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In Topic: It is unfair to blame US government for War in Iraq

27 November 2007 - 12:27 AM

spring sakura: kewl all a misunderstanding. i got nothing else to add to this debate seems mostly it's already been said.

In Topic: It is unfair to blame US government for War in Iraq

25 November 2007 - 05:02 AM

I don't get how u read that into my comment, even sakura didnt read it that way. I was refering to his "ignorance" arguement not ignorant arguement theres a big difference there. My comment had nothing to do with her perosnally in any way.

um...yeah I just read it. It says they don't worry because they're getting richer and this means the government in general terms is doing a good job. This doesnt mean they're not politically aware it just means for now they don't talk about it much cause for them there's nothing to talk about. The article's main point is that it's unlikely that democracy would develope in china any time soon. whether democracy is there again has nothing to do with political awarness. i mean the Iraq people under suddam i'm sure knew plenty about politics, the supressive measures undertaken by government, external intervention etc but that doesnt mean they actually get a say.

In Topic: It is unfair to blame US government for War in Iraq

23 November 2007 - 09:40 PM

Also, ignore Dracover's comment about your ignorance. I think your points are very acceptable as a counter to my arguments. I like it. You've taught me a lot.

Excuse me I didn't say he was ignorant. I said I dont believe you can simply say most americans are politically ignorant and let that be ok.

Also while I agree that many other countries are politically unaware your example of China is way off. I find the less political power the people have the more aware they are. It is those that have all the freedoms in the world that take it for granted and dont think much about it. I explained something futher later in this post.

Spring Sakura: I agree with most of what you said except the government is more to blame part. I suppose that's really just personal opinion and underpins most of the other stuff so we can let it rest.

My last point might have needed some explaining. I'll explain it now. I was putting a view of why, or at least one reason why, I thought americans are not as politically aware as some other countries (as you pointed out. I wouldn't know taking your word for it). The voluntary voting means 1/2 the population goes around not even thinking about politics cause they dont have to. They dont need to vote. They dont need to read papers. If they dont ever pay attention then like you said before a big catchy headline comes out IRAQ WILL KILL US then yes they'll be lead the wrong way. With compulsory voting everyone has to think about it. Yes some people will go to the ballot box and donkey vote or something but there would generally be a higher level of awareness. Most people, since they haave to go, will think about these issues more (you might as well your there anyway). We had our federal election today and I saw a homless guy come vote. There were obviously politicians around trying to get some last minute votes and the homless dude was like "no not voting for you dont like ur policy on ..." his homeless for god sakes. i'll post up if our bush ass kissing prime minister gets voted back in if anyones interested.

In Topic: It is unfair to blame US government for War in Iraq

22 November 2007 - 10:17 PM

Yes please explain this I would think that americans had quite a decent education policy. if its so bad that they can think for themselves then whats the difference between them and those mindless suicide bombers who mostly do it cause they belive the words of some crazy extremist leader. if thats the case then america and americans should just keep out of other countries afairs altogether cause u never know when another iraq is gonna happen.

also i must reject the ignorance arguement being put forward. spring sakura ur arguement in general is that the american people in are too ingorant of political issues to make the right choice. this doesnt mean they're not to blame i would place most of the blame on them. if u run over a person in a car and kill them its manslaughter even if you didnt see them. ignorance is not an excuse. you should make yourself aware of such things economic problems isn't a defence people all over the world have economic and social issues but surely they keep a grasp on political issues. most of the political rioting occurs in the poorest countries in the world they surely have it tougher then the american people.

maybe imposing compulsory voting would go a fair way in the USA considering how many people vote its not surprising the ignorance that exists there.

In Topic: It is unfair to blame US government for War in Iraq

20 November 2007 - 09:34 PM

well i do agree that the US government is to blame. so many lies were put out by them and my own governments.

i think the issue with public support has a lot to do with any particular society in general.

I will put forward my opinion of americans and then my own country australia as a comparison.

1: Strong support of the war at the start due mainly to white house propaganda. The public tends to take their word for it. I think the comment by hinachan about not knowing hans blix (a news savy american) shows how amero centric they are. anyone ever seen american world news? your lucky if they decide to mention Canada. Wether it's the media or the way society as developed the US disregards opinions of other countries and entities cause they're up themselves no offence but you are. what this means is that they tend not to hear both sides of the story.

2. hinachans economic arguement: America was doing fine pre 9/11. economically sound, immediately after 9/11 yes economically things began to deteriorate but really it was only after the iraq war started or was at least proposed that people started feeling shaking and lost confidence in the economy and major economic deterioation began. However the decision was before this so how can you say people are preoccupied by making ends meet. if that was the case then it's always been like this and not something new what made this so special. americans in the past have made good decisions under the same economic circumstances so why couldnt they do it then doesnt make sense unless you want to argue americans have always been under huge finacial stress (for decades and decades) and so have always made silly decisions which I would disagree with.

3. now the american public wants the troops out and leave the iraq people enpoverished. very giving of them. it again reflects their selfishness and self rightiousness. its all about them. we're spending too much money therefore lets get out.

how's this different from a country like australia who also went into this war?

1. majority of the australian public were against the war going in. the australian government was telling the same rhetoric that the american government has but yet the people could think for themselves.

2. economically australia with it's close links to south east asia was still feeling the effects of the south east asian crisis of the late 90s. we weren't in a recssion but not having any sort of major economic growth or strength. however this did not detach the public from making their minds up.

3. the Austrlian public is against any immediate withdrawl of troops. whilst they are against the war they don't want troops to just get pulled. this is because all thats gonna do is leave iraq in a mess and harbour more terroists.

any comments welcome.

just a closing remark my comments whilst shows how the american people brought this on themselves doesn't mean it's their fault as such. mostly i'm placing blame on the american society and how it's developed in recent times.