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Looking for BoA Live Tour 2014 concert ticket for September 20.

28 May 2014 - 07:50 PM

Hello! I'm Lexie and a long time Jumping BoA. 


I am posting here to seek some help from you fellow friends. You see, I have this crazy opportunity to finally watch BoA's upcoming live concert this September in Japan. However, being an international fan from the Philippines, who doesn't know how the ticketing system works there, I don't know how to purchase my own tickets... (I know. Such a fail.)


So, if anyone is willing to sell their concert tickets for BoA's live concert in Osaka (September 20) or wants to help me purchase my ticket, I am very interested in buying and is very open for negotiation. I would need all the help possible to make this dream possible so I hope you spread the word and/or help me out.


Here's the list of  ticket prices:



Â¥8500 (+sticklight)

Â¥9000 (+music card)

Â¥10000 (+light+card)


I'm prefer buying tickets with the freebies so yeah... Please do message me. Thanks!!!!