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Today, 12:12 PM

This is still a thing.

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Today, 11:07 AM

Deluxe and repackage mean the same thing but deluxe is more commonly used in the UK and US. I wonder what the reason was behind calling the repackage a Deluxe Edition. Are SM trying to be "artsy" or "cool" or some s**t? lol

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Today, 07:53 AM

Exactly! She's been doing that pretty much since Milestone? About her 10th Anniversary and stuff (although it was still better than her 15th one by far).

Right now I'm actually thinking avex can re-release the 15th version of LISTEN TO MY HEART deluxe box and I'll buy it, without whining, because the gap between lookbook to now is just too much.

I'd actually be kind of insulted if that's all we dot after all this time XD

Taeyeon just started teasing the "Deluxe Version" of My Voice.

Alright then XD

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Yesterday, 02:47 AM

And BoA can confirm her comeback and not having a comeback because she's BoA

The thing is I wouldn't be annoyed if it weren't for the fact BoA keeps making promises lol It's one thing to have long breaks between comebacks but it's another to keep promising a comeback and not delivering.

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24 March 2017 - 01:01 PM

It's a nice song but I agree that it isn't very memorable. CHAT-SHIRE was amazing and this pre-release doesn't really live up to any of the songs on that album. IU actually sounds nice in this song though ^^ Like Lee Hyori IU's voice is very hit and miss for me but in both CHAT-SHIRE and this song I like the way she sounds ^^


This is nonsense but it did get a laugh out of me lol