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[RQ] 1TYM lyrics...

09 June 2006 - 08:54 AM

1. 몇번이나
2. 니가날알어
3. Cry

^I don`t know how to romanize or what they say in English(the first two songs), but if anyone could help me get the konglish, that would be great~ Please & Thank youuu!!

Searching is just not my thing, you know. :notworthy:;;

Teach me Chinese!!

24 May 2006 - 08:29 AM

Well maybe not a full lesson, because I want to learn the right way...so maybe so frequently used phrases. That`s not how I plan to learn, but I really just wanted to know slang for Cool & Hot(like hot music, really good)....and then other words like hello...Ni Hao, am I wrong? :notworthy: =/ T_T

Difference between Cantonese and Mandarin, I don`t even know!! Don`t laugh though, for the past months I`ve been sheltering myself from everything, you won`t believe things I didn`t know right now. :notworthy:;;

Oh, Thank you! <3

Nakashima Mika`s "ALL HANDS TOGETHER"

24 May 2006 - 08:18 AM

What do you think of the song?
I especially love the acapella part with just Mika and the choir around 4:09, then the music slowly comes back in. I`m slowly falling in love with the line, "All hands together", it`s like making a little ringing sound in my ear..singing to me even while I listen to HINOI TEAM`s "Night of Fire". I love the collection of sounds, all the different instruments well known in the south and mainly gospel and jazz. Although it`s not my type of music, Nakashima Mika makes me love it, because her voice fits it so well.

What do you think of the PV?
So the video was set in New Orleans with a Mardi Gras(Fat Tuesday) look & feel. It was a nice celebration in a Church I guess with the gospel choir singing along with her. She looked very nice in that dress, she actually looked creole...curse the make up. :notworthy:

What do you think of her hair?
That`s not her real hair...
I have "Cry no More" and her hair was short from NANA. But I still loved it, the braids suit her well with her face sculpture and everything...very nice. I hope she keeps the look for a while.

You won`t believe who I saw!!

16 May 2006 - 03:52 AM

I would have put that in all caps.....but isn`t that aganist the rules? :wub:
I saw BoA on Marta(that`s the transit here in Atlanta). You probably think I was hallucinating and I`m saying I saw BoA sitting down on the bus...that`s what my sister and mother thought >_> I told them she`s not even in America. B);; No, but on Marta buses and some trains we have transit tv and there was a collage of people and I saw these eyes and I was like "I know those eyes, I can spot them 2 miles away" and as the collage got clearer I recognized a picture of BoA!!! I was like omg, omg, I wanted to get up out of my seat and jump on someone like, "omg, did you see that!!?? It was BoA, BoA`s picture was on transit tv!!!"

This was the picture: (from JWu`s avatar)
Posted Image

If anyone could provide a bigger version of this pic, that would be great, because I want to print it out and show my mom or someone who rides marta ALOT, to see if they saw here too.

So to keep from making this thread totally pointless, has anyone seen a picture of BoA or heard a song somewhere?

Like I live in America, and of all places the boring state of Georgia.....so I`m not used to seeing BoA outside of the Korean stores and Japanese stores, and I`m not used to hearing her music outside of my cd player. That`s why I can`t wait for the day I hear BoA`s music playing in an American grocery store bathroom. :thumbsup:

[Review] w-inds. ~ Trial

15 May 2006 - 10:59 AM

My Review:
Yesasia takes to long to put out my reviews so I just wanted to post it here, I`m so excited about this single, that`s why I`m so impatient....I want to tell everyone what I think about the song.

It took w-inds. 19 singles to produce the perfect song. I have been a w-inds. fan since close to the beginning, and I have always been fascinated with their music, but I guess for the wrong reason. Songs that were just mediocore, I would still say they were the best songs released, I would completely ignore the quality, the lyrics, etc. But now that I have matured with them and heard the best and worst of w-inds. I can say this is truly "The Best" of w-inds., they have finally made the perfect song. I am not saying this as a dedicated w-inds. fan, I`m saying this as a music fan, the quality is great. The lyrics, the vocals, the music are beyond words. Since the song was done for the Japanese version of the film, Goal, which has much to do with soccer, I think it's closer to heart...Keita and Ryohei are soccer fans. My personal opinion is that they put more effort and more feeling into this song, but I also believe that but the most in ALL their music. I already pre-ordered my single on 05/11 since I saw the video, I think it would be wise that everyone else do so too. This is an amazing song.

Ooh, yesasia is getting faster @ putting up reviews, lol, sorry for taking up space. :oops: