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#2303547 [2015.12.9] BoA - Lookbook (Single) - PROMOTION / Details

Posted by ShiroiChanUK on 29 December 2015 - 07:01 PM

Personally TV performances aren't my go to examples for showing people how great of a performer someone is anyway, I think performers shine best on their own stage. There are some exceptions though like this of course.

Also BoA a "weak performer"??? Are these people even watching BoA at all???

#2303419 [2015-12-22] Christmas Paradise (Single) / SMTOWN - Winter Garden

Posted by ShiroiChanUK on 17 December 2015 - 06:45 AM

BoA will be releasing her single for the Winter Garden Project on December 22nd at 00:00 KST. The single is named Christmas Paradise.


Source: V App live stream with f(x) and Red Velvet. They played a snippet of the song in the background.



#2303403 [2015.12.9] BoA - Lookbook (Single) - PROMOTION / Details

Posted by ShiroiChanUK on 16 December 2015 - 03:30 AM

Not bad, I'm happy with that ^-^


She's up against Sexy Zone and Flower, not sure how well the rest sell.


Edit: I know it's expensive but this is another reason why I order from JHM. Only orders from within Japan are counted so every copy JHM buys for us from BoA's official SOUL shop will count towards the sales. Always here to support BoA ^-^

#2303357 [2015.12.9] BoA - Lookbook (Single) - PROMOTION / Details

Posted by ShiroiChanUK on 10 December 2015 - 02:24 PM

Ohs I wasn't sure if she was taking orders past midnight but I hope you make it! >_<;;;

Thanks ^-^ If there are slots available then I should be fine... hopefully lol I checked the exact time she sent the email to me and it was 14:40 which is 20 mins to midnight in Japan so it was extremely short notice.


Edit: Yay! I got it!!!

#2303334 [2015.12.9] BoA - Lookbook (Single) - PROMOTION / Details

Posted by ShiroiChanUK on 08 December 2015 - 10:56 AM

It's here and freaking gorgeous :wub: :wub: :wub:

#2303322 [NEWS] Minor BoA News

Posted by ShiroiChanUK on 06 December 2015 - 10:56 PM

Yes! I can't wait! I miss SM's Christmas albums and now I get one with not only my #1 idol but 2 of my favourite groups too :D


Our luck it'll be yet ANOTHER version of Merry Chri lmao xD

Merry Chri (Jazz Version) ...ugh

Please don't give them any ideas >_> XD

#2303228 [2015.12.9] BoA - Lookbook (Single) - PROMOTION / Details

Posted by ShiroiChanUK on 23 November 2015 - 02:15 PM

Not to mention her supposed "8th studio album" was a compilation.

#2302977 [NEWS] Minor BoA News

Posted by ShiroiChanUK on 17 October 2015 - 08:48 AM

^ Got to admire BoA's professionalism :) That being said I hope she rests well and recovers soon :)

#2302924 Kiss my lips ALBUM Hanteo daily sales and Gaon numbers

Posted by ShiroiChanUK on 10 October 2015 - 09:13 AM

The hate isn't directed towards Taeyeon, it's directed at SM. None of the decisions made surrounding Taeyeon's solo debut are in any way her fault. We're just miffed at SM because they made little effort for someone who gave them so much. Taeyeon has always worked hard and her fame is well deserved but SM are giving more love and promo to someone who in all honestly has enough popularity and the GG name to not need it.


Too old? Tell this to Lee Hyori who slayed the charts with Miss Korea and Bad Girls, half of 2ne1 members who are older than BoA, and Gain (+ the rest of Brown Eyed Girls).
I don't think BoA releasing an album+DVD and having a concert is ""enough"" because this should be her usual agenda. It's not a big deal.

Unfortunately Kwon Brian is right, in the eyes of a lot of K-pop fans she is an "old, has been". Maybe if she was out there promoting more whether it be through her music or shows then people would warm up to her again. The thing about Lee Hyori is she's everywhere, releasing music, producing music for various singers and appearing on TV and radio, people are aware of her, BoA? Not so much. A lot of BoA's Korean fans didn't even know she'd released a new album, that's bad. I know BoA isn't keen on going on TV that much but unfortunately if she doesn't or doesn't release new music frequently then she's going to fade more and more into obscurity and that will result in SM making even less of an effort with her. It's a tough reality but it's reality.

#2302919 Kiss my lips ALBUM Hanteo daily sales and Gaon numbers

Posted by ShiroiChanUK on 10 October 2015 - 07:13 AM

Can SM get LSM back please? He'll look after BoA.



I haven't listen to Taeyeon's Album yet but thats just because Im not interested in her.. i kind of lost interest in snsd a long time ago and I dont understand all the hype about them. There are way better groups and artists. Anyways did Taeyeon get the chance to write and compose the album all herself? Did she had the freedom to decide which song goes on the album? I dont think so, shes just a puppet on the strings - she does what sm wants her to do. And now since she announced that she broke up with the exo guy I think she gained back a lot of male fans.

Oh! You're going to absolutely love this then!


Reviews are meant to be written from a critical p.o.v. but this one was obviously written from a fans p.o.v. You can tell because they rave about her voice and only mention the actual songs as a side note. Not only that they called Taeyeon's song writing skills "terrific". Taeyeon has written ONE song in her life, "I" and only its lyrics. You can't say someone has "terrific" song writing skills after writing only one song. That's like calling a child a future world genius after acing one test or us saying BoA has terrific song writing skills after writing Nothing's Gonna Change.

#2302866 【Official Thread】 Variety & Reality Shows

Posted by ShiroiChanUK on 07 October 2015 - 03:58 AM

I've just finished watching the episode :) I'm really excited for a subbed version so I can watch this again and understand everything in context :)


Shin Jin Ah was my favourite contestant of the bunch :) Such a fun personality and honestly I think that particular HV look suits her much better than BoA lol


As for how I did... 3/4... I messed up on Round 1 lol I went for #6 though I was contemplating going for #4. It was really hard to hear their actual voices (#4, #5, and #6) through all that playback lol Not only that I also thought that #3 aka BoA was trying way too hard to sound like BoA! XD




This show is pretty exciting, I think I might start watching it regularly even if I'm not familiar with the guest :)

#2302864 [NEWS] Minor BoA News

Posted by ShiroiChanUK on 07 October 2015 - 03:40 AM

HAHAHAHA this guys is always imitating BoA AHHAHAA 

That was hilarious! XD Who is he?


I would love a new Japanese single. It would most likely be another remake though. This isn't the first time she'd do that.

Honestly I'm not sure if I'm excited about a new Japanese single or not :mellow: At least if it's KML we'll get the instrumental.

Now that you mention it I'd love KML to be included in a Japanese single because I really like its instrumental :)






I kind of knew this was going to happen when her stylist tagged where they were staying in her instagram post, that has since been taken down, which is why I didn't post the caption. I'm glad the fan wasn't abrasive, but I still don't condone what she did.


(second edit)


False alarm?!

@kstudioberlin (Kevin Kim), a photographer/fashion editor/stylist , posted a photo of him and BoA:



I'm wondering if it was just for a photoshoot and not the actual mv filming? Like that instance she was in Paris and we thought she was shooting an mv but it was actually a photoshoot for missha ads. In his caption he states it was for a "화보" = Pictorial.


Meaning, there's still hope for a dance bop for the december single.

While I do agree that standing outside a hotel for hours waiting for BoA is a bit much I should point out that maybe BoA's stylist should've been a little more careful about not revealing where they were staying?


Even if she was filming it wouldn't necessarily be for an MV. It could be for a CF for a makeup brand or something.

#2302755 【Official Thread】 Variety & Reality Shows

Posted by ShiroiChanUK on 27 September 2015 - 12:52 PM

I think there is 4 rounds. 2 first round people vote for who the think is not BoA. Then they get eliminated. Then 2 other round they have to vote for who they think its BoA. The one with the least vote is eleminated. But maybe rules changed dunno. (Btw i think n2 too lol)

Ah, I get it. So if BoA really is the second singer but the voters/judges don't think so and vote for someone else she could be eliminated? It seems most people are voting for the second singer so if that is indeed BoA she's safe. I'm 100% sure that was BoA.

#2302692 [NEWS] Minor BoA News

Posted by ShiroiChanUK on 19 September 2015 - 03:36 AM

No, just no. Out of all the idols listed I'd probably place Hyuna at the bottom. She's not a bad dancer but her dances aren't very technical or overly impressive. Would "simple" be an accurate word to describe her dances? Or "uninspired"? I don't know but I think her popularity is mostly what won her that spot.


I thought she really did dye her hair that colour given the description underneath but I'm glad she didn't lol She looks so pretty here, as if that's a surprise <3 lol


^ i like red velvet's cover of no.1 - as I heard they are huge BoA fans!

I'm not in the k-pop scene as i used to be but i think snsd is overrated - yes they have a lot of great songs but the latest releases since mr.mr. are just boring to me. They just seem manufactured, like so many other k-pop groups. They only groups I really like are 4minute and f(x) as they just do their thing and dont follow much the trend. They always make their songs special.

Yes, they are  :) I think the whole group attended her concert as opposed to a couple of members  :)


I'm no where near as big of a SoShi fan as I was back in 09-11. Back then they very much had their own sound, established with their mini album Hoot and carried over to Run Devil Run and their first Japanese album. From then on they just seemed to slowly lose their identity. These days I mostly listen to their old songs and I really like the sub unit TTS but I'm not very interested in SoShi's works over the past few years, I haven't even checked out their newest album yet.


I don't really follow 4minute but I like f(x)  :) Well, they're technically a mixed bag imo. I tend to find most of their songs meh but if I end up liking a song of theirs I REALLY like it  :) I appreciate that they still have their own signature sound though, even after all these years  :)


RV's cover is okay. Their voices seem weak compared to BoA's original version. I personally thought Luna's cover of Atlantis Princess is better. You can't go by my opinion though; I'm not a huge fan of covers unless they're done by very talented people. (like how Clara C did a better version of "How To Love" than Lil Wayne.)


I noticed that I like a lot of singers who take a long time to release new music such as Evanescence, Utada and yeah, BoA's one of those singers.

For me a cover just had to be good, doesn't really matter to me who sings it  :) I LOVE Luna's cover of Atlantis Princess! It's still one of my favourite BoA covers  :) I like Yuna Kim's cover of Garden In The Air  :)


I love everyone you listed so I guess I have a habit of liking singers who take ages to release music too lol

#2280288 【Confirmed】15th Anniversary Concert

Posted by ShiroiChanUK on 17 August 2015 - 01:42 PM

I think Nowness is going to be a concert showcasing BoA's evolution from your typical teen idol to a well established and respected artist. 


In the video BoA said that she'd be performing songs that she's never performed before so we're all in for a real treat this this tour.


@superlita, I really hope this is the case. BoA's Xmas concerts are among some of my favourites because of all her concerts these are the ones where she seems to let loose and have fun the most.