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<everlasting> single had reached Singapore.

04 February 2006 - 09:50 AM

on 040206, i confirmed that <Everlasting> single has reached Singapore.

location: HMV Heeren

price : SGD$ 20.95

Get it now!

How much should an online downloaded song costs?

21 November 2005 - 05:17 AM

spurned by ACE's other topic(on DL section) , i am very interested to know what is the general view on the amount that you think one track should worth. :wub:

this is also a question that had been hanging in my heart when downloading of mp3 become a worldwide phenomenon. at that time, those major companies said that people will have the comfort on accessing to online legal tracks, without hassle, and more importantly, same value as per track of a CD.
yet, this had not been the case. currently, cost per track is roughly/usually $1.99SGD locally(in Singapore). if translate into a full CD from rack , (comparison shown as below):

online: $1.99 per track ---> "virtual CD" of usual 15 tracks will therefore costs: roughly $30SGD.

from rack: per CD from rack: $20SGD(generally).

the issue in doubt: online track costs more... why? online requires server and maintenance. but a shop retailer will have to include shipping costs , rental&overheads(hiring of employees, etc) / other miscelleous costs.
more over music companies will be able to direct sales of its releases, instead of sharing profit with those major retailers. it should result an even lesser price per track then. :)

please state your views on this as well. :P

this is my first time using this new polling, please give support. thanks. :notworthy:

New CM for BoA's < GOT & her LIVE 2005 DVD >

13 September 2005 - 06:51 AM

:( finally saw BoA's commercial on air today. so watch out Singaporeans. the commercial is slightly longer then her previous one<BOS> .

it is seen on channel 8.(have not seen it on other channels yet.)

this CM promote BoA's GOT as well as the Concert 2005 DVD.

so look out.

psss.... : if anyone can get it to digital format(i.e. files) i think the rest will benefit yar.( cos i don't have the equipment to convert )

have a good day people. :thumbsup:

Regarding GOT album in Singapore

18 August 2005 - 09:21 AM

ACE, you have one less worry... hehehe. i know ppl had been flooding here with the "where is it" question. thanks anyway. Finally , .... :rolleyes:
:notworthy: thank God, finally it is here in Singapore. :notworthy:

i just got it today. :thumbsup:

i ask the cashier and she said it arrived TODAY! :P

looks like i am one of the rare few to get it first hand locally. :sly:

it caused 18.90 from CD RAMA. :)

* Btw, i also got BoA's BOS DVD ... finally after so long. B)

i am as happy as a lark. :)

<will add 2pics here,one of the overseas's version of GOT (with chinese ver.) and BOS tour> :)

i highlight again(just in case some ...)---> the GOT oversea ver. here is the one wit Chinese track of GOT.

comment on 5th album on avexasia

25 June 2005 - 02:27 AM



寶兒 ─ 「Girls On Top」可見音樂的成長

Posted Image

發行第五張專輯的寶兒,在此張專輯中不只可以看到寶兒成為20歲的成長,同時也可以欣賞到音樂方面的成長。專輯中共收錄了13首歌曲,包括了Urban soul、R&B dance、Pop ballad以及Acid Pop等多樣曲風,可以讓大家發掘到寶兒多樣化的魅力。

主打歌〈Girls On Top〉是身兼R&B歌手也是作曲人的柳英真所作,是首Urban soul 曲風的歌曲。可以感受到寶兒那更加強烈的音色,同時也可體驗到似喊非喊的新式唱法。

Urban Soul曲風是將Instrumental作了最簡單化。旋律本身就兼具著Chord的原Chord式歌曲,是最近受到極大歡迎的曲風。而〈Girls On Top〉是在這種曲風之下加入了Rave與Big beat的音素,傳達一種更加韓國式及強烈的感覺。此首歌曲就像歌名本身一樣,是在講述現代女性所感受到對於男性優越主義的想法。

除此之外,為〈My Name〉作曲的Kenzi也替寶兒量身訂做了〈MOTO〉及〈空中庭園〉兩首歌曲。


另外,寶兒將會透過26日的SBS〈人氣歌謠〉歌唱節目,展開華麗的Come Back舞台,讓久等的歌迷驚艷。

credit : AvexAsia
img host credit: imageshack

please take note : translation on #2 post.
btw: has this been posted here before?