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Another meet and greet try by voltz720 on May 20th at Honda center

20 April 2012 - 03:11 AM

Concert Day :D

I'll be the guy with the bags of stuff near the entrance or the line up. I'll have a bunch of stuff with me, like bags and balloons, so I'll be really easy to spot. Who ever come's up first and says their with BoAjjang will get glow sticks and balloons, after I'm out I'm out. Sorry.
I wasn't able to get the special tickets so I'm not gonna be able to see the pre-show stuff. I'm gonna be outside till the main show.
I'm gonna be making balloon letters and animals to throw around the arena and to hand out at front. I hope I don't get kicked out. :P I'll hope to see everyone there.

Well I thought I'd try to get everyone to meet up again.
I'm sure there will be other groups that are going to meet up, but for now I'm gonna start some talking for BoAjjang members.
Meet members, have some concert day pics, goof around ect...

Last day to PM me and post questions is May 9/10 Wednesday night 12:00 AM/Thursday morning for glowstick stuff I order 12PM May 10.

I'm once again going to bring alot of yellow balloons just to hand out to who ever wants them. Bring your pens to decorate them :thumbsup:
My supplier for the glowsticks can't give me as good a deal as they did before. :censored: ecomony problems :censored: gas prices. Before I was only paying 20 bucks
for everything and few bucks for shipping.
So whats happening this time is that I'm only gonna be able to give out 5-7 glowsticks if anyone else wants one the number I bring will depend on the replies
and PM's I get.
Posted Image
Prices = shipping cost per glow stick
30 at $2.00 each mixed lot
20 of them for $1.50 mixed lot
10 for $1.50 each, one type
5 for $1.25 each, one type
I'm only paying shipping. Friend discount :blush: so no more than 30.

So here are the questions
-who wants one
-who can meet me on May 20th so that I can get it to them
-who can give me up to $2.00 american for them
-Heart or Star; the most popluar will be the one I order if 10 people. If 20 it will be mixed lot so first come first serve.

If no one wants one I'll just give out the 5-7 free ones I already have and that's it. Balloons are still free and always first come first serve :D
My balloon guy can still hook me up so thats good right :)
Ok people hit me up. I'll update with times and meeting place as concert date draws near and of course day of. B)

Last day to PM me and post questions is May 9/10 Wednesday night 12:00 AM/Thursday morning for glowstick stuff I order 12PM May 10.

Giving Out stuff at Meeting

04 September 2010 - 09:20 AM

I've done it before and I'm doing it again. I'm gonna give away free yellow glowstick stuff and balloons again. I'll be at or near the Boajjang booth or where ever I have space. I'll be the guy with the yellow gift bag handing out stuff :P.

Handing Out Yellow Balloons at SF Pride Stage

27 June 2009 - 04:45 PM

There is another topic about asking who's going but I'm just posting that I will once again be bringing Yellow balloons to a BoA event for BoAjjangers and everyone who wants one. No glowstick packs this time, delivery will not make it on time :angry:. I'll once again be someplace visible and after it gets really bad/crowded I'll just start handing them out for more coverage of peeps wid yellow Balloons. BRING PENS/SHARPIES and other Decorating stuff for the balloons those I won't supply. Again Delivery wont make it on time :angry:. Hope to see alot of people come up and support. PM your cells. I'll check back on this post and inbox tonight then before I leave. I'll start calling as soon as I get there.

P.S. Like I said its late/last minute but work blows and I gotta make the green in this economy or :(

Trying for Boajjang meeting at Universal CityWalk

15 March 2009 - 08:45 AM

Well I'm at it again. Trying for group meeting. Again I'll be handing out yellow glow sticks and yellow balloons. First come first serve (only 25 glow stick mega packs), but a bunch more of non inflated balloons (bring a sharpie to decorate it). PM with Questions and Numbers. I'll be the dude with the yellow gift bag again. Last time my homegirls showed up at Kollaboration and took most of them so if they show up "its first come first serve" then random people who get the left overs, I don't like getting left to hold the bag :P . This is just a friendly meet and greet and I'm trying to get the BoAjjang peeps to stick out during the performance. Maybe a group pick too. ^_^

Here is some info from a link some one sent me not my info:
Posted Image

"It’s official, the Korean pop star, BoA is having a FREE live performance at Universal City Walk, California on March 21, 2009. The first 125 people will have a chance to meet BoA and get an autographed posted.

Our friends at SaiDesignGroup.com were nice enough to send us the flyer before ANYONE ELSE! You are the first to see this!

Here are the details:
Date: March 21, 2009
Location: Universal City Walk
Address: 100 Universal City Plaza, Universal City, CA 91608
Details: The first 125 people will have a chance to meet BoA and have a autographed poster by BoA"

Meeting up at Kollaboration

21 February 2009 - 01:44 PM

Well like the post said I hope some of us will be meeting up up at the Shrine Auditorium. At the Hollywood bowl meeting I gave who ever came some yellow balloons and yellow glow stick stuff. This time again I'll be handing out balloons and but hopefully better yellow glow stick packs. First come first serve though. I'll be the dude with a yellow bag at or near the will call area or front entrance.

Hope to see a good group show up.