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In Topic: [9th KRN Album] WOMAN, Release Date Oct 24th

17 October 2018 - 01:03 PM

Such a last min notice too but thankful :wub:

In Topic: BoA Hidden Singer Subbing Project

01 February 2016 - 04:35 PM

I'm a Cantonese speaker myself too! I can definitely relate to your Chinese experiences, since I've pretty much gone through the same thing lol. And who would've thought that I can apply what I learned from my Chinese classes back in high school for the BoA fan community lol. Also, I think it's never too late to learn a new language if you're dedicated enough to it. If this can inspire you, I actually took Japanese courses in college (because of BoA of course lol), and it was definitely hard at first, but in a few years time, I'm actually able to understand a lot of Japanese conversations (mostly anime lol) and I even passed a test that can allow me to apply for jobs in Japan if I want to. Of course, it's still up to you whether you want to polish your Chinese skills or not, but if you do, I trust you can make great improvements!


And here's the link: http://www.bananaido...w.com/8544.html. And just in case anyone wants to know a tip, I installed a plugin for my browser from savefrom.net, which allows me to download the video from the dailymotion source in that link, so I can view the video wherever I am lol.

Haha I think its a tiny bit too late for me to learn another language. While I speak can speak Cantonese, I'm however not very fluent. There are times I'm just speaking Cantonese when I should be speaking in different dialect and I'm just frustrated since I was mainly able to speak Cantonese because of watching Hong Kong dramas. I mainly spoke Chinese when I was little because of grandparents but eventually they moved away and boom I lost the ability to have a proper conversation whenever I get to see them. Having to put in a serious thought how to say such and such when I can't remember how to say in Chinese sucks D:


I've taken 3 years of Mandarin Chinese in high school and a trimester of intermediate Chinese in during my freshmen year of college -- It didn't go so well. The 3 years in high school was basically a repeat of beginners Chinese. I guess because the program was just new for the school that we didn't get to learn much and nobody really wanted to learn because it was basically a blow off class. But, while I really wanted to learn there was nothing at the time that helped with learning Chinese. I just learned basics but I probably forgot what I learn now. I could never get the tones correctly nor remember anyways.


The Chinese course in college was okay, I did make a slight improvement and while taking the course was fast -- I did enjoy how fast things were going but sadly for reasons I wasn't able to take another course for it. While I was able to meet up with someone to help them learn English while they help me with my Chinese from this sort of club where Chinese students who are studying abroad at our university. That didn't go so well because of schedule had some conflicts. Only had a few encounters where I could actually converse in Chinese with someone. Most of my fellow friends who are Chinese can't really speak Cantonese(forgotten) can't converse with me in Chinese ;-;. Perhaps I should start watching Chinese/Taiwanese dramas to slowly learn Chinese again.  


Anyways.. thanks for the link though! I'll take a look over it during the weekend. Lunar New Year is creeping up really close --- Happy early Lunar New Years to everyone XD

In Topic: BoA Hidden Singer Subbing Project

31 January 2016 - 10:10 PM

Thank you for all the support everyone! I'm halfway done now! Hopefully will go even smoother as it gets closer to one of my favorite songs lol.





Yes, the video I'm translating from is in Chinese subtitles, but I'm subbing it on a raw video. If anyone is interested in watching it in Chinese subtitles (or maybe helping me out a bit lol) I can share the Chinese video link.

Ooo I would love to help...可是我的中文不好。。Maybe if I could see a bit of the Chinese subtitles to see how much I could understand. You see I speak Cantonese and never really gave an effort to read Chinese when I was little @[email protected] this could be a boost or small side project to slightly improve my Chinese. If you can share link, that would be awesome. 

In Topic: BoA Hidden Singer Subbing Project

29 January 2016 - 06:58 PM

Wait since you are a Chinese translator, does that mean that the video is in Chinese subtitles? Thanks for your hard work!

In Topic: New Year Resolutions/To do list 2015

02 February 2015 - 06:42 PM

Haha nice lists, hopefully we can follow through with the lists xD

Thanks for sharing ~

I need to add learning Mandarin and improving Cantonese to my list as well @[email protected]