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My Guilty pleasure...

01 February 2009 - 04:29 AM

As i write to you i ask everyone, in a simple plea. To help. Here i am a college student, average student making average grades, and a part time job. But the main secret that i have is that i am a drug addict. Ever since the age of 17 i have been addicted... The only way in which i actually listen to people is yet...when i am on drugs. Since i have been on these forums for a pretty long time...but never really got involved. (sorry everyone) But it seems that maybe people with the same situation as me...can help me. I figured if someone whom doesn't know my past. can actually point me in the right direction... I've experianced alot since i was young..which i always blame for my downfall (the drug addiction). While sober, i still have that rebel teenager in me. Always going out an such....But when i'm on this highness i feel. yet, normal, an adult doing his responsibilities... So anyone out there...what should i do? Should i stop? should i just "cut back"...or should i just be myself...doing things that make me happy and successfull. Thoughts anyone?

P.S. To any of the moderators.. if you thinks this topic is inappropriate or rather...selfish. your more than happy to close it...

To All the concerns about BoA in NYC

25 November 2008 - 08:11 PM

So i've been selected to visit boa in NYC! Problem is that' i live in Houston, Texas (if anyone wonders why i can't go) so yeah. I've only replied to Epikxlove since he/she pmed me first. i have given my pass away. but please be warned to anyone that doesn't live in NYC, they also sent me with this following email...


Although you weren't selected to see BoA perform in the MTV Times Square studio, you still have a chance to meet BoA!

We are looking for the most enthusiastic, creative, dedicated fans to show how much they really love BoA. Bring your BoA home made posters, pictures and attire to MTV's NYC Times Square studio located at 1515 Broadway, on December 3rd, 2008 @ 9:00 am sharp, and you may be chosen to meet BoA in person.

Don't forget to go to http://facebook.mtviggy.com to get the Iggy app and more BoA goodness!

BoA Live In NYC Team

...Henceforth, If i fly all the way to New York (flying during the holiday season is very expensive) and not being able to see BoA personally would really make me angry. so therefore i have chosen not to go. But yeah, everyone that got the email first...IT IS NOT GURANTEED that you will see BOA.

Where can i buy Boa items?

06 January 2008 - 12:13 PM

So i was trying to look online for some BoA items. I've tried yesasia. Cdjapan, and i use them quite often.Ebay is way to overpriced. But is there a site like mu-mo in english in which i can purchase the boaxedhardy cap? or any of the other exclusive items?

ps. i did'nt know where this topic should be in so i just put it in lounge.


28 July 2007 - 11:08 PM

Alright, so After work my boss just got back from korea and offered me some soju, at first i did'nt know what it was and surely it tastes like water.(to me that is) After having a descent conversation time flies by and it seems multiple bottles of soju were empty. The next morning as i wake up i felt like i was going to die. My arms were sore as if i was working out for a long time, I had a headache yet felt like a migrane, and dehydration as if i was going to die. Also known as a hangover. Anyways, if anyone has or tried this drink please share yout thoughts. But i warn you...DON'T DRINK IT!

BoA in Kamakura pt.2

26 June 2007 - 02:34 AM

since i'm never able to sleep, i'll just post the picture that boa posts on her blog (if boanjel doesn't have it on yet) lol. but here it goes.

Posted Image

i'll edit it later on with the translation link.

credit: boa's official oricon blog

-edit- translation available in the general boa chat, delete whenever possible-