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Happy 13th Anniversary BoA!

24 August 2013 - 09:21 PM

Happy 13th Anniversary BoA (25.8.13)!!

Can't believe it's been 13 years for this girl, hope there's many more to come <3

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"Today is the 13th year since I debuted? Thank you for the congratulatory mentions ^^ I’ll be shooting more diligently today ^^"
trans credit: http://energetic.tumblr.com/

Both #보아야데뷔13주년축하해 and #BoA13thAnniv trending on Twitter:
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Fans from BoA19 fanpage put out this banner in front of the SM Building:

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Some awesome/sweet fanmade 13oA videos: Props for the great efforts! :)



Anyone find any other 13oA related items pls add ^^

Question about Milestone CD+DVD (Japan Version)

20 March 2013 - 01:21 AM

Can anyone who owns BoA’s Milestone CD+DVD (Japan Version) tell me what the outside packaging is like? Im so confused ‘cause I recently bought it on YesAsia and its arrived today but its packaging is a normal CD case? I’ve seen photos of it unboxed from fellow BoAjjangers but in those photos they’re like a paper (?) slight rectangle packaging? I was looking forward to it ‘cause I thought it looked really nice. Does anyone else have Milestone in a CD case like I’ve got? Hope its not some mistake :/ I havent opened it yet but it looks genuine and says made in Japan.

BoAjjang's YesAsia link

10 October 2012 - 06:40 PM

So after many years I've finally decided to start up a proper BoA collection buying from YesAsia (my wallet's about to go into depression), plus it supports BoAjjang :)
But I clicked on the link (titled: Announcement: BoAjjang's new YesAsia link), and it takes me to the YesAsia North America site. Does the referral account still work if I click on the link from that site that takes me to the YesAsia global site? I noticed that the URL is different when I click on the link from BoAjjang (http://www.yesasia.c...47-en/list.html) as opposed to http://www.yesasia.c...al/en/home.html, but it becomes normal again when I click on my shopping cart (http://www.yesasia.c...pping-cart.html). Will the referral account still work?

Sorry for my confusing explanation, hope you get it. Since I'll be buying a ton of BoA CDs/DVDs from YesAsia in the next few months, thought I might as well use the referral account to support BoAjjang ^^