA out of concern as a fan that provide better insight.

#2253734 BoA summer 2013 Jap new song/single

Posted by atkyumi on 02 June 2013 - 07:47 AM

The song was originally in English, I mean look at the composers and writers. The English version definitely sounds better but the Japanese version is good too.

I have to listen to the song a couple more times, but at first listen it sounds like a weak single. I wish BoA would step it up a bit more she's still playing it safe in my opinion (in both Korea and Japan).

^ Do you seriously have some sort of problem? When she literally took a huge risk with Identity, you hated it. When she play if safe, you also critic her. What can she ever does to make you happy? lol.

I believe they are called hypocrites. Nvm, Mashimaro tends to think his opinions are more qualified because of all his purely negative criticisms and in depth knowledge of every global music industry.

Anyways, english version of TOH is surprisingly good and loving it more than the Jpn version atm, amazing how you pretty much can't hear any accent. @BoA_rocks_in_english thanks for lyrics and cleaning up the audio. Can't wait for the official release :)

#2253599 [Concert] Here I Am 2013 - Additional Dates

Posted by atkyumi on 19 May 2013 - 02:21 AM

Ah she really cried alot, it's concerts like this that have such a personal feeling between the performer and audience, wish I were there. Taiwan fans are really awesome, preparing so many surprises for her, no wonder she cried so much.

(credits to the amazing @therlynn)

(from @amo1003 twitter)

Before the concert began, just hearing everyone scream BoA's name gave me goosebumps, it was really scary XD BoA was really cute and stunning, even acted cute to the fans? She sang really well, her dance was absolutely stunning, oh my god she's just perfect!
Once the concert began, everyone's BoA call really gave me goosebumps, the yellow sea is really pretty! Once BoA started singing the fans went crazy, they screamed like mad!! I wondered which boyband came XDDD I think BoA would feel very happy hearing it.
BoA sang Korean, Japanese, and English songs today. At first she spoke English, and some cute(?) Mandarin XD Then she said she has a great translator today, so after that she just spoke Korean, while the translator was busy translating into Mandarin, during MC in the middle part, she said the advantage of having a translator is that she can take a break (for example drink water) if not she is very busy as she has to sing and dance, she said "I'm very busy" and "I'm tired" in Mandarin, it was very cute!
During the ballad, the back row flashed 3 alphabets BoA, but BoA didn't mention it even after finishing her song, only till the next MC segment, she asked what those words on her lyrics monitor were, she said she didn't know what they were. She even said "I don't know" in Mandarin, it was super cute. Later she realised Taiwanese fans arranged the words, then she suddenly looked up and said ah I didn't see it just now! That's amazing, it spells BoA right? So touched!
During the slow song, BoA gestured to the side to turn the in-ear monitor volume down, but it seems like it wasn't adjusted, BoA seemed to have a hard time singing, I felt that her expression seemed a little painful, because even after 2-3 songs it didn't get better, so she took advantage of the gap between songs and said directly into the mic to turn the volume down as her ears hurt (Although BoA spoke in Korean, I somehow understood this sentence, probably because I also felt the same emotions TT).
After that it was encore, before encore began everyone screamed for BoA to come out together, in the end when BoA came out and saw fans in the middle row, she couldn't stop laughing and couldn't continue singing, it seems like the entire row pasted fake tears XD In the end BoA finally stopped laughing, she realised everyone raised a placard, although I don't know what it wrote, BoA was moved to tears upon seeing that, and couldn't continue singing again, so fans helped her to sing! Really, how can Taiwanese fans be so awesome!
After that during the MC, BoA mentioned that when she went to change her clothes just now, someone probably turned the volume of her in-ear monitor up accidentally, so she had a hard time singing, she even thought she was going deaf! (She said it in an extremely cute manner, it seemed like she was acting cute while complaining to her fans, super cute) she even said because this is her first concert overseas, so she wanted to show her very best, and so she was very frustrated!
Before singing the last song, BoA mentioned that whenever she sang this song she felt like crying, but since she cried at the first song of the encore, what will she do next! In the end, BoA began singing very happily, probably because she felt warm due to the support everyone showed her, but after a while she got caught up in emotions again, BoA really sang with all her heart, even though I couldn't understand her lyrics I could feel her emotions, I guess this is what they meant by music has no boundaries!
Lastly, BoA said because this is her first concert overseas, she would like to take a picture with the fans, so she called her dancers and live band members to the front, even told everyone that in Korea when they take pictures they will say KIMUCHI, so later when she say KIMUCHI, everyone has to scream with her. It was a super cute scene.



(original by candidwei18 from http://www.ptt.cc/bb...5665.A.2E0.html)

The first song began with Hurricane Venus, BoA sitting on the couch on stage was really charismatic! It was followed by 3 fast tempo songs after that.
After singing 3 songs, she said hi to us, her first sentence was "Everybody~ (in Mandarin)". I was thinking she will continue with "Hello" because I think most Koreans can't speak much Mandarin XDDDDDDDD But in the end BoA said "Good evening everybody~(in Mandarin)".
I was really taken aback at that moment!!!!!! After that she gave a short self-introduction. At first, I wanted to comment that her Mandarin was perfect >U<b
but after saying a few sentences in Mandarin and some in English, she said that since there was a translator present, she would use Korean~~~~
Sigh no matter what the goddess says it sounds good, she's practically a language genius. Throughout the concert she would occasionally break out in Mandarin, and even repeated what the translator said.
These are what I remember:
"Previously I held my first solo concert in Korea,
this is the very first overseas concert after that, so I'm actually very nervous.
Just now when I came on stage and saw everyone in their seats, I was shocked."
(No wonder BoA asked everyone to stand up quickly after the first song hahahahaha)

"Because this is the first concert held overseas, and it's also the first time I'm performing here, I hope everyone can help me along (laughs)"

"During the last concert, I did not sing only Korean songs, I also sang Japanese and English songs, if anyone knows the song please sing along! Next, please spend a wonderful night with me"

Three fast tempo songs followed after the first talk part. There was a song which had a musical theme!!!! Super cute!!!!! There were lots of contradance and exaggerated movements, looking at that song made my mood super good.

I especially like that when BoA goes off-stage to change or prepare for the next stage, they wouldn't just show some special video footage or some photo collage but rather let the live band on-stage perform. For a moment it makes you feel like you came to a lounge bar - comfortable and enjoyable. I remember there was a piano version of Only One, as compared to watching the video I prefer this more.

Then she changed into a red costume, super super super super sexy.
The lower half was shorts with chiffon, but the goddess keeps flipping open the chiffon Q/////////Q ah♥

Time for slow songs also signaled the time for the placard support event.
Actually I wasn't sure only till I heard the song then I confirmed that it was the right time.

BoA came out dressed in all white, she really looked like a fairy who descended~~~~~
After singing the first song "Implode", BoA said: "This time I specially chose a live band format (I think she mentioned something about coming to Taipei ?_?) So fans who were expecting an extravagant stage would be let down, really sorry"
After the translator finished translating, BoA was super cute >//////<
"The translation is really good, then I can rest (laugh)"
"During other concerts I have to sing and talk I can't stop at all, it's really tough"
"I'm tired! It's tough!! (in Mandarin!!!!)"
"I just used up all the Mandarin I know
So, let's listen to a song! The next song is~.....What is it?
hahahahaha because the schedule is too busy I'm a little confused! The next song is a song Kangta helped me with in 2002 waiting! Ahn Chil Hyun! (<-in Mandarin)"
I think I'll die from BoA's cuteness QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ

While listening to waiting I couldn't hold back my tears TT

But it seemed like BoA kept gesturing to the staff at the side about something
It seemed like there was a fault with her in-ear monitor, I don't know was it that she couldn't hear or what
Initially I thought she couldn't hear but she kept gesturing upwards and downwards.

Then while singing the next song QQQQQQQQ BoA couldn't help but stop the performance and said "Sorry, the volume is too loud my ears hurt"

Then she continued singing, she even used the word pain T-T
With difficulty she finished the song, then the staff rushed on-stage.
"Just a moment"

"Sorry, while I was changing, it seems like my in-ear monitor got accidentally adjusted, so the sound is extremely loud, I thought I was going to go deaf. Really sorry about that TT"
(The audience immediately screamed it's alright XD)

Moreover we were super upset that she didn't see our placard arrangement .
After saying that, as though to lighten the atmosphere, BoA said "Eh? Where's my water~" and even said "Thirsty". So after she finished drinking water and walked back towards centerstage

"Eh? What's this on the lyrics monitor?"
"The fans prepared an event for you"
Finally turned the stage lights off and the lights were only on us T_T BoA finally saw it T_T
"Oh god.... Sorry I only saw it now!! It spells BoA right"

"This support is too amazing! Really! To receive this kind of support on my first trip here...Too amazing..." (I forgot the sentence after that XD)

Then she continued singing Disturbance.
Oh god QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ I didn't know I could hear this song!!
Not checking the set list beforehand was the right thing to do (?!) If I did so I would have lost many surprises XD

Another point which I love
I love the feeling of family when BoA introduced her live band members and dancers one by one!
Regardless the guitarist, bassist, keyboardist, drummer, or male/female dancers everyone of them were introduced. Lastly the dancer even invited BoA to show off her skills, so BoA just did a twirl~~~So cute QQQQQQQ
When only 3 songs were left

"Not many songs are left, so everyone please sing as much as you want to, dance as much as you want to, scream as much as you want to, let us spend this night happily!"

Finally the encore,
The encore support was to raise the placards (combination of 2 placards would form a complete sentence)
The flipside of the placard was printed with the lyrics of No. 1, we intended to repeat the chorus to her after she finished singing No. 1 to let the goddess know that she will always be the forever No. 1 in our hearts.

In the end, she saw the mosh pit audiences with their fake tears once she came on stage for encore (so the support for the mosh pit was this) so she burst out laughing, then she saw that the whole veue was filled with placards then she began to cry QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ
Initially she sang a few sentences but after a while she couldn't continue

She tried to sing a few sentences then said "Ah I really can't do it"

After singing she was choked but tried to talk to us
"You guys actually prepared such a good support event, I feel that I'm really blessed. Actually I was pretty unsatisfied with my performance today, because there was a problem with the sound system. I kept wanting to sing properly at the end (choked) but you guys do this again.... I was really upset when I was performing just now..."
(The time to scream It's alright has come again) (I also screamed XD)

"I really feel this is a blessed night."
"Next time I'll gift you guys an even better stage."

It was a pity that the song support failed in the end
But it's sufficient that BoA was very touched
The last song was Hope

"What should I do, there's still this last song. Whenever I sing this song I will always feel like crying but I am already crying now QAQ The last song is Hope"

I cried while listening to the song.

Finally finished singing the last song, after bowing:
"Because today is the first time I'm performing overseas, so I want to take a picture, can I? Then you must take your placards out!!!!"


#2253510 [NEWS] BoA tweets to Italian fans

Posted by atkyumi on 13 May 2013 - 02:18 AM

@superlita: took the words right out of my mouth.

Imo BoA's personality is very 'real', if that makes sense. She's not two-faced. Whether she's on a talk show, variety or out in public with friends or staff, she doesnt try to be or act like someone she's not in order to gain favor. Knowing her extremely blunt nature, this issue doesnt come as a huge shock to me.

Not mentioning BoA, I asked some people around me how they would feel if they saw their absolute favorite celebrity vacationing in their area, went up to them and told them they were their biggest fan, then get completely shut down. Would their views on that person change? The responses were all like "I'd be so gutted, but its understandable", "Fair enough, they're on vacation," even though i know theyre such huge fans. The extent of controversy surrounding a situation all depends on different people's reactions to it and their maturity level. These two "fans" are the complete definition of butthurt. They arent even BoA fans, but kpop boy idol group fans. They were expecting typical fanservice by your typical idol, which BoA's personality doesnt exactly cater to. Then they call her a b*tch and abuse her on twitter. Out of many fan accounts of BoA, I dont see why this one deserves special attention, how can you even trust all their words? They try and say theyre unbiased, but its obvious that they were pissed oft to discover that not all kpop idols plaster eye smiles and blow kisses 24/7.

And I am so sick of comments like "they chose to be a celebrity, so they cant complain about their lack of privacy" Its pathetic, and whoever cant see why, Im worried for who they are a fan of.