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In Topic: Milestone [Kanji, Romaji, Translation]

26 September 2012 - 03:13 AM

Thanks a lot for this translation. Now its easy to understand the lyrics of this song.
Really nice song.

In Topic: [REQUEST] Key of Heart Sheet music

23 September 2012 - 09:46 AM

I like Piano just hearing not have any experience to play.

In Topic: BoA-Milestone

21 September 2012 - 10:58 PM

Thanks for sharing the lyrics of this song now i can understand and love this songs.

In Topic: BoA - 한별 (Implode) Translation

18 September 2012 - 10:05 PM

"Please stay with me" is really awesome song.I can't understand this song if you can't share the Lyrics of this song.
I am really thankful to you for this translation.

In Topic: Girls On Top album lyrics!

17 September 2012 - 04:47 AM

Thanks for providing the lyrics of these songs in English.