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#2253521 [Italian fans] Fan account translation

Posted by guandaping on 14 May 2013 - 08:57 AM

I feel so mad with those Italian fans. I think they didnt understand the situation and they maybe didnt expect those reaction from BoA. there's only 2 possibilities in here.

first, the accident didnt happen like that and those typical kpop fans only make the story sounds like they were the victim, since we didnt know what actually really happened and witnessed the accident or how those fans behavior.

second, even if it's true, I dont think BoA is the person who could be blamed for. She maybe didnt expect to be disturbed in her vacation when she has her own private time by fans. She just need to enjoy her own time, without any title as singer or etc, but simply as a tourist or a person who take a relaxing time for herself/himself which I think it is really normal. Moreover, she realized that she was wrong and even apologized publicly. but those people keep bashing her and didnt want to stop the problem. Even several days after that, BoA still tweeted about that.

Me, particularly, disappointed with that people. If they call they are kpop fans, there are some things they need to understand regarding the artist. There are some sides that we cant demand or bluff about when it's not come to the expectation. Not even a single fans like their idol being bashed by other people, including us. They need to understand it because I believe they dont like their idol whoever it is being bashed too.

#2232604 Youtube/Stream Video sharing

Posted by guandaping on 26 May 2012 - 10:49 AM

have you check this one?
Bump Bump! dance version :thumbsup: